WeaponsMan: The Three Brothers Sym


Family, politics, and world cataclysm.

This is not just a tale of WW2 tragedy.

This is what will happen as FUSA continues in its death throes.

Think about those closest to you.

Know in advance which way they will break.

8 responses to “WeaponsMan: The Three Brothers Sym

  1. And as has been said elsewhere, every day we are not at war is another day to sharpen our hatchets.

  2. When it comes to $ – trust no one.

  3. tangotango-03

    if the die has been cast, let it roll

  4. Believe me boss, I know which way they will break, and it is not a source of pleasure to me at all. That which must be done, will be done.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. Given what’s happened in ‘Rawlesland’ (of which I’ve posted before), the ‘erection’ of one more narcissistic sociopathic megalomaniac as ‘prezzy’ won’t have a dent on the below incident from happening again and again..that’s the wok of MEN with loaded battle rifles in their hands with righteous fury in their eyes.

    Men that WON’T be placated..Men that won’t pay the slightest attention to the mewling verbal drivel from pathetic metrosexual gelded sjw’s and other useless flotsam on two legs.

    Men that will DO what needs to be done, no matter what the parasite class howls about or their badged orcs say or do.

    Pamela Geller, WND: Idaho State officials mistreat girl, 5, raped by Muslim migrants

    If the badged orcs decide to continue to protect such mohammeden filth from righteous justice then that’s on their heads and the heads of their bosses and enablers….

    Getting caught in the crossfire is a bitch…..

    The time of reckoning coming to deal with such savages and their enablers and supporters is rapidly drawing nigh if not already here.

    We are in a war between civilization and savagery, and I choose civilization!

    Yours In Liberty! Furthermore islam and it’s enablers and supporters MUST be destroyed!
    NorthGunner III

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  8. The polacks were fucked from the get go.Blitzkrieg appears, Poland disappears. Zte miejsce.Zty czas. The power and might of The Third Reich unleashing on your country. Powered by pent-up German rage and Pervirtin. Poland got it’s ass handed to them. I prefer to be kicking the shit out of someone rather than having the shit kicked out of me. I speak from experience. I have been on both sides. Training and discipline are your salvation. All else becomes irrelevant.Clarity.
    Active hostility changes everything. Live or die time. Only a select group can do the cold,nasty work that must be done…and come out the other side.No body comes out unscathed.