Keyboard Splatter Material


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  1. And the immigrant won’t take $100 million vacations at taxpayer expense…

  2. …and the “legal immigrant” won’t be wearing cut off shorts…😉

  3. So nice to see a beautiful first lady, a national treasure.
    No more wookies in a dress.

  4. Good warning can’t stop laughing.


    Wins the Internet for the day!!!

  6. awsome !!

  7. Would you look at the size of that mandible…?

  8. If you have a Twatter, use the hashtag “#FakeNewsSites” every time a MSM organ publishes their drivel on said channel. It’s not revolutionary, but it’s annoying, and sometimes, being annoying is fucking awesome.

  9. I think everyone’s had quite enough of that transsexual nigger and her faggot “Mans Country” muslime stable boy.

    • No,..really?
      Don’t hold back there buddy…tell us how you really feel, lol.

      Yours In Liberty!
      NorthGunner III

    • No too fat, I think everyone’s had quite enough of YOUR ‘mock gutter behavior.’ You must think your comments are clever, but you are delusional. And the problem with the deluded is that even through its fallacious nature is obvious to the rational, it is invisible to the truly deluded. You really are an idiot. Clueless or self-aware, the idiot often tends to remain an idiot. Your comment is just plain stupid and stupidity is always astonishing no matter how many times you encounter it.

      • I’d like to beat your fucking head in with a claw hammer- Bitch Boy.
        Fuck off. Get a job you weasel ass punk. Oh yeah, you have one, sucking cock on the street corner for $5. Really, try making a real living for once in your pathetic life-LOSER.

  10. Alfred E. Neuman

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  11. Heck, The First Immigrant, won’t even be an H-1B applicant.

  12. Oh thank you Jesus. Thank you Lord. Thank you God almighty. And thank you Great Creator of the Universe. The Wookie finally gets her due. Hallelujah and let the angels sing! hahahahahaha…. hahahaha… ahahahahah…. (Forgive me…)

  13. Excuse me, but a female smokin’ hot eastern European immigrant. I do not even care if a trump white house must endur lots of gold leaf and smoked mirrors, as long as melenia comes down the stairs in a evening gown, WOW !
    (and she apparently speaks multiple languages and used her “talents” to get rich and then marry a billionaire. michelle still struggles with English, was a lawyer for a non-profit(never the top lawyers) and married another guy who also never had a job the public didn’t pay for. looks like we just got rid of a couple of losers to me).

  14. Michelle’s a wookie?…nah, that’s an insult to Wookies everywhere!!

    Here’s what she really is:

    Yours In Liberty w/o any salt sucking vampire collectivists!
    NorthGunner III

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  16. Uh, WHAT job? All I ever remember her doing was trying to tell people what to eat, and what not to eat, (Never, not even once, any of her fucking business) and that she was now proud that a limp wristed moslem pony boy was President (uh, not MY fucking President, either) and of her country. Country? What country would that be, Eastern side of American Shithole? I’ve been to the zoo, and gorillas stink almost as bad as the Elephant Seals. I don’t take orders from mannish dark females, especially Communist ones, or from their asshole “husbands”. If she’s sad about something, my suggestion is that she, suck mud, eat shit, fuck off, and die. And take that moslem fuckhead with you. So long, bitch.