Should White Men Work For Fortune 500 Companies?


Captain Capitalism asks the question.

Diversity is our vibrancy, after all.

(H/t Comrade Ushanka)


26 responses to “Should White Men Work For Fortune 500 Companies?

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. We Shall Have Fewer Americans but Better Americans

    You ask the question as though we have a say in the matter!

  3. No, it’s abundantly clear that white men, especially those who are imbued with a bedrock of principles, morals and ethics can’t function in any corporation..the ‘corporate system’ is automatically rigged against them from the beginning.

    One forgets that the purpose of a corporation is to make a profit irregardless of anything else under “law” (no, I’m NOT knocking making a profit; I’m definitely an Austrian where economics is concerned).

    When a corporation regularly bribes the parasite class in ‘Mordor on the Potomac’ or other parasite hives with “campaign contributions” and other things, damages the environment and DOESN’T make the effort to clean up their mess or even accept responsibility for causing it (Monsanto anyone?), regularly lies to anyone and everyone about their dealings and hurts people that’s where the ‘addiction to money at all cost’ shows itself.

    Here’s a great vid that goes into this:
    The Corporation (2003)

    No one with their heart and head in the appropriate places should ever think about having anything to do with working for such soulless entities.

    Yours In Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

    • Just look at the effeminate cucks and pajama faggots. It is enough to make a man gag. It is why the Vagina has a cult following, why they are all butt hurt, it is the evil Matriarchy that almost was, why they put her on a pedestal, it was to be the new world order to them, they had it within their meathooks. Bill is the perfect analogy to the surrender of these useless faggots with testicles. They get to live out their hedonistic perversions, they would be rewarded with the spoils of young white western children to molest and rape and the matriarchy would look the other way while these surrender scum lived out these sins of the flesh trouble free.
      It was transforming from cultural marxism into matriarchal marxism. All these things they are saying and doing tie in together.
      There was to be no more red blooded American men and women, men with a rifle in one hand and a shovel or axe in the other, and woman with a babe in one arm and the instincts of nurturing in the other, who both had their defined mutually supporting roles of the race of moral western men, had their traditional roles in the activity of daily living, to be roll models of virtue and indomitable faith, to keep those traditions alive through time down through the generations.
      The vagina and her horde where this close to hunting us dirt men and woman down like vermin to be eradicated.
      Just as the AR is a rifle for men who know what a shovel and an axe is for and how to build a homestead with all three, the evil vagina was for cowards who have no clue what being a man or a woman in the traditional dirt people culture is about.
      Can you see what being a coward is here? It was back door tyranny thru the flap on their plaid pajama’s, and they spread their cheeks willingly submitting to taking the strap-on of matriarchal marxism.
      The hedonism of it all is stunningly all encompassing in regards to these excuses of men. They do not want to be reminded by the presence and association of men of honor and virtue, of hard work and perserverence, of their cowardliness and subservience to a cult of human extinction. The feminists are a plauge on this great Republic, they represent everything it does not stand for, they are insidious.
      The men of the West are the key here, their courage, their grit, they always have been. Get rid of them and you rule the world. They can never stop such men with a rifle in his hands and a bone in his teeth for his enemy. All they could hope for is to kill him. But how could such despicable ball-ess creatures fight such fights. So they had to take another route to destroying the culture of manliness and the virtues of Western civilization.
      That my fellow dirt people was how they where attempting their final solution, to rule souls, thus rule the world. So goes America, so goes the rest of the west.
      Look at Trump, a man’s man. Viril, dashing, fearless, hugely successful, naturally surrounded by fertile beautiful females, by determined men, all who know exactly what they are about, elected by mandate of sort people who instinctively grasped the virility and vitality of like minded behaving Americans.
      It was more than The Great Fuck You, it was The Great Because Fuck You Thats Why.
      In one day a total revolution of pride and dignity of men took place and sent their agenda and everything connected to it into the dumpster of irevelancy. In one day. The entire 200 plus years of the long march from the Fabians to the matriarchal marxists flushed down the crapper of history.
      It is a resounding rejection of the entire sneaky creeping marxist steaming pile of shit.

      The funny thing here is they think it is Alt-Right, when it is just Right, traditional right as insurgency, the one thing they tried everything to extinguish is the thing that destroyed them. They made us dirt people stronger by trying to destroy us. Proves how “smart” and superior they think they are. It couldn’t have happen in a better way.
      Now it is Stage ll of The Great Fuck You.
      We are grappling with a cult desperate to retain relevancy and regain the political and social power they lost. They are outnumbered and surrounded, have squandered all their appearance of legitimacy. Force, coercion, and violence they have relied upon disguised by false narrative and meme is an ugly naked horde of totalitarians among us. They are their own worst enemy, they destroy everything they touch. They are really self destructive, it is why they are what they are to begin with. In simplest terms how could you ever get people of sanity, reason and virtue and faith, to join such a cult to begin with?
      The greatest weapon here is irrelevancy applied with cold anger, and because they got nothing to offer us dirt people.

  4. William Wilson

    Fuck no, white man. Work for yourself or your brothers. Small and gray wins. Even if you are mowing lawns. Work for cash; deny Uncle Schmuel his gunpoint cut.

    • William Munny

      “Gunpoint cut”

      Excellent turn of phrase, sir.

    • Indeed William, in no uncertain terms you are right as you say.
      It’s always been self actualization, self determination and self sufficiency that makes the real man men. Individualism is the hallmark of virtue and principled men. It requires courage and perseverance, all qualities that make our culture of Western men indomitable, productive, industrious, it is what created the prosperity that created this Republic.
      It brooks no ulterior competition, special interest or corruption, both criminally and morally.
      So it reasons that corporate america can not tolerate, no really, survive, the successful attitude and indomitable work ethics of honest hard working white western men. That flies in the face of the entire underlying precepts of immoral profiteering and strip mining this great nation of it’s dirt peoples intrinsic wealth and happiness.
      Who of us that are steadfast and faithful bearers of our Western principles of liberty and self determination wants to be employed by such grifters and shakedown artists.
      The way forward to the traditions that built this republic is back to our roots as self sufficient culture of industrious inventive men who persevere.

  5. Stealth Spaniel

    Brilliant! Having been part of this insanity (looking at you, AT&T), I can attest that the corporate world is corporate bullshXt. White women are the next rung up from white males. Run your own business, you really are capable of great things! When you shop, pick the local merchants, and boycot anything that is organic, fair trade, diverse, or assorted other crapola. Stop feeding the beast. And get out of debt!! You can’t get ahead with credit cards. Just sayin’.

  6. Centurion_Cornelius

    ANSWER: “NO! and HELL NO!” Been there, done that for 28 years. Bailed early to keep my sanity and self respect.

    Talk about being “white.”

    P.S. Now with the “Holiday Season” afloat, make it a habit to look at the ads everywhere. Ever see any WHITE STRAIGHT MALES? Nope. Censored. Obliterated. Redacted. Deleted. Just like in corporate America.

    What you’ll see is a literal “United Nations” collage of white European women with black or brown companions along with their “multi-colored” kids.

    Today there’s a big full page color ad in our large metro city newspaper pushing “cut your own Christmas Trees here,” and the white woman in the ad looks like a model from “Glamour” mag, BUT her companion? Near as I can tell, he’s a Muslim guy! What in the hell would a Muslim care about the birth of Jesus and Christmas trees? Moreover, would a true Muslim allow his wife out in public half-naked like this “Glamour” model in the snow?

    Madison Avenue as well as corporate America is sure FUBAR these days!

  7. In my experience working in these companies, it is the white male sellout senior executives making these decisions. They are the ones requiring the diversity officer. They are the ones hiring the lesbian middle and senior managers. They are the ones making it difficult for white males. For the most part it is conditioning and a risk management strategy to prevent fedgov and stategov pushing their shit in.

    Make it more expensive to fuck white males over by bank account, ballot, or bullet and you may see some change.

  8. If not all, but even a double-digit percentage of white males working at Fortune 500 companies decided in concert to suddenly and without warning take, oh, two or three days off from work, the NYSE would crash. Time for you white collar guys to get together, put together a plan, and flex your white muscle.

  9. so could this same virtue signaling work to strengthen the ranks ?I know it is similar to Trumps approach however history shows us that when there is a vacuum something will fill it .usually a strong leader who is willing to do or say radical things .if we had the right voice down here in dirt town he could very easily command a large and well trained force of irregulars in a short time .

  10. One of the best articles I’ve read here in a while. He’s exactly right. I too was that ‘corporate’ man. I’ve made that 6 figure income, worked lots and lots of nights and weekends and did a lot of overnight travel when my kids were growing up. I participated on a ‘hiring committee’ to fill an open sales slot only to be told ‘we have to hire a black’. Said black man they hired was as dumb as a bag of monkey shit and utterly incapable of doing the job. But at least he was black. Useless bastard.

    Then came ‘vagina’. Women were hired. None could do the job but by God we had diversity! Oh, and yes, they actually went out and hired queers too. That guy couldn’t sell firewood to an Eskimo but he could damn sure run up huge entertainment bills taking his fag hag clients to the opera.

    That company? It was called Hercules Inc. and those of us who reload our own would know their propellants. All that diversity ran the company into the ground.

    I would tell young aspiring professionals to stay the hell clear of those fortune 500’s and go it alone.

  11. CC is accurate in substance. Whenever I go to my e-mail, there’s first an obnoxious corporate ad which features a “with it” White man holding a grinning female niglet on his shoulder. The globalist corporations are running a race war against us. But CC did not clarify just whom is being virtue signaled to. That would be the controllers of corporate debt: the (((Wall Street bank$))) and the (((Federal Re$erve))) which juice$ the Street.

    • I have taken to sending faxes to corporate tycoons informing them of my ever growing list of companies I refuse to do business with whose advertising follows the now common anti-white meme. They hate that. I even once got a personal call from one of the senior executives of Costco begging me to reconsider.

    • In researching the derivation of the triple parentheses echo, I had a gut busting laugh seeing how agitated (((they))) are about being outed. Obviously (((they))) haven’t disguised themselves carefully as the “Torah” commands at Moed Kattan 17a.

  12. I doubt that this will get the attention it deserves among the laundry list of grievances and the corrections thereof we all might wish “The New Paradigm” to dispense.

    At least it’s something that “personal choice” can address.

    Don’t be a stooge and a hypocrite.

  13. He describes the current Department of Defense.

  14. Is there an affirmative action quota system for hiring a white man. Fortune 500 companies receive no tax breaks for hiring a white man.. White men last hired first fired.

  15. Beyond all the diversity BS, working for a big corporation is like being a steward on a cruise ship full of idiots, while working for a small company is like being captain of a fast boat smuggling guns and cocaine. Why would any man choose the cruise ship?

    Funny thing, my Chinese wife did what she could to hire white American men in the big corporation she did consulting for (where she was the most talented database professional by far), but the whole culture there was slanted toward the big shops in India filled with warm bodies. No doubt kickbacks were involved. Big corporations are as corrupt as big government.

  16. wealthy farmer

    Years ago I had a neighbor who had his own small business cleaning pools. He worked by himself, outdoors, all day every day (this was in southern california). He was48, easily looked HALF his age, lean fit and one of the happiest people I’ve ever known, literally singing all day….

  17. No they shouldn’t… They should be working in a job where they are working outside or with there hands actually building something…Men should never be confined in an office environment it kills what being a man is all about… Do a job where women aren’t in your workspace and you will be better off…Oh and I haven’t made less than 6 figures since I became a journeyman…Get your boys in one of the trades and you will be doing them a huge favor…

  18. Jimmy the Saint

    Just self-identify as a female, black, lesbian, and muslim. You’ll be on the fast track to CEO.

  19. Diversity is code for WHITE GENOCIDE.

  20. I trashed all ideas and ambitions of making the big money a long time ago. I figured I only got so much time here on earth, and a lot of it was already painful, so I’d rather be happy, than rich. Who the hell needs all that aggravation and ass kissing? Having a good cup of home made coffee and a piece of home made coffee cake for me is like a slice of heaven, and the cost doesn’t worry me none. We are all simple. Complicated lives make it hard to see what is really valuable in life, and what isn’t. Money doesn’t mean shit. People are more valuable and I’d rather be free than chained to a bunch of stuff that’s all going to burn anyway. How long do any of you figure you’ve got here, anyway? You don’t know, and the clock’s tickin’.