Scenes From FUSA


Michael Shannon Tells Trump Supporters It’s Their Time to Die Now


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  1. These shit bags, are going to have a very steep learning curve. We had a couple lezbos move in down the street a few months ago, a rental. Their’s an old folks care home across the street.

    When the old folks all white males, in their 70s and up, learned of their new neighbors. They were respectful, until the left wing propaganda signs started appearing in their yard.

    Mysteriously those signs disappeared routinely. I later learned the ol boys were making a sport out of low crawling across the street, and removing those signs.

    I was amused. I think I’ll take a case of good micro brew down to those patriots soon.


    • Dirk, next time you take some brew to the Old guys you can tell them about my favorite trick. If there is a sewer cleanout plug that is visible and can be snuck-up on, get some dry ready-mix concrete powder to drop down the clean-out plug. I have used a couple of 2 liter bottles with the top cut off (leaving a 3 inch hole) and it takes just a couple of seconds to dump the concrete powder down the drain. The lesbos (target) will supply their own water whenever they flush and the concrete will set up and make a really nice plug (I call it constipation) and once their toilet starts overflowing they will realize they have a problem. I have done it a few times and it has worked every time and the results have been amazing. Imagine a bar where the bouncers had to use a squeegee to push all the pee and poop out the back door. Caught them of guard and it closed that bar permanently. It used to be known as the J. Sutter’s Mill in Richmond Kentucky and it is now a vacant lot.

  2. Shannon is just another Hollywood chickenhawk….

    • Jimmy the Saint

      That part doesn’t matter. What matters is what is being said, and the lack of consequences for it.

  3. And most of the food production, energy production, and the transportation network. I really enjoy Seattle, but there are so many people there, real estate prices are insane. I imagine it would be a bit more affordable when half of them starve off.

    Also, I had no idea who Michael Shannon was before he got himself in the news by saying this. I’m still not entirely sure I know who he is. “Random nobody has opinion, story at 11.”

    • European American

      The “Emerald” City lost it’s luster starting in the ’80’s. It may appear on the surface to twinkle, but below the glimmering facets it’s a cesspool. You know, it’s one of two, originally declared “model” cities for Agenda 21?

  4. Watch what you wish for – you just may get it. This fop cracks me up. If all those Special Snowflakes break into hysterical weeping over losing an election and they hate guns how could they possibly hope to prevail over millions of well armed Rednecks who utterly despise them? Oh, yeah – if they voted for Hitlery they aren’t too good at critical thought. I would like to say “Bring it on!” but Selco and FerFal have convinced me that it would suck beyond all imaginings.

  5. Michael who…?

    Seriously, tell him to either bring it himself, or stop popping off and trying to instigate others. He probably needs instructions to make hot tea, for fuck’s sake.

    He keeps mouthing off not realizing the era of eating shit is over for the right, and some Trump supporter is liable to go all John Hinckley/Jodie Foster/Taxi Driver on him, deliver some words-have-consequences reality, and then all he’ll be creating is another mess for the sanitation workers to clean up. Which, truth be told, is probably all he’s good for on his best day anyways, other than organ donation.

    “Nothing wrong with shooting, long as the right people get shot.” – Insp. Harry Calahan

    • And btw, it took me about two minutes of Google-foo to determine that the douche in question lives with his shack-job and kids on Connover Street, in a third floor loft over the Fairway Market in Red Hook, Brooklyn, NYFC. On the west side of the building, facing the waterfront museum.

      Fortunately, when something happens to him, like falling into someone’s fist a few times, my alibi is living three time zones away.

      So he’s walking around on the good will of all those Trump voters 19 states closer to him he thinks should die.
      In a city-wide virtual gun-free zone.

      Best wishes with that life plan, @##hole.

      The internet is not your friend. What’s the frequency, Kenneth?

    • “…the era of eating shit is over for the right…”


  6. The thinking part is long over, if it’s a civil war of extermination they are feeling all sporty about, by all means losers, lets go, your move.
    Better change your red diapers though, if you thought you had something to whine about The Great Fuck You, you weren’t listening to the message from dirt people land.
    You cultural marxists had your chance. You really screwed up. You blew the greatest opportunity imaginable. Now you don’t matter. You have no power over us any longer. We don’t care about your feelings. We don’t give a shit what you think. And your messing with something you have no idea how dangerous it is.

  7. People who don’t know what violence feels like should keep their mouths shut. We’re not a bunch of babies you’re planning to sacrifice at Planet Pedo Pizza asswipe, we’re the other guys, we fight back.

    And since your commie masters have commanded you to pick a fight you’d best understand how that will play out. Consequences.

    I sure wish we had more time. 144:1

    • Tom, I know what you mean but opportunity doesn’t appear at our convenience.

      In any case, at my age, I’m glad that it be now.

      • I’ve been preparing, one way or another, for well over forty years.

        And I’m not ready either…. but I’d bet that I have a better handle on things than our worthless enemies, especially their flatulent mouthpieces like this pestilential running sore, L’il Mickey Shannon.

        I hear he won “Best Cocksucker of the Week” down at the Actor’s Bath House and Fern Bar….

  8. Reminds me of a recent MSMBC ’round table’ discussion (yes I do watch this kind of stuff from time to time – good to know the thought process [or lack of it] of the opposition) in which the ‘moderator’ (a metrosexual male from the look) clearly stated, “…how dare they (referring to the great unwashed mass’ in flyover country) think they know the system – it’s our job to let ‘them’ know'”. In one clear statement, someone from MSM make it crystal clear what the underlying thinking process is when it comes to where that side stands. It was both illuminating and chilling at the same time: note to self (that would be me) – act, prepare and respond accordingly.

  9. Centurion_Cornelius

    Mr. Shannon–another of the shit-faced LOSERS–they come up short in most of life’s trials and tribulations. YOUR MOVE, Mr. Tough Guy. Give it your best shot–I know I will if I’m attacked. My 10 rings to your “off paper” and Maggie’s Drawers shots. And that’s with me using iron sights; favor me with a red-dot, and I promise– I’ll get the X-ring. YOUR MOVE.

    As they say in Italy: “The empty barrel makes the most noise.”

    60,000,000 of us wish you a great holiday “FUCK YOU!”

  10. Read this below, you see something here?
    These scum don’t get it. It is why they are scum. Why this world, exactly why, is so fucked up.
    Trump has about 15 million pieces of baggage. It is called the dirt people. He became President exactly because of us dirt people, because of The Great Fuck You we gave these scum.
    Trump is the most obligated President in US history:

    Kissinger: Trump has no baggage

    Henry Kissinger says Donald Trump is the “most unique” president-elect in his lifetime because the billionaire is not obligated to any particular group.

    “This president-elect, it’s the most unique that I have experienced in one respect. He has absolutely no baggage,” Kissinger told CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS.” “He has no obligation to any particular group because he has become president on the basis of his own strategy.”

    Kissinger, who served as the secretary of State under President Richard Nixon, met with Trump last Thursday in New York to discuss foreign policy.

    • If Trump plays it right, that baggage will be an asset, not a liability. If he plays it really right, he can acquire lots more such “baggage”. WRT a message for subject of OP, two words: Silent rage.

    • Jeffery in Alabama

      Kissinger has been around a good long while. He was a young intellignece officer in WWII. A friend of mine interviewed a German who was a Lt. in the Wehrmacht and was captured ten days after D-day. Kissinger was his interrogating officer The old German told an interesting story of meeting Kissinger three times after the war during the 60’s-70’s. Each time they crossed paths was in airports and Kissinger recognized him and spoke each time.

    • that’s right. Trump ran a Long Con on the flyover country Whites. 15 months long. Now the cold bath is about to begin. First up will be “Obamacare”: shaken, stirred, and then a new label on the same corporate-socialist scam, price-inflating @ 30%/year.

    • Agree with many of the commenters there: Kissinger is one of THE original architects of all that is evil in American foreign policy/one world oligarchy.

      He should be one of the first up against the wall.

  11. HAHAHAHAHAHA General Zod making tough. Total lack of understanding of the consequences for actions from which they are attempting to instigate. Just like the wizards misjudged the BIG FUCK YOU, the next misjudgement will be the final FU. Be careful what you wish for…

  12. Michael, me boyo, it’s always a good day to die! In fact, I think so much of your idea, I’d like to invite you to come along with me. What do ye say, lookin’ forward to the trip?

    • I have a sneaking suspicion an armed dirt people defending themselves as a last resort, defending traditions long held, ideas long established as honorable, primal even, principles inviolate, which is a matter of course, against the marxist free shit mob is an almost impossible form of action to define or describe, never mind predict. But here is the thing about that which is a sure thing. It won’t be organized in any sense of structural organization, because the first thing it is something which is insurgent, it will in this day and age, be truly open source, as all good things dirt people are grass roots in nature, it will seem to the enemy to be unpredictable and mysterious, it will seem to come out of nowhere and melt back into the landscape like it wasn’t there to rear it’s vengeful head in another place.
      But that is all why it is the dirt people are dirt people to begin with, it is provincial in nature, all of it. Because dirt people culture is upstream of politics. We just witnessed first hand that profound yet humble revolution.
      Something a little commie fuck could never understand, it is why they are cultural marxist totalitarians among us to begin with.
      It is their inner hate, their heart of bigotry and hubris.
      One way or the other they are their own worst enemy, they ain’t the human extinction movement for nothing.
      And it will be left to us dirt people, because the reality here is there isn’t, and never has been anyone, nor never be anyone else, with the will and indomitable spirit, never mind the moral grit and fortitude to help them on their way to Hell where they belong. It is their destiny one way or another, and it has to be our job as dirt people to make it happen. It is the only way. It is that manifest thing.
      It is the way it should right and proper be.
      No one else on God’s green Earth has that duty.
      It is pretty simple when you give it a good think.
      And how could it be any other way in any case.
      Think of the eventual outcome.
      It isn’t a bad picture, if anything it makes the winners, us dirt people stronger and better for it in ways we have no memory of other than that sense in our bones we are righteous. And truth be told it will be over so fast, it will be so total in it’s scope, when it is over it will leave the entire world speechless.

  13. Cheap talk from a do nothing sub-human example who has not the testicular fortitude to lead his fellow simians into the battle he calls for. Damn commie son-of-a-bitch thinks him and his kind can start and win a civil war? What a pathetic lot. Truly a “democretin” who runs their yap without thinking. Needs to be bitch-slapped into reality. Should he be remotely successful in his far-fetched endeavor for the “snivel war” he engages in now to be elevated to a civil war he and his fellow “snivelians” so recklessly invoke, I am pretty certain deer season will replaced with jack-ass season. HAH!

    • “Mossy Bloke” “snivel war” “snivileans” “jackass season”

      Kudos! Effin’ wonderful! 😉

  14. Alfred E. Neuman

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  15. I don’t know what a michael shannon is, but he sounds & looks like a whiny faggot. A clueless, whiny faggot.

  16. Completely serious here; who is this guy whose opinion I absolutely don’t care about?

  17. Stealth Spaniel

    Who is this asshole? An actor? Good luck with the dying thing-you first.

  18. Sorry, this is just laughable, so: hahahahahahahahahahahaha…

  19. I couldn’t possibly be MORE this motherfuckers huckleberry……

  20. Notice he also advocates exterminating the elderly based on (1) their lack of usefulness and (2) who they cast their vote for.

  21. What a whiney POS. Get over it, your candidate lost the election.i think you need to extradite yourself back to whatever rock you crawled out from under. BTW Mr Shannon, BFYTW.

  22. NightWatcher

    “Teach the children quietly.
    For some day sons and daughters.
    Will rise up and fight while we stood still.”

    MIKE & THE MECHANICS – ‘Silent Running’

  23. In a since we win either way. Blues want a revolution? Now you need a gun. Which now means you become part of the ‘other’ side. And if you want to be proficient with that weapon more than likely you will be instructed by a red. Beware blue, some of that instructors mind set may just rub off on you.

  24. I think I’ll go load a bunch more .223 to feed the inner beast.
    Oh, and to whomever this two bit douche Michael Shannon is, I live in Elkton, MD. Come look me up. I have Trump signs in my yard still. Won’t be hard to find me. And never mind the dog. You don’t have to worry about him.

  25. ‘Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth’
    Mike Tyson

    You can’t fix stupid…

  26. HHH Old Vet.

    Heh, and people wonder why Star’s get murdered so often now, I wonder why they aren’t ALL DEAD?? All the Libs anyway. F@ck’em…

  27. You common cry of curs! whose breath I hate
    As reek o’ the rotten fens, whose loves I prize
    As the dead carcasses of unburied men
    That do corrupt my air, I banish you;
    And here remain with your uncertainty!

  28. The unconstrained minds of the liberals is on full display

  29. It’s the 10% of the country that writes the laws that the 90% abide by – or else.

  30. Feel froggy? Jump!

  31. Michael Shannon is an asshole who plays assholes in the movies. Notice I did not say actor, as being an asshole comes naturally to him.

  32. I would sincerely like to thank, the talking heads, the commies, and Hollywood. You see, contrary to what you have been screeching for the last 8 years, most of America, including gasp white people were very tolerant. You know, tolerant from the base tolerate. Not exalt, admire, or glorify, but tolerate. Then you began screaming about how racist, homophobic, and intolerant we were. Simply being white became a de facto proof that we were hateful racist, homophobes. Now every movie, TV program, and commercial, on every media source is required to have homos in it. In fact they not only have homos in it, but many insist on having them queer off in our living rooms. Being tolerant does not mean, you don’t feel something is disgusting, or nauseating, it simply means, you tolerate it. Talking our money for TV service, then forcing what we find disgusting into our homes was more than some would take. Then it became an act of hate to believe men should not be allowed in girls locker rooms, and you screamed hateful bigot even louder. The people of middle America grew tired of having our face rubbed in the upturned asses of the alphabet people, and the recent election was a giant fuck you, from middle America.
    Thank you very much. Without you demeaning us, and screaming hateful crap at us every minute of every day, we would have never woken up, and voted in President Elect Trump.
    Let’s hope he can repair some of the damage the liberals have done.

  33. Howard Dennard

    To all who commit here. Guys you are wasting your breath. To these present day hippies, all they need do is cover their ears and say “Go away”. POOF, everything they distaste is gone. The (their) government will take care of and protect them against us ugly people with “guns that fire 100 bullets in a second”.
    My biggest fear is that somewhere down the line these rejects from the “REAL” side of life, are going to reproduce. We can see what happened because we let the Hippies of the ’60’s have their way.


    This mook will end up getting pulled out of his Prius and stomped to death by the FSA when the economic music stops.