Oh, the sweet joy of Bolshie boo-hoos:

Breitbart: Hillary Screaming Obscenities, Throwing Objects Once The Trumpening Became Undeniable

So delicious.

As is this piece by Stilton:


7 responses to “HRC Goes BFC

  1. The undead…..

  2. It’s a shame she is not in the White House, throwing chairs through windows, screaming incoherently. We are going to miss a lot of good youtubes, with that pair not being there.

  3. That quiet you’ve noticed over the last week is the complete absence of Hillary Clinton’s screeching voice on the TV networks.

  4. The Clinton Hole is very deep and dark. This is the stuff the NYPD was yammering about. Where has it gone? Why nothing now? If it became a “chip in the big game” then that is unacceptable. If nothing happens after the inauguration we’ll know that they have pics of him too. There’s to much here. The way “certain foreign governments who shall remain nameless” role is to compromise political figures with honeypots. Pedos make great pols (see D, Hastert who was friends with Pedoesta). They worked as camp counselors at a childrens camp in Japan when they were young pedos.

    • I remember a public hanging in Naha, Okinawa back around
      1977 of some guy who raped a girl.

    • nothing will be done. Trump is also a Kosher Culture-of-Deather, via his own association with Epstein and Pedo Island. He just stated that faggot fake-marriage is “settled law”.

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