Tom Baugh Sends


Faithless Elector Update, 15NOV

Leech City Update, 15NOV

Off-Grid Lead Acid Battery Principles

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  1. If…IF they could pull it off the momentum from the left would be incredible.

  2. There have been exactly zero occurrences of faithless electors changing the result of an election in all of American history. This election won’t be any different.

    • “There have been exactly zero occurrences of atomic bombings changing the outcome of a war in all of world history. This war won’t be any different.”
      Emperor Hirohito, August 5th, 1945 (or so I am told)

      I hope you are more right than he was.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. Part of me would laugh. I mean, it would be the final nail in an institution so farcical that we literally let retards vote. I don’t mean the Snowflakes in college, LITERAL sub-80 IQ. Funny how .gov is pretty damn efficient and demands everything in triplicate when it comes to extracting revenue from you. Voting? Nah, if you can fog a mirror then it’s fiiiiiiine. Heh. What could go wrong with letting Bobby Boucher determine the hand on the button of the world’s largest nuclear arsenal?

  5. On the “Faithless Elector Update,” I remember
    once doing a writ based on “County Municipal
    Purpose.” Long time ago.

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  6. The chart resembles a cross section of an intestine…

    • Yes it does..and we all know what comes out of it…
      Collectivism/statism is like anything else..garbage in..garbage out@!!!

      Yours in Liberty via a stateless society!
      NorthGunner III

    • 🙂

      “Every man to his family and his belongings”