Bracken: We Are All Waaaaacisss Now


Via GoV.

My person.

My property.

My people.

My nation.

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  1. Got to love Bracken. I bought Castigo Cay for reading through the election time. And don’t miss his best (and FREE) short story:

  2. 2015 was the year Racist lost any and all power thanks to childish SJW’s kneejerk over usage of the term. Of even more importance is the internet which remembers everything, it is a planet sized brain that remembers every lie, every iota of maleficence generated by the Left and it’s RINO crony’s, hence Obama’s efforts to seize control of it, an effort in futility.

  3. #guiltless

    Eff them all.
    Remember…we don’t care what they think ANYMORE!

  4. screw um, like we really give a shit. I live in the red county of the first state. we will turn this state red again.

  5. “That rebranding the opposition tactic worked so well before the election, let’s double down on it now that we’ve lost!”

    I fart in their general direction.

  6. While these maps are accurate to a point, they are somewhat misleading. Oregon is colored blue. In reality only the upper left corner is blue, granted they have the numbers.

    The real power lies in this.

    We grow the food.
    We control the majority of the states water.
    We control 90% of the land mass.
    We are the gun owners.
    We are the hunters, we are the gatherers.
    We care not what they think.
    We can shut them down at will.

    I’m thinking that the State of Washington is like Oregon, small geographical,areas are the population base. Not the real strength.


  7. Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words come back to haunt you. Sooner or later, everybody gets what they want.

  8. To our gracious host:

    Just ran across this site on The impact illegal aliens have on our country and our citizens. You probably know about it but I’ve never seen you link to it, nor is it in your blog roll. It deals with “Just the Facts, ma’am, Just the facts.”

    *VERY* informative.

  9. “When faced with the fetid swamps of white reaction—of white supremacists and white nationalists and anti-Semites—he winked, and they cheered in response. And for good reason. …” – Jamelle Bouie, negro Marxist, November 2016

  10. As always, good one, Mr. Bracken.

    BTW, CA, what’s the latest from Anne Barnhard? Trump was dropping out and starting TV station or something. I wonder if she has any new info on that.

  11. Election returns show that more blacks and hispanics voted for Trump than they did for either Romney or McCain. The logical question follows then: Are these blacks and hispanics White Nationalists?

  12. Alfred E. Neuman

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    I still need to keep prepping. Look for these loons to: “kick it up a notch” once the EC(hopefully) confirms The Donald on 12/19/2016. What they are doing now is just ranting, raving, vandalizing, and looting in their own Blue Hives. An economic correction could send them our way, at least until they run out of gas.
    Soros, Hollywood, and other well-heeled Cosmic White Progs will fund their rent-a-mobs with the main attraction being Inauguration Day of 01/20/2107, And, if the President-elect wants to keep his constituency happy, he better stop schmoozing neo-con dipshits like Mittens.