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  1. Regarding secession, most USA food production is from corporate farms. Their concern will remain Continuity of THEM, not continuity of us. Good people may be able to engage in subsistence farming and even sometimes disrupt corporate farming, but corporate farming will not likely be a choke point that good people control.

    • plus half the food the cities eat is imported. The food chokepoints will be the LOCs leading into the cities: ports, highways, truck depots, bridges, RR lines. And the more easily disruptable power and water supply. The urban (((globalists))) meanwhile, will attempt to Holodomor the countryside.

  2. “and a rebellion at every level.”
    ^Especially that. We are at THAT crossroad.

  3. Good luck with the first one.. too many greedy hands in powerful positions with dark sinister intentions.. we can only hope that the second will find fruition even though it may be a painful divorce with many casualties. The tree of liberty must be renewed from time to time with the blood of tyrants and patriots ……

  4. ‘But, now the media has been exposed as FAKE news organizations and nothing other than propagandists,”

    ^^That should not be a surprise to anyone with an IQ above about 10.

    As regards the second link, I disagree completely. The election of late has shown beyond any doubt what a like minded electorate can do. The crime/welfare centers across the land were nullified, useless scumbag politicians put on notice. Trump had damn well better deliver.

  5. lon a follower

    “Darkness is good.” Steve Bannon.

  6. How about we give the guy a chance, let’s say 12/24 months before we pass judgement. Their’s an awful lot of wrong to unfuck, in a week, or a year.

    For the past five/seven years I weekly pen an email to either my state elected officials, or the White House, instructing tthem on how I expect them to respond to state and national issues. Is my response neive, perhaps.

    I just know that my entire working life, me and millions of others said nothing, and look at the shit sandwich were in. Will my email make a difference?. It does for me.

    This past week I’ve sent an email to Donald daily, telling him that We as a nation need accountability in DC, that it’s a matter of law, not politics.

    TL, most of us are saying the same thing, using different words.

    Good on you for penning this piece.

    Life is nothing without hope. My hope is, to live a peaceful life watching my grand kids grow and embrace the torch of freedom for this still great nation.

    Dirk Williams

  7. Wait a minute. Even though most food is grown in “red” regions, most food is not produced on family farms, but in/on monopolistic corporate food factories and farms. The large expanse of food producing land will be contested and it is not a foregone conclusion who will hold control of food.

    • Yes, but they have to be shipped through red areas. Ever heard of monkey wrenching? Starve the monkeys, make it difficult. It will all be contested at one point or another. A person doesn’t own a thing unless he has it.

  8. Ideas about nationality, governments etc.

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  9. Secession is a pipe dream, and a foolish one, unless one envies life in Zimbabwe, Lebanon, or the former Yugoslavia. Forever.

    If anyone could invent a better program, someone would have.
    Secession is merely trading 50 tyrants 3000 miles away for 3000 tyrants 50 miles away. Same-same.
    (If, however, someone wants to remove Washington D.C. from America, I am open to the suggestion. We could then conquer it, and bring it into line with the rest of the country, probably with nothing but some local citizen militias, and under the strict supervision of the actual states afterwards.)

    You start unfornicating things one thing at a time, just like they got screwed up. If this attempt goes awry, we try another approach.
    Not being a die-hard Trumptard, I don’t hold out any unshakable faith that he, unlike generations who preceded him, will get it entirely right, or even mostly so. All I expect is that he’ll start moving the pendulum the other way for the first time in 40 years. Once there’s momentum, we can deal with what follows.

    If he doesn’t, the machinery will explode just fine by itself. Nations and steam engines are remarkably alike in that respect, because you can ignore the laws of nature, but not the consequences for ignoring them.

    Trump will either get the needle back in the green, and take the pressure off, or things are going to blow.

    All I am assured of at this point is that he, unlike his asinine predecessor(s), understands that, and would rather get the train moving in the right direction, rather than fundamentally changing it – into a grenade.

    • Aesop, the following is not directed personally at you, but instead at the objective of restoring the country that existed circa 1965.

      There is still the non-trivial problem of 100 million+ voting age bad people who will not live by the rule set of the old America (e.g., work hard, save your money, pay your debts, help your neighbor, don’t steal/rest of Decalogue (either as such or in substance w/o the Judeo-Christian allegiance), don’t lie, restrain the asshole that lives within each human, etc.).

      Hell, it could be 200+ million.

      I don’t know a lot, but I do know if the strategic objective of your efforts is beyond the practical/moral limits of your forces to secure/hold/administer, you are going to fail.

      Well-intentioned people who don’t have a squad of armed, trained personnel at their disposal are to be forgiven their natural defiance at the magnitude of the task, but let’s bear down on the METTT-C facts:

      If the Mission is restoral of USA 1965 (or ’75 or ’85), who are the Enemies opposed to same and what are their capabilities?

      Who and what are the Troops/capabilities tasked with accomplishing that Mission?

      What is the Terrain (including weather)?

      What is the Time allotted?

      What are the Civil considerations?

      I don’t see any happy way that Team Freedom keeps the footprint of FUSA.

      Anyone who does, please reply and show your work (especially on the resolution of 100+ million ideological enemies in place as a result of the Reds’ long march through the institutions).

      • outlawpatriot

        So, what you’re alluding to is something akin to ethnic cleansing. Yes? 🙂

        • I am alluding to the fact that while many around these parts (and hopefully also in reality 🙂 ) can agree on the “what”, the “how” is a bitch.

          Here are the latest PV totals that I can find:

          I get ~70.5 million voters (HRC + others) who want to use government to take your and my shit (and that number itself is FUBAR, as it assumes that many Trump voters don’t ALSO want to use govt to take our shit).

          Against a current US census estimate of 325.06 million (resident + .mil overseas, from here: ), I think my low estimate of 100+ million opposed to a restoration of traditional America will do for this exercise.

          How politically/militarily/any other “ly” will Team Freedom with the tools at their disposal get those folks to change their core beliefs (i.e., government exists to give me things and to make you pay for same)?

        • Jimmy the Saint

          It will always come to something like that. There are at least two mutually incompatible groups sharing the same land mass. It won’t be a handshake deal and warm farewell.

          It doesn’t have to come to mass slaughter (though given human history, that’s probably the way to bet), but it won’t be all sunshine and daisies, either.

      • 1


      • “Anyone who does, please reply and show your work (especially on the resolution of 100+ million ideological enemies in place as a result of the Reds’ long march through the institutions).”

        There can be no decades long, patient, peaceful unraveling of said “long march.” The enemy will not permit that. Institutions are, like cancer, self replicating and invasive, which is precisely the strategy of the long march through them.They’re too invested in every way imaginable: power, money, ideology, fantasy, lust, allegiance to evil and EGO and, yes, the fragility of a fabric of lies, to ever allow any result other than triumph or destruction. That has been the goal all along at the spiritual level of the battle for the soul of Mankind.

        Whether or not we can achieve a “restoration” of some paradigm past is irrelevant and too far down the road even to consider except as an intellectual exercise.

        Comparisons to Lincoln likewise. First things first.

        We are in an existential fight for basic values, not to mention our own lives and those of our children, with an enemy (and mindless acolytes) with whom there will be no reasonable accommodation. The web they have woven for a century and more is as the mycellium of a poisonous mushroom, woven into the fabric and conscientiousness of the entire society.

        Anyone who still thinks that we (and the values we KNOW to be the better way for a free-er, more rational society) are going to pass through this conflict by the least worst path, and with no blood or moral dilemma on our hands, is dreaming.

        Ethnic cleansing doesn’t even come close, because it’s a lot more about spiritual cleansing. What we have here is a “failure (to be able) to communicate” on the deepest of levels.

        That leaves very little in the way of “least bad” options.


        No, not the TV show.

        • Hell, Boss, you said so yerownself, just down post:

          The cra-zee needs to be isolated from the non-crazee.

          By any mean necessary.


    • outlawpatriot

      God damn, son. That’s good. Real good. I think you just made up for your stupid ass Ebola shit. 🙂

      • Amigo, can you run the METT-TC analysis requested and then explain how one imposes one’s will on another and still remains a pro-freedom person?

        Not messing with you – gratuitously, at least – just wondering about the ‘how’.

        Those folks whose gibsmedats were terminated? They don’t have any skills worth a paycheck.

        Phrased alternatively, is becoming Lincoln (or worse) worth the candle of saving a country that doesn’t exist anymore?

        • outlawpatriot

          Of all the guys here, I’m pretty sure that I would be one of the few that has done his best to incorporate within a group the subject matter you present here.

          Frankly, half your commentariat I would put in a ditch when the balloon goes up. And I know where the ditches are, and the dark swamps.

          Most here couldn’t put a squad together, so I’m reasonably sure of my boast.

          So, I’m honest. At least in my AO. And my AO is all I know. And all I care about. 🙂

        • CA, I personally think that the cleansing will evolve naturally, when the SJW come for our stuff as they are currently gearing up to do. These are the early stages of their “cleansing” of us. Putting up the fight of self defense will whittle the numbers down considerably.

          But your main point is right on. To save what? How? Not possible. Self defense first and figure it out when the numbers are “revised”

      • Ha! The Ebola hysteria was the BEST!

    • “Secession is merely trading 50 tyrants 3000 miles away for 3000 tyrants 50 miles away. Same-same.”

      Not the same, and I definitely prefer the latter.

      Centralization of power is not good for ordinary people; the tyrants are isolated and live in their own echo chambers. On the other hand when the local tyrant can every day run into his victims, and has to deal with them face to face on the street, it certainly tends to put a damper on him.

      I saw this while living in Wyoming, which is a small-town state. There are tyrants there like everywhere (power corrupts all), but you run into these guys down at the hardware store. They have to at least play nice. It becomes difficult to screw somebody over when you just shared a beer with him last week.

      • “It becomes difficult to screw somebody over when you just shared a beer with him last week.”

        Horse shit. They smile while you buy ’em a beer, then raise your taxes. or evict you on grounds of eminent domain! Usually both.

        “First, God made an idiot for practice. Then he made a school board”
        Sam Clemons

        Then he made an HOA. Etc.

        What fucking happy ass world do you live in, Son?

        Buy your own g-d damned beer, Paul, and don’t share it with tyrants, petty, local or otherwise.

        Take a lotta beer to schmooze the 3000 nearby tyrants you say you prefer.

        Oh, and… Fuck your little pipe playing goat god, Pan.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “I don’t hold out any unshakable faith that he, unlike generations who preceded him, will get it entirely right, or even mostly so. All I expect is that he’ll start moving the pendulum the other way for the first time in 40 years.”

      Yep – he’s not a savior. He Joe Bauers – he’s the guy who may, if he’s/we’re lucky, get the ball rolling.

    • Aesop,

      After the Trump Revolution ends four years from now, eight years from now or 2 months from now, what are the Deplorables left with ? A return to fUSA IAW the diktats of the likes of Marxists such as the Klintons, Schumers, Durbins, Warrens and the millions of statist scum we’ve witnessed rioting, looting and burning the urban strongholds that support their agenda ? Many of those rioting scum, foreign invaders in Kalifornia, acceptable to soetoro-obama and those of your ilk.

      I’m what you, in your best derogatory effort, call a “Trumptard”. Your snivelling to dismiss T.L. Davis’ essay calling for secession is in keeping with that left coast mentality you hold. As you denounce Mr. Davis and his secession analysis, it is noteworthy you call his secessionist remarks a pipe dream and foolish. Appears to me you take your marching orders from the likes of left-wing media pundits of CNN, MSNBC, ABC, the Washington Post, NY Times, Boston Globe, ad infinitum, along with scum like Michael Moore and John Kasich who said Mr. Trump would NEVER be elected POTUS. “Never”.

      In keeping with the “Never Trump” leftists, you employ their same argument of “never” in your dismissing of Mr. Davis’ observation that the time for secession is now. “Foolish” and a “pipe dream”. Are those synonyms for the “Never” cried out by those statists, collectivists and establishment hacks who denounced Mr. Trump’s campaign efforts ? So much for that “pipe dream” that Donald John Trump would “never” be elected. Secession, that could never happen as it is simply foolish, eh Aesop ?

      Should the call for secession from the cesspool of the fUSA come to fruition, you’ll be more than welcome to stay right where you’re whining from now, that communist shithole of Kalifornia. But whether secession becomes reality or not, I suggest you consider some advise….

      Never say never.

    • There will be NO UNFORNICATING any goddamn thing that matters. THAT sir, is a pipe dream. Lincolns FORCED union will never stand the test of the long run of time. I may not live to see it but it will break up. Rightfully so as Lincoln had no concept of Liberty and Freedom, just Tyranny and greed. I for one, would rather it be peaceful than by force of arms.

      As for the piece of toilet paper AKA the U.S. Constitution, it has been abused, bypassed and defeated at every turn by nearly every President, Congress and SCOTUS from the beginning, all in the name of Democracy. Fucking IDIOTS. I’m convinced there are people who can do as good or better in a NEW Constitution/Bill of Rights framework “shackling government” than the founders. Thomas Jefferson said so in the DoI, in fact it is our duty to do throw off the failed system and implement a new system that is better based on the failures of this one, which are many.

      deo vindice,

      Grey Ghost

    • If anyone could invent a better program, someone would have.

      In 1950 this argument would conclude man would never walk on the moon. In 1965, however, the argument would take note of the successful steps being made towards that goal and reconsider. Bitcoin etc. is at that ‘more than a curiosity, less than a solution’ stage today.

      The ratio in 2016 and 1965 is 1 libertarian to 99 statists. ‘Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country’. Same ratio in 1865, 1765, 1665, 1065, etc.

      Denninger says medicare will explode federal budget in 4 years, and there’s 1 year to fix that before congress starts campaigning for their next term. I notice president-elect game show host’s cabinet picks are all mainstream, so it’s not going to be fixed.

      Meanwhile, some in Venezuela are surviving the political stupidity by using bitcoin to avoid monetary policy. India is also experiencing stupid monetary policy. Good to explore today how to stop giving your money to statists to oppress you with. After the collapse, don’t allow statist logistics to re-form.

  10. Alfred E. Neuman

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  11. Here’s what I shared on TL’s site:

    I agree with you Anonymous, best option is live and let live, support yourself, and family.

    There’s a name for what doing such is called, and it’s name is Anarchy/Voluntarism. You and everyone else practice it every day without thinking of it when you go about your daily life shopping for what you need and peaceably interacting with others without enacting force or fraud. It’s what Paul, I and others advocate on a daily basis and yes, it does work..far better than operating under the idea of statism, otherwise known as ‘the most dangerous superstition'(which is the title of Larken’s book detailing why ‘gov/authority’ doesn’t exist and how to free one’s mind from the ‘cult of authority’).

    As for those who do need true charity though I don’t support the idea of having ANY ‘gov’ to help them as there in not and never has been any such thing as ‘small government’ as the idea of ‘gov’ is the act of saying that one agrees to the idea of a ruling class and they accept that it owns and rules them..slavery no way you cut it. Also no ‘gov’ stays ‘small’ and enables nothing more than a parasitic class of narcissists and sociopaths who’s only goals are to both control everything/everyone and see ‘gov’ expand/grow…just like a cancer.

    As for the ‘constitution’; sorry TL but I’m not at all a parchment worshipper. It was and is nothing more than a contrived fraud foisted upon the formerly free colonies by Hamilton and his friends in the lawyer/bankster class. If you don’t believe me feel free to read Ken Royce’s “Hologram of Liberty” where he dissects this rotting sacred cow properly and thoroughly.
    Lysander Spooner is another one to read on this subject.

    As Larken Rose says, “Go back to the constitution?!..what makes you think that it’ll be any different the second time around?”

    I choose to own myself and respect others self-ownership; I have absolutely no obligation or duty to any parasitic ruling class or their false gods of ‘gov/authority’. I’m Free from it; if TL and others still wish to adorn themselves with such chains that’s their choice, they are not free to attempt to coerce such on me or any other individual through the frauds of a ‘constitution’ or ‘representative gov’/republic/democracy’ or any other statist swill..they can keep it to themselves if they would politely do so.

    Yours In Liberty via Anarchy..not statism!
    Steve Kristmann, a proud Fal owner too!

    As Dirk said:
    “How about we give the guy a chance, let’s say 12/24 months before we pass judgement. Their’s an awful lot of wrong to unfuck, in a week, or a year.”

    Ok, does that mean that you would give a carjacker, mugger, serial killer, rapist or burglar 12/24 months before you ‘pass judgement’? Anyone involved with ‘gov/authority’ at any level is either a narcissistic sociopathic parasite or an enabler/supporter of such. It’s like saying, “I support the ticks and fleas that are on my dog and I have an obligation to respect them and do what they want me to do”

    The act of voting doesn’t make one ‘Free’; all it does is say to the parasites, “I agree to whatever you want because I choose you to own me!”

    Here’s why ‘voting’ is an exercise in individual/group insanity:
    If You Vote You Can’t Complain – Larken Rose on The Corbett Report

    As Larken so clearly stated:

    “It would be really handy, starting in a few months, to have two parallel universes: one in which supporters of Hillary might learn by example how idiotic it was to support her, and one in which supporters of Trump might learn by example how idiotic it was to put him into power.

    But since we don’t have that, here is what will happen instead: a narcissistic, authoritarian megalomaniac will get into power and use the violence of the state to do a bunch of evil crap. Those who SUPPORTED that maniac will then say that things would have still been WORSE with the other one in power, while those who supported the OTHER maniac will say that this only proves that they were right, and that THEIR candidate should have been elected

    And then we’ll all do it all again in another four years. Because too many people are gullible and stupid.”

    Or as H.L. Mencken aptly put it:

    “The Demagogue is one who preaches doctrines he knows to be untrue to men he knows to be idiots.”

    Here it is visually:

    Or maybe this is even better:

    What is the net result of ‘voting’ as done by the sheep…

    The only one who ‘benefits’ from voting is the sheephearder/farmer;
    the sheep ALWAYS get killed and eaten!

    So trumpy can do whatever his statist little heart and mind desire, I’m
    not under ANY obligation or duty to him, hitlery or anyone else in the parasite class or their enablers and thugs..they don’t grant me and anyone else our inborn rights or freedoms..we have those no matter what empty sock puppet sits on a fake throne! We don’t NEED them at all!
    They can all FOAD!

    And if they and theirs can’t or won’t understand the simple logic of leaving others like me, Paul, Claire, Larken and many others alone and choose to encroach on our lives and property, here’s the dog that will greet them with more than a growl and bark.

    (no, it’s not ‘my’ Fal…but it’s damned close).

    Yours In Self-Ownership and Liberty w/o ANY politics/parasites!
    NorthGunner III

    Yours In Liberty!

  12. Stealth Spaniel

    Well written articles, that have much to ponder. I like the idea of THEM going-THEY are the ones who screwed up my country, not the other way around. Go to Canada (notice that no one is saying Mexico, India, or any other “diversity” hell hole.) and tell me how free it is. Take a tour of Newfoundland, which was prosperous and a great place to live until Ottawa decided that the island was over-fished. Now, Newfoundland is having electricity ripped out because there isn’t population to support it. Notice, no one in the upper echelons of Parliament, or anybody in Toronto suffered any consequences. Go to Europe-I hear that they have plenty of diversity there. And Turkey is now allowing children to marry their rapists to avoid death. Plenty of compassion in that country.
    Just remember:
    “When you consider that, after the secession, the only place the Blue Nation will control are metropolitan areas, narrow, restricted metropolitan areas surrounded by Red Nation……..” Really, I would prefer NO Blue Nation. So go away. Zimbabwe, Lebanon, and the former Yugoslavia had nothing to build on. We know who we are in Red Nation. We have suffered since 1861 and we are done. Payback is a bitch.
    And take corporate farming with you.

  13. State Of Jefferson, has been a goal here, since just before WWII. Gonna be a goal well after WWIII, it ain’t happening in my life time.

    I did get the ball caps, and polo shirts in a couple different colors. Keeps the liberals really confused.

    Not to worry, I’ve got em surrounded.