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  1. I posted this on his site but I’ll do it again just for emphasis:

    “No mention of the EPA nor the DOI?

    The guy who Trump wants for the EPA is gonna raze it to the ground and salt the Earth where it stood.

    For the DOI I’d pick Palin in a heartbeat. She would open up drilling, timber and mining so we can harvest what God has given us and flip the bird to the fucking Arabs and Persians.”

    • Me too, I agree 110%. Palin would decimate the special interests and corporate land grabbers. On the surface it doesn’t appear like much, but the position of DOI is a key influence and racketeering for the marxist, probably one of the most lucrative and powerful positions there are.

      Here’s the next faction of the oligarchy to become entirely irrelevant, and you got to figure they are pretty worried. Personal empires have been built upon the neocon crime syndicate network.
      It could not happen to a more disgusting group of fuckers. How many of us have lost friend family, sons and daughters so these literal two legged bloodsuckers could line their pockets.
      Personally, I advocate every single one, active and retired be lined up in front of the tomb of the unknown soldiers and shot, their every possession and penny of wealth be divvied up and paid out to every purple heart veteran.

      Read the wheeping and gnashing of neocon scum, you can almost smell their fear and desperation. Their vagina savoir is toast, they have no power now, they sold themselves down the river when they shit on Trump, for The Great Fuck You extends past revolt against administrative tyranny, it encompasses the totality of war mongering tyranny posing as foreign and military policy. We all know the insidious costs and treasure expended so these fucking scum can profit off of war, though they think they are still all that and more. Pretty delicious to enjoy the spectacle at long last.
      Got to think like a neocon though, they are blood dancers, truly blood thirsty psychopaths to the core, they sold their souls in a faustian bargain. They could stir up all sorts of shit. Who knows if they ain’t in cahoots with Soros and the shit stirring he is behind.

      War Breaks Out Between Neo-Cons And Libertarians Over Trump’s Foreign Policy

  2. I have not read it yet…they put a warning on the side of buckets so we don’t kill ourselves! Publish a picture like that with no graphic warning.Someones going to put their eye out.

  3. “And it’s our decision who we let in and how many. Middle Easterners (for one) have an abundance of sand to go pound if they don’t like the choices.”

    Funny right there. And a good place for pouting loser sjw’s as well… shoveling sand against the tide.

  4. “But we aren’t really held by these ooga-booga words. We can actually pass laws that accrue to our benefit. We can say that’s enough of you, and owe no foreigners any justification whatsoever.”

    Excellent but do we have the balls to deport 30 million or so blue collar job stealing pendejos? Send. Them. Home. Right from the fcking jobsite to send a message to all the assholes who got rich from it. Yeah, I’m lookin at you joe landscaper, painter, builder etc. Scoop them right out of the fast food restaurants too. If you think we shouldn’t do that, then go here and you will rapidly figure out why we should first (as the Donald has rightly identified) begin with the bad guys.
    But once that is done, go get everyone else. I understand why they left and were willing to swim the river but here ain’t there and we should make certain it never becomes there.

    • You OBVIOUSLY have never been an employer – Tom.

      “to send a message to all the assholes who got rich from it. Yeah, I’m lookin at you joe landscaper, painter, builder etc.”

      I was an employer in the trades. Though, I never hired foreigners, If I had stayed working, I would have had to.

      The murkins are about the most worthless fucks I have ever known. They beg for a job, then won’t actually work, or work for long… When they get their check at the end of the week, they are nigger rich and won’t show back up until they’re broke. Anyone who actually ever employed people knows exactly what I’m talking about. And it doesn’t matter how much you pay them. I had one guy who made $200. cash per day(because he actually had talent) and he still wouldn’t take advantage of his good fortune – typical murkin.

      If I ever went back to work, I’d never hire a murkin again.

      Just. Not. worth. It.

      • As usual you’re wrong. On all counts friendo.

      • anotherusualsuspect

        I dont think you speak for everyone. I have seen the trades bust their ass building high rise in so cal in sweltering heat, setting forms, tying rebar, pouring and finishing concrete. Nothing lame about those guys and no cold beer after quitting time for their effort. All business. Multi-ethnic working men from 25 to 60 laboring side-by-side. Day in, day out, rain or shine. Money ain’t every thing keeping a man loyal or even raising the quality of his production. Sometimes its the kinda man you work for that makes the difference. You might be that kind of man. Dick Winters comes to mind.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. he forgot to mention the Pentagram, which is a vicious, top-down nest of faggots, lezzies, and other experimental perversions they haven’t invented names for yet. And spends 100’s of billion$/year on weapons – the F35, the “littoral combat” ship, etc. – which are incapable of fighting or deterring a war. Needless to say – but I’ll say it anyway – neither the Pentagram mess nor any of the others will be much affected by the Trump regime. All the alphabet gestapo bureaucracies will continue to grow, and the annual inflow of 3,000,000 legal/illegal non-Whites will continue. While relations with Russia may temporarily improve via ZOG abandonment of the Syrian adventure, Zion, via Trump, will likely strike instead at the eastern end of the Shi’a Crescent: Iran. Which as also allied with Russia.


    In my fever dreams, I see BATFE thugs and Holder standing trial in Mexican Courts for their complicity in the murder of innocent Mexican citizens. I see reparations to the Reese family, and Pima County Sheriff Dupnick(sp?) and his Orcs indicted in Federal Court for the murder of Jose Guarena. I police officers in Fullerton, CA indicted for the murder of Kelly Thomas. I see police officers in DC indicted for the murder of Miriam Carey. I see Amish farmers allowed to sue and recover damages from the FDA because they dared to sell raw milk. I see whole groups of federal tax termites standing in lines at the Unemployment Office.
    I see justice for the Christian bakers in Oregon who would not bake a wedding cake for those Godless Dykes. I see those Hollywood Marxist deviates leaving for Canada or France. I see Hillary and her minions having to answer for years of felonies, including the latest meme about Podesta and his alleged Pizza Gate pedophilia. And, I see a full pardon, honorable discharge and restoration of all back pay and benefits to Michael New.
    What will I see when I awaken from my fever dream?

    • I hate to break this to you, but the pigs will NOT be touched. The Blue Wall protects its own REGARDLESS of their crimes.

      Now that does not mean that Holder cannot be brought to account, nor Dupnik as well. But the pigs who pulled the triggers will not be touched. Not for Mr. Gurena. Not for Mr. Scott (EITHER of them). Not for Mr. Finicum. Not for Mr. Yantis. And to be honest, President Trump will NEED the pigs to do justice upon the corruptocrats who have destroyed this country. Which is why it may soon be a semi-good thing that the Only Ones will do WHATEVER they are told, as long as that paycheck keeps comin’ in. As long as what they are told does not include arresting any of their Bruthas and Sistas in Blue.

    • On a side note, Arpaio as head of DHS would be an appropriate response to Soros et al…

      Of course, the REAL question is who should head BATFE?

    • If we’re offered a “do over” I’d like to see a provision in the constitution that criminalizes knowingly violating any civil right by a person in authority (color of law). Exceptions can be made for accidents in good faith.

      What you have above are not accidents.

  8. First you plug the leaks, then you start bailing out the boat.

  9. I say first fire every single political appointment in the DC swamp. Second, appoint only rock ribbed down the line conservatives to every post and hand out bonus pay for every criminal indictment handed down, starting with that treasonous whore Clinton.

  10. If America is ever to be great again, what Tom says has to be the way. This isn’t a matter of politics, it’s a matter of national survival.

    Sure we’re a melting pot of nationalities, yet their choice to be here, is not without consequence. You want to be a Mexican American, great, follow the rules, and become a citizen.

    One of the first things that needs to be addressed is the 300 fucking languages spoken in our education system. You want to be here, then learn fucking English. Educate in English only.

    Ya want to talk turkey, do it at home, or go the fuck back where you came from.

    My family immigrated in 1800s their names are on the walls at the Statue of Liberty. They came here to become Americans. Not fucking parasites.