Claire Wolfe On Finding Your Own Groove


Via an unexpected example.


Live it.

Despite every SOB who demands otherwise.

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    George W. Bush: A very stupid man surrounded by some very self-serving, Godless, horrible people.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. For me, the day before the election is the same as the day after the election. It just doesn’t matter, down here at ground level, who is way up there at the top soiling the oval rug.

  4. Jeffery in Alabama

    That was just about as clear as mud.

  5. Is Claire Wolfe my mother in law? Holy crap she’s gotten sanctimonious and preachy in her dotage.

  6. One item Bush II never gets credit for – allowing the 1992 Clinton Assault Weapons ban to sunset. Bush could have easily signed to continue those stupid laws and the media would have been writing ‘Yay Bush!’ (If you are too young to remember this, do some sleuthing and find out what these laws were).

    But Bush didn’t sign it and allowed the law to expire. And high capacity magazines, military pattern semi-automatic firearms and other items were again available for the general public’s purchase (except where local jurisdictions prevented it). Those of us who remember $100 pre-ban magazine prices should be grateful to Bush and have him to thank.

    • Waiting in Idaho

      GWB said he would sign into law a bill to renew Clinton’s AWB. The Congress never passed passed one, so the point was moot. Maybe Bush knew he would never see the bill on his desk, and wanted to score PC points. Anyhow, he did sign the Patriot Act and other assorted abortions, and that will be his worst legacy.

    • @anonymous ;
      Never let it be forgotten that W said that he would sign a bill to reinstate the ban if congress would pass it. It was not W that allowed the assault weapons ban to sunset it was congress. That was the result of efforts of organizations like Gun Owners of America (see side bar) and people like those here at WRSA who made it clear to congress that gun control law was a dead letter.

      Long Life, overhill

    • @anonymous;
      Let us not forget that it was not W that allowed the assault weapons ban to simply sunset. It was congress that got the message loud and clear from organizations like Gun Owners of America (see side bar) and folks here at WRSA and others who made it clear to congress that gun control was/is a dead letter.
      W had stated that if congress would pass another ban he would sign it. W didn’t do anything for American gun owners it was the congress that listened to the American gun owning public.

      Long Life, overhill

  7. I will never thank someone for something they have no right to do. Look up “natural rights” when you get a chance. I will own what I want and no one has anything to say about it. They have their own life to live, so stay out of mine. Thanks, Mgt.

  8. It’s people like Claire Wolfe that have allowed this country to get to this point.
    They don’t participate, they just sit back and pontificate to the rest of us about how useless it is to vote and how stupid we are for trying to mend a corrupt system.
    I’m sick of the holier than thou nihilists. Thank G-d the rest of us got out there and thwarted Hillary.


      Word. She reminds me of the dog owner who yells: “Sic ’em!” and then denies that her pit bull just killed some smaller, defenseless dog.