ZH: “We Are Spiraling Toward Civil War If This Is Not Stopped”

01 Jun 1993, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina --- A man in Sarajevo washes blood off of stretchers used to carry the dead and wounded in the Yugoslavian Civil War. Conflict among the Croats, Serbs, and Muslims in Bosnia began when Bosnia declared independence in early 1992, several months after other regions of Yugoslavia entered into war. --- Image by © Patrick Robert/Sygma/Corbis


And the Bolshies won’t stop until they have one.


If you and yours aren’t outside a major metro area and away from where food supplies and security will utterly fail, you might want to reconsider current course and speed.


The Anti-Communist paramilitary organization.

It’s not just for 1919 anymore.


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  1. Agreed, though not this election. But of course, preparations can never start too early….

  2. WRSA Admins, I think this is a prime time to republish the CW2 Cube…

      • Hi Pete,
        And while you’re at it time to revisit both of these:
        Bracken, When the music stops…

        What I saw at the coup

        “…Clearly, this is an anti-democratic movement to reject the election and take government in a unilateral move producing anarchy. We are spiraling toward civil war if this is not stopped.”
        -Martin Armstrong

        Unfortunately Martin, like many others, continues to make the classic mistake of what anarchy is.

        Anarchy, or Voluntarism if you prefer is simply the statement of the philosophy of true self-ownership and rejection of the idea that we humans must accept and bow down to the idea that a fictitious superhuman entity called gov/authority exists and that our only way of living is to accept it and the aggression, coercion and outright fraud that is totally inherent in it. For those who would sheep bleat that “Who’d build the..(insert item here) without gov/authority?!” that makes as much sense as asking, “But without slavery who’ll pick the cotton!?”. Remember, gov/authority doesn’t build ANYTHING!..the parasites steal your property through the euphemism of ‘taxation’, they spend it on what THEY want (which is often what you DON’T want) and then they uses the paltry remainder to pay the people who actually do BUILD roads, etc.

        Here’s some videos for to help explain all this:

        Larken Rose – Look Out! There’s an Anarchist!

        What Anarchy Isn’t (by Tessa Rose)

        Larken Rose – But Who Will Build The Roads?

        But Who Will Pick the Cotton?

        Libertopia – Larken Rose 10-22-11

        (This is where Bill Buppert replied to Larken, “gov
        doesn’t have authority to do JACK SHIT!”)

        The Complete and Undeniable Truth – Larken Rose

        But, if one’s a statist, then you’re welcome to continue
        being in ‘the sheep pen’….

        No, Mr. Trump ISN’T my ‘president’ just like shitlery wouldn’t have
        been. I and other Anarchists don’t NEED a ‘leader’; we’re our own
        leaders and we live and let live and mind our own damn business.
        And that, for me is protected by my Fn-Fal and other arms and the
        will to use them if necessary.

        Yours In Freedom thru Anarchy!
        NorthGunner III

        • Northgunner,

          Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you ! Thanks for your extensive defining of what anarchy is or isn’t. I’ve made the pro-anarchy argument numerous times. Must never invested the time to do what you posted.

          Good job !

        • The Portland Media made sure to call those punks breaking windows “anarchists”. Do people still believe what the Ministry of Propaganda says?

  3. I say, “…bring it…” but at 70 I may not be able to withstand the pure joy of seeing the push back against the long term (now) leftist/socialist/communist plan. Having said that, the quickest way (IMHO) to push this whole mess over the edge (now having a brief reprise in Mr. Trump) is to reinstate the selective service (read: ‘Draft’) for ALL ‘uts’ including females (gotta’ be all inclusive don’t you know?). That should make heads explode, riots in the streets, sort out those who are in and those who are out and otherwise give our external enemies a good look at our overall capabilities (or lack of them).
    I keep saying, this whole mess is in a morbid way, glories to watch. Pure entrainment ……..


      No draft, sir! Cut them off at the wallet. Call in all the student loans. They can work them off picking sugar beets and radishes. Or, working at VA hospitals.

    • Nah, no draft. I don’t want them learning combat tactics or familiarization with weapons. I want them to remain the soft, mushy, vulnerable little twits they are.

      If this is what they’re learning in college, what the hell kind of jobs to they think they’re going to get when they graduate? When they get their sheepskin and walk off the campus for the last time, who’s going to hire them? Who’s going to hire someone with a B.A. in protesting, rioting, fist raising and shouting? It is then they’ll realize how badly they F’d up.

  4. I don’t know for sure how many of us have a decent sporting rifle and a couple extra rounds, but I’m thinking enough to bankrupt ol’ Soros.
    Am I wrong? I remain confident that I’m “snow-flake” proof.

    • I don’t have sporting rifles. I don’t hunt and I don’t play games with my rifles. My rifles are civilian legal battle rifles patterned on the same design of rifles issued to currently serving military troops per the Supreme Court case US v Miller. My “Miller rifles” are in case they should ever be needed in as part of my militia kit. The term “modern sporting rifle” is marketing hype from NSSF to advertise our militia rifles to a public who had been told that our militia rifles had to have a “sporting purpose” for us to own them. Bovine Feces.

      • Sorry you have no fun there sport. I have extras. Just like you I have a couple “Kits” too.

  5. I have my doubts this will go on for long.

  6. The hipsters, commies and cucks are not exactly fear inspiring. 1st Bn Snowflake Brigade has a long and storied history but my money is still on rednecks with guns.

    • I remember it well,.. “The charge of the light in the loafer brigade”….. The starbucks scaldings, the diaper pin charges. It was…. apocalyptic…..

  7. Frankly, were Patriots going to accept the results of a Hillary ‘win’ knowing that the only way she could win was by fraud?

    To the whiny Millennial Marists I say, ‘Build a Wall’ to keep us Patriots out.

  8. SemperFi, 0321

    These folks are operating with malfunctioning brains, timing is off and they get sparks fly but no connection.
    Nothing that can’t be fixed by some belt fed rehab.

  9. Be the Man on that pale horse then.

    Initiative is a huge part of winning, at anything.

  10. European American

    If there’s a “Revolution”, whether it be spawned by a social, economic or environmental disturbance, personally I’m most concerned with those, be it from the left or right (Millennials, X/Y/Z Gen, Baby Boomers and those who came before) who are armed and want what does not (Constitutionally) belong to them, i.e. ‘when individuals or a certain collective acts diametrically opposed to The Golden Rule’ and threatens innocent law abiding citizens. What it will come down to is how good one is at negotiating, keeping ones cool, compromising, yes loving, and laying low while the storm passes over. It also helps to have provisions to ride out the storm with.

  11. It is long passed time to line all of the communist up at the edge of a ditch.

  12. In my personal humble opinion, I feel like we are at a point where if we give up ground we will never get it back. All these folks coming in from the south will eventually tip the scales toward the socialist ideals they are used to. There needs to be a hard push back and the problem is we are pretty much out of civilized ways of pushing, leaving only one recourse.

    • Absolutely right. We’re running out of ways to defuse this mess. We are dangerously close to the point of no return, if we’re not there already.

  13. Talk about separation of powers and checks and balances!
    Still remember years ago reading CW2 regarding the enclaves.
    Safe Passages will be required.

    “As for me in my house, I will serve The Lord”

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

    • You, sir, are a fucking GENIUS! Make them unwittingly attack themselves. I have no doubt it’ll work. It’s their nature. I think I just caught a lesson in the art of war. Thanks.

  14. No, no “civil war” any time soon.

    Don’t be swayed by the doomers. They have a monetary interest in freaking you out so you spend what little money you have left.

    We’re about 4-10 years away from the festivities.

    • you may be right, D. Trump will be a 4-8 year smother on the WhiteRight. Meanwhile the Jews and their pet political class will continue to sluice in 7,000 legal/illegal dusky collectivists each and every day, and the White die-off will accelerate.

      incidentally, the Zionist B’nai Brith/ADL gang is now making formal alliance with Islam-in-America so as to “fight prejudice”. One wonders how much longer the Jews can continue to have their cake (Israel) while eating it (America).

    • Yeah, I think so. The riots are done, right? And most of that was just “Portland being Portland” anyway. We are used to that here in Oregon. Hell, I was in the streets myself, protesting the lies that got us into the first Gulf War.

      I wonder why we reflexively condemn these people? 99% did not bust any windows (probably only police provocateurs or Soros thugs did that). These people don’t like being imposed on, just like we don’t. They are showing a little initiative, even if it is pointless and misdirected. These kind of sentiments are what lead to secessions and revolutions, which this country needs. There were riots in the 1770s too, think of the Boston Massacre.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        The point of the riots wasn’t rioting – though for the folks doing the rioting, it was enough. The point is: (1) to see how far things can be pushed; and (2) to demonstrate that it can and will be pushed. Consider it a reconnaissance in force.

  15. Cloward-Piven this silly sh*t.

    Aesop’s Holiday Science Project
    (For Informational Purposes Only, of course…)

    “They’re organizing groups of paid protesters on Craigslist.”

    Whoptee friggin diddly doo.
    Copy the ad(s). Verbatim.

    Post 10, 20, 100 of them in every nearby area to you on CL.
    Be creative.
    Salt some of them to rally in the middle of the rougher sections of the Diversity.
    Others to meet in front of the local PD, fed building, or military base.
    (Bonus points if it’s an ICBM LCC, or a SSBN homeport).
    And be sure and have some of them rallying at the local ACLU, DNC HQ, PETA, Planned Parenthood, Nuke the Gay Whales For Jesus office, etc. Let the other side contend with a rabble expecting a handout, unplanned and unasked for.
    Don’t overlook the lobbies of the local newspapers or TV stations.
    The media wanted to get in the tank for Shrillary; let them ride it over the falls.
    If once in awhile they show up at solid civic organizations, it will get the blue-haired ladies of the silent majority in a tizzy, and they’ll be shrieking to their council members and congressmen to nip this nonsense in the bud, five minutes ago.
    Post the ads after 5PM, set the show-up time at 8 or 9 AM. No way to call to confirm before it happens.

    Lather, rinse, repeat.

    1) The shitstorm pulled down for those that do show up will be epic.
    2) The lack of any paycheck will sour the rent-seekers on further such endeavors.
    3) The chaos wrought on the other side dealing with a mob in their lobby expecting a handout will be priceless. And that impacted group won’t have time to be counter-organizing jack or squat.
    4) Don’t overlook the lobbies of the local newspapers or TV stations.
    The media wanted to get in the tank for Shrillary; let them ride it over the falls.

    In a week or two, do it again.

    If you’re really ambitious, spot legit set-ups, and counter-program
    10-20-50 more in the same city at dispersed locations, at the same time as the original event.

    Before the month is out, they’ll have lost any hope of ever again cobbling up a rent-a-mob, because ads for such will be rightfully seen as the SJW equivalent of Nigerian banking scams.

    If they pop up on Mybook, FaceSpace, indy media, etc., hit it again until that breaks too.

    Phase Two:
    In honor of GMU’s little anti-Right pogrom a few stories down, make some posters and flyers. You’ve seen the “Banzai!” stuff CA links to all the time. Start there. Be creative. Funny, acidic, and brief is worth its weight in gold.
    Visit your local establishment of programmed learning, and post a few bills.
    Two pointers:
    Removable glue.
    Nitrile exam gloves.

    Of course, DO NOT go to Wallymart, Target, etc., get a small stencil kit, make up a pithy saying that takes the other side’s position on something, and goes way overboard, onto a piece of 8 1/2 x 11″ card stock, and tag it a few places with permanent paint, to out them as the little Communists they really are.
    Because that would be destructive, and baaaaaaaad.

    BTW, handbilling has an honorable tradition that goes back to before the Revolutionary War.
    And you can celebrate the Fourth Of July any day you like, right?

    Besides, in an election year, you were never going to make Santa’s “Nice” list anyways.

    Agitate. Always agitate. – Frederick Douglas

    Bonus points: The entertainmentholes’ self-slobbering endless award season is coming up. Let your imaginations run wild with that one.
    Academia, government, media: chaos, panic, disorder.
    My work here is done.

    • Hats off to you, my brother. That’s brilliant.

    • Stealth Spaniel

      Aesop; you brilliant,exciting,man -you!! I am in love with this self serving chaos for these scrambled brains at university level!! I can attest to the pissed-off-ness of glued posters in wrong places. Someone-really, they beat me to it-liquid nailed “I will not comply” posters on street signs all over Folsom. The road crew was out in force, trying to clean them off. And that was just to irritate the city powers that be.
      Imagine, if you will, a marching, chanting, sign waving gaggle of idiots at the Oscars, the Emmys, the People’s Choice Awards, etc-ad nauseum.
      This might be the best holiday gifting ever!

  16. Alfred E. Neuman

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  17. Millennial Snowflakes, grab your guns! Oh… That’s right. Well, grab your T-ball participation trophies.

  18. Note well the professionally done RED front marching banner. These are trained professional agitators. I don’t think that their handlers would go this route unless they had gamed out the scenarios and determined that they have a good chance of winning.
    Also, I would like to point out a few very uncomfortable facts for Team Freedom. First note that these people are young and appear to be fit. I’m willing to be that the vast majority of Team Freedom, based on the rallies that I have been to, are neither young nor fit. Second, based on their confrontations with the police and other behavior, these people are not risk adverse and are quite willing to break laws, as opposed to most of us, who, by nature, are law and order people. In fact, I would argue, that these people are undergoing risk acceptance training. Third, going to back to the first point, their bench squad who will fill out their ranks are also fit. The inner city youth that routinely play pickup basket ball are stronger than suburban kids that stay inside playing computer games. These inner city yutes are the ones that will be recruited as their foot soldiers. What about our farm kids you might ask? I would answer “What farm kids?”, in relative numbers compared to the urban yutes. On the other hand, there are LARGE numbers of illegal immigrant farm workers and construction laborers. For whom do we think that they will fight?
    Yes, we do have some advantages, but don’t ever begin to think that if it does blow up that we have this in the bag and that they will be easily pushed over. They won’t be pushed over and I hope that we won’t be if it gets down to it.

    • well said. In fact our only hope, when push comes to shove, is that the urban Blacks/Spics exterminate the urban Jews/White cosmics first, and then turn on each other…before coming after us. If they come at us all at once, rainbow coalition style, the odds will be heavily against us. And with each passing day, they are getting worse.

    • “…First note that these people are young and appear to be fit…”


      I’m 44 next week, and unless these diaper-wearers can turn ten miles in under 60 minutes, they’ll die by MCI.

      And about that law-breaking bit; I have MY boundaries, and I’m not afraid to perform the Triple-S routine, if and when the time comes.

      You’re dismissed.

    • William Wilson

      Z, these are good points. I add this: urban dindus and low-wage campesinos here will have nothing to lose by going feral. It is the law abiding whites who have something to lose. Like property and liberty. And I read too much AR-15 macho here, and too little sound analysis of our enemies.

  19. Stuck in a hell blue city.
    You see, no fault divorce Jew judges still get to decide where I can take my children.

  20. So the street demos are being funded. So what happens if these self same people get a higher bid? Think about it, Trump could afford to bid say $50/hr for these same idiots to burn down, ummm, say Nancy Pelosi’s townhome in San Fran. The refrain goose’n gander seems to apply here.

  21. They got 83 days to run their precious “revolution” before The Great Fuck You Stage ll.
    Times Up.
    They better hurry.
    It’s not looking too good for them.
    They are outgunned, outnumbered, and surrounded. They hold no strategic ground, they have no populous support worth a bucket of warm spit, they ain’t winning hearts and minds, they need astroturf money by the tractor trailer loads from Soros and his bankster ilk, winter is almost here, a plurality of Praetorians have Trumps back and are waiting for their own particular Great Fuck You, the narratives and memes are so yesterday they wear like a cheap suit, and the libtards lost Yuuuge political power.
    Lot of key pieces missing to run a successful cultural revolution.

    It’s a big ass country, (they face the same conundrum armored troops do as in they have to get out of their armor and fight), the “revolution” is going to have to get out of the cities and attempt a Kulak pogrom on the countryside. If they make it through all the above, it will seem easy at first, but they will find they have walked into a meat grinder. The dirt people will chew them for arse paper. There will be so many unmarked graves and boneyards where nameless revolutionaries will be left for the buzzards, their remains will show up for decades. And if they get that far, the retribution of the dirt people won’t stop there, there won’t be a present day local politician found, dead or alive.
    What will end up happening is the very exact thing the cultural marxists and their bankster masters where trying to destroy.
    They think The Great Fuck You was a one time deal?
    It like the Fat Lady, it hasn’t even warmed up.

    I’ve checked my zero, have you brothers and sisters?

  22. It will be a GREAT DAY! when 100-200 million murkin useless breathers perish.

    Praise be to allaaaah lalalalalalalala 🙂

  23. Shelter – Move away from the metros onto some property that is conducive to prepping, survival and defense.

    Water – Collection, filtration, storage.

    Food – Storage, collection if possible, gardening.

    Security – Weapons, ammo, training, blockade material (C wire is nice), sandbags.

    Those are the primary needs, without which your survival odds depend on how much you camp warden cares about you, assuming you survive to see the camps at all.

    Once you’re surviving with those primary needs, move to the secondary:

    Intelligence collection – The info you gather should dictate your actions. I reluctantly list this as a secondary need, though I hope you’ve been working on this the whole time.

    Medical – Supplies and skills. Professional grade medical skills are great for barter.

    Commo – CB, ham, two way, carrier pigeons, smoke. Obviously need some power source for the non-organic stuff.

    Transportation – Your world is only as big as your transportation abilities allow.


    • You forgot the most important one that will increase your odds exponentially and that is have tribe/Community of like minded people…

  24. The only revolution coming, will be tribunals and a wipeout of the RINOs in ’18 midterms. You guys need to get a grip. These assholes in the streets are the gas escaping from the corpse of the 20th century paradigm and the retreads clinging to it by their finger nails. Heady and perilous times ahead but CW2? This isn’t South Africa with 4 million whites among 40 million blacks.
    Trump is winning hearts and minds among all races and Soros ,Klinton et al can wear all the purple dresses they want , but their fate [if they are lucky] will be that of the whining ‘opposition’ groups in Russia. Just witness the Greeks bellowing at Obongo to go home after he gave a speech denouncing ‘crude nationalism’ in their country.

    • I get what you’re saying, but these “Hold On To Yesterday” types will persist to the bitter end. They tasted a bit of progress under barry’s reign, believed that team H was going to win, and think they have the street momentum. I think they really believe the war cry: Until My Last Breath. And that is a very dangerous animal to confront.

  25. Please… hearts and minds never works, especially when going against communists and brainwashed useful idiots. In fact, you can’t name me a war that was WON by winning hearts and minds. Doesn’t happen. Lead from the end of a gun… well, that is a different story.

    FWIW, the Demoncraps won’t win shit in 2018 midterms (first time in U.S. political history), if we make it that far.

    It could be that before the coming unpleasantness we see some sort of economic “crash” precipitating the festivities in 2017. I humbly submit this article:


    Grey Ghost

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “winning hearts and minds”

      How to win hearts and minds: two in the heart, one in the mind.

  26. One thing that I think we may be forgetting – these rioters and their ilk have no intestinal fortitude – which I think we will see “When the Red Wine is served for true”. Its easy to be a bully when no one opposes you

  27. Be careful what you wish for…you might just get it…

    Okay…you have seen my posts before…career .mil

    Been shot at and all that…trust me…you don’t want to fight.

    Stuff breaks…you can’t have nice things.

    Friends get hurt – and some of them die.

  28. Pete,

    Tangentially related; please note Brownells just sent out a mass marketing email with a link to a special they are promoting, a case of 100 Pmags for $1000.

    Now is the time.

    Please pass this along if you see fit, sir.