Building A Latrine?


Last chance to get your Loser Chick/Loser Pervo swag here, via ZH.



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  1. A load of shit, shovel ready!

    A fine example values… anything, or anyone, can be had for a price.

    Wonder how the Saudis, et alia, are going to write this one off?

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. Word is there’s thousands of useful dupes and sycophants who have hedged their entire careers and paychecks on the clinton regime redux.
    The Great fuck You has a myriad of roll on and multiple order effects, we haven’t seen nothing yet in regards to the paradigm of irrelevancy and bankruptcy the oligarchy will suffer, taken in context of the defiance of the dirt people this fire sale of vile vagina agitprop is akin to a black friday plunger to clear the toilet of a truly foul symbol of political correctness.

    • Red in OleVirginny

      +1 This is my hope for my beloved State of Virginia. I offer my apologies to the world that Virginia went for clinton – but we have suffered a second invasion of carpetbaggers. Those federal parasites that live in northern Virginia and cross the river every day to work (?) in Morder on the Potomac. Hopefully they will die on the vine and move to commiefornia – The Old Dominion will once again be proud.
      Red in OleVirginny

  4. Last chance?
    Not bloody likely.
    All that crap will be on sale at the 99 Cents Stores shortly.

    • Bush meat eating villagers will be sporting faded “I’m with her” and “Cleveland Indians 2016 World Series Champs” shirts just in time for the next Ebola outbreak.

  5. Alan Kvasnik

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    > Concerned American posted: ” Last chance to get your Loser Chick/Loser > Pervo swag here, via ZH. Heh. ” >

  6. Are you kidding me? That treasonous old puss bag has no soul.

  7. A great fuck you goes out to Loretta Lynch. Start packing you collectivist loving bitch.