Policy Solutions To A Psychological Problem


VFS on true badthink.

The cra-zee needs to be isolated from the non-crazee.

By any mean necessary.

By any means

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  1. “…the millennials had me stumped for the longest time. So far, it’s been a roller coaster ride of nonexistent logic, confusing and often contradictory ideology and an absolute plethora of made-up words.”

    The writer needs to understand that the millennials really ARE that shallow and uninformed. They are the ‘everyone gets a participation trophy’ crowd. That is their reality.

  2. Craigslist ads are offering $18 or so an hour to play a victim. It’s a lucrative industry these days.

  3. What this otherwise insightful and truthful essay leaves out is that ‘they’ are still out there in vast numbers and not going away. Hard for most to make mid-life substantial changes and to that end, baring either ‘shipping them out’ or shooting them (not going to happen), in someway (and I have not idea how) ‘they’ will have to be dealt with …………..

  4. Addiction, yes, that’s it. And more widespread than most people will admit. How many refuse Socialist Security or government schools, for example?

  5. Crybullies of the world, unite! What will solve this problem is deportation and cleaning out the dead from voter rolls…

  6. The short answer is to Stop. Subsidizing. It.
    When the Special Snowflake Diversity has to either get a f***ing job, or starve, their minds will concentrate remarkably on not starving, and getting the hell back to work, on time, with a shave and clean clothes.

    We do them no favor by letting them avoid the burden of this reality their whole lives, and remedial action is better than having to shoot them in the head because they’re unredeemable.

    You could turn 90% of them around, and cut the target list to the hardcore stupid and/or malignantly evil 10%, who’ll never straighten up and fly right.
    Call it the Pre-Civil War II Ammunition Necessity Reduction Act.

    And once that 90% have skin (jobs, homes, family) in the game, you won’t have to tell them why govt. taking more than half what they earn is bad. They’ll feel it in their bones.

    Cut the handouts to nil, and get the loafers on the work payroll, and let normal human selfishness turn them towards the light of LeaveUsTheHellAloneism.

    Blow up the welfare payoffs, the student loan bubble, and start advancing the social security age to 70, incrementally. For the same reason the Beltway statist @$$holes have screwed your grandkids since FDR: Because 5 year olds don’t vote.

    • Aesop, a great big “attaboy” on your “common sense” behavior mods.

      Reality. It’s what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner… or fucking starve.

    • The snowflakes aren’t paying the taxes. The government employees are not paying the taxes. The Trump voters are complaining, and paying the taxes which go to the snowflakes and the government employees. Trump’s cabinet picks are the same-old-same-old. Lucy did it to Charlie Brown again.

  7. Addicts. Mobile piles of steaming shit.Leaving a trail of putrid,stinking shit wherever they go and on whatever they touch.Alcoholics are worse than drug addicts.Alcohol causes more problems and misery than all other drugs combined.You cannot be around abusive,thieving,manipulating addicts unless you are one yourself.You don’t go hang around at bars full of inebriated shitheads spouting nonsense unless you are one yourself. Look around. If you are surrounded by addicts/alcoholics, you are one.At best,you are an enabler who facilitates destructive behavior. You cannot save a man from himself.An addict/alcoholic shithead has to acknowledge there is a problem and address it. Most don’t think there is a problem at all. You are an intolerant,uneducated,non-compassionate shitweasel for presuming that an addict/alcoholic is a worthless bag of fuck. Shame on you!

  8. I was married to an addict, for a long time. Once I figured it out, we parted ways. Addicts are also often VERY GOOD at hiding both their addiction, and any of the traces of things that might give you a clue. Being married to a liar should have told me things that would have helped, but when you’re working two jobs, and having to always spend any free time repairing the wreckage the addict produces, plus children, well, you get the picture. Hatred is ugly, but it usually starts when you see a lot of ugly. Being fucked over all the time doesn’t help, either. The Left in America are addicted to their victim hood, and no matter the concessions, they’ll not stop their ranting and destruction until they get their way, completely. Even then, they’re going to want “reparations” for past “grievances”. As in pogroms and liquidations. It’s what they do. It is a mistake to believe our troubles are over. They’re just beginning, as is the real work. I fear the Debt Bomb is going to come into play, and make every ones efforts meaningless. How will you know the Civil War has started? When you have to have armed sentries posted, night and day. When the idea of driving to work in the morning sounds crazy . When the idea of any lights or noises at night sounds suicidal. When you don’t just have food, but you know just how much food you have. Hard minds may be able to weather the storm, and nice guys won’t finish at all.

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  10. The false power of Victim & ‘Hipsterism’ is a big problem. Real men & women know it’s a lie. A false virtual reality that deceives it’s sycophant followers. Big Pharma pimping Xanax, Zoloft. Ambien, Prozac, Oxy Codone, et al etc. psycotropics like it’s Pez Candy.

  11. 100-200 million… 🙂