Z Man: We Need New Words

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Language matters.

Don’t use the lying phrases of the Reds.

Speak the truth, down to the individual word.

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  1. “Speak the truth, down to the individual word.” Cogent advice for sure. I adhere to it earnestly and have for a long time. In doing so, I learned that many of my so-called ‘friends’ were in fact, not, and bid them farewell.

    As Paul said to Ephesus ….’speaking the truth in love’….that’s what I do. I (usually) have no hurtful intent in my heart. What I find is that very often, amazingly, people interpret kindness for weakness. Don’t do that.

  2. If we are going to be precise about terminology, we might start with the words “Left” and “Right”.

    Generally, these are used to denote groups holding opposing political views, as represented by Democrats and Republicans … or by Labour and Tory.

    The reality is that each of these groups (Left and Right) hold essentially the SAME political views. That is, their core philosophy differs nary a jot.

    Each believes wholeheartedly in the redistribution of wealth … differing only in the chosen recipients of this largesse.

    Each believes that the core organs of State should be Socialized … Defence, Money creation, Welfare, Education, Policing, Infrastructure, Healthcare et al.

    Each is authoritarian, holding to itself the “right” to kill any who are non-compliant with its edicts.

    Each rejects the concept of individual Property Rights; as evidenced by the war on drugs; by innumerable restrictions upon personal liberty; by the seizure of personal property, and so forth.
    So, instead of calling them “Left” and “Right”, how about we call them both by their proper name … Collectivists?

    Just a thought.

  3. We don’t need new words. What is wrong with ‘constitution’? Interesting it does not appear in all this intellectual overthinking and comments.

  4. no, we just need to start calling “progessives” what they are: rich communists.

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  6. I’d like to thank you for your link to The Enigma of Steel Blog, which I had read with great pleasure for all of 4 days. His article about the Samurai No MInd, as in kendo training. It’s gone now. Vanished. Disappeared. Do you have any idea where to find it on the interwebs?

  7. lon a follower

    He that is unjust,let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy,let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous,let him be righteous still: and Hhe that is Holy,let Him be Holy still.
    “He who does wrong,let him do more wrong; he who is filthy,let him be more filthy; he who is righteous, let him be more righteos; he who is set-apart, let him be more set-apart.