The First Fight


KakistocracyBlog’s latest looks at sanctuary cities and their supporters as a confidence target.

If you can’t win there…


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  1. LightninBolt

    Not very many sanctuary cities in the “RED” southeast states that overwhelmingly voted for Trump. Now we’re literally on Fire. Fires happened about the same time as the crybaby protests against Trump. Coincidence? I don’t think so!

  2. Centurion_Cornelius

  3. The Usual Suspect

    ” There’s a fight coming “, ” Coming soon ” !

  4. Simple fix for a president with some stones. We already have existing federal laws in regards to aiding and abetting criminal invaders. We just need someone willing to act on those laws. Here’s hoping gov hickenlooper is the first felon prosecuted….

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. As is pointed out in the comments there, cut the funding, and the little bastards will (mostly) go home. Those that don’t will be the criminal types, and the revolutionaries. Bang, dead, two in the head. Recalcitrant mayors and their ilk should be arrested, for violating federal law. I saw a bit of the No Spin Zone last night, and that worthless bastards attempt with the help of two skirts (low IQ skirts) try to say Trump can’t do this based on the Tenth Amendment. To say that’s a helluva stretch is to say Harambe didn’t know what was coming his way.

  7. wealthy farmer

    “Trump needs both ears oriented far away from conciliatory cucktitude, and his mind kept firmly on strategic advancement. Does this strengthen my constituencies or weaken my opponents? should be the first question he asks himself before considering any issue.”
    Absolutely NO ONE (not even his supporters) is giving Trump ANY credit for what he has achieved in the last year.
    He has proven to be 1) a very quick study 2) a tireless worker 3) a political jiu-jitsu MASTER, leaving whats left of the MSM in a steaming mangled heap on the floor, and the left screaming in impotent rage as they are ushered out of all branches of the government, possibly for a very long time.
    Being the underdog is just fine with him, it is a position of maximum lethality.

    Sanctuary Cities: Mexico, with its triple fence on its border with Guatemala and its concentration camps for illegal aliens, is going to have to eat its own hypocrisy. Its social safety valve to the north, bleeding off its surplus population, will rapidly close and then the lily-white mexican elite will be facing millions of their pissed off fellow countrymen who will REALLY be demanding reform from the Carlos Slim oligarchy that has looted that formerly beautiful country into the ranks of the world’s shitholes. The big loving liberal cities of America exist on multiple IVs of federal money. Trump’s team should be able to craft ingenious ways to shut off the flow of funds that buoys creatures like Rahm Emmanuel (Mossad) until they dry up and politically crumble.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Exactly what needs to be done. Every single one of these communist organizations that has gov’t funding needs cut off, and watch them wither away. They’ve lived on free grants for decades, and to watch them and their CEO’s starve out would be beyond joyous, and necessary.
      I can’t count all the federal funding that flows into my little Wyoming town, non-profits out the wazoo, it’s what most folks here live off of. Cut that shit off and they’ll all leave for better pickings elsewhere and find out there are none.

      • My firm belief is that we have to assist in the transition you speak of. Everyone who understands, where ever they are, should assist in the transition.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          Unfortunately, most of my friends and neighbors are recipients of these windfalls, and think it’s the greatest thing in the world getting free money for all their special interest groups.
          Free money for the fire dept, free money for the school, free money for town hall, free money for the museum, free money for S&R, free money for the gun range, free money for the airport improvement, free money for the downtown improvement, free money for the environmentalist groups, free money for the bike trail, free fucking everything and there is NO ONE to oppose this shit anymore, except myself and maybe a handful more. They’ve ALL been bought off with bribes, and don’t see it. They’re happy beyond belief that their children are the beneficiaries of so much wealth.
          Hard being a 5 man army in a town of 1,000, but I won’t give up either. 🙂

  8. “The big loving liberal cities of America exist on multiple IVs of federal money.” Yes they are an integral part of the debt ponzi and the fed grab. They exist to serve mordor.

  9. The parasites illegally gave the popular vote to Madame Mao. Illegal alien havens NY and Cali were responsible for this garbage. That and lack of voter verification in Colorado. This won’t happen next time when laws are enforced to a T.

    El Trump will be giving a major smackdown to liberal fascists like Ramen Noodle in Chi-stan; the hives will burn for sure with the incited riots and chaos from these scum.

  10. Matt Bracken hit’s it dead on as usual!

    From Matt Bracken: We Are All WAYCISTS Now!

    I for one am not at all ashamed of the White European heritage that I inherited from my Hungarian born father!

    Yours In Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

  11. I say let the “rioters” burn down the big cities… every last one of those blue islands turned to ashes is my dream scenario. Once these bastions of fascism/communism are burned down by the Soros crew, half the battle will be won. If the rioters money is stopped by Soros then Trump pulls the money from the sanctuary cities and watch the communists shitholes howl and watch the lines of illegals head for the southern border wall construction zone.

    As to Trump actually pulling the money on sanctuary cities… I’ll believe it when I see it. It will crush the bastards no doubt. It needs to be done, but does he have the stones to do it?

    Grey Ghost