Baugh: Faithless Elector Update


The game is afoot.

Stay tuned.

20 responses to “Baugh: Faithless Elector Update

  1. Well, it would certainly eliminate all pretense if such shenanigans took place, since Congress can throw out rogue electors’ votes. But I don’t think the Globalist billionaires are ready for that kind of showdown, so it won’t happen.

  2. No, it isn’t, Trump will be elected president on December 19th and will take office on December 19,2017.

    stop with the chicken little routine

  3. “All of this is driven by classic Hegelian dialectic, the centuries-old modus operandi of the (((financial oligarchy))) before these things had names, and is beyond the scope of this article….”

    Actually it is not that complicated. Get it the time machine and head for the beginning… Problem, reaction, solution… capitalism, communism, “Austrian” economics… thesis, antithesis, synthesis… the kaballistic pillars of gevurah, chesed, tiferet…. to the beginning with Shammai and Hillel.

    Manipulating the subjective goal posts in front of the fully hypnotized and decorticated audience is an old and effective game played by the (((usual suspects))). The objective standards of the Ten Commandments are the antidote to (((financial oligarchy’s))) poison.

  4. Shinmen Takezo

    If “they/them” manage to steal the election from Trump in this manner–it will be massive leap, not just a hop-skip-and-jump, towards CWII in this country.

    The “silenced majority” will rise up and not just with their voices BTW this time.

    Those III% types you bandy about will become 20% overnight. Those “Militias Of One” will quickly band together–and at the very least it will quickly turn into Matt Bracken’s “What I Saw At The Coup” in a matter of weeks.

    These stupid motherfuckers are literally playing with fire when they are screwing around with the Electorial process now.

    Go ahead and do it–see what happens.

  5. This is, again, absolute nonsense.

    Trump is the President-Elect. Hillary has said so. Obama has said so. The New York Times has said so. The groups that still have trouble reconciling themselves to the idea are the hard-left types who can’t help but talk about how they’d like some totally random and unforeseen event that would entirely accidentally result in his d____. (Note: I am entirely against that sort of talk; I learned to be opposed to it under Obama.)

    Trump has the mandate of heaven. He has been accepted as the heir-designate. He has legitimacy, no matter how much some people wish he didn’t. A conspiracy to divert the electors that was successful would immediately prompt a crisis the likes of which hasn’t been seen since 1860, triggering a huge counter-reaction opposed to whatever apparent puppet was being imposed contrary to the will of the people (if you think Dem whining about how Trump didn’t win the popular vote, you ain’t seen nothing yet) and everybody capable of thought on the left and the right knows it.

    This will not happen and while I do not say Mr. Baugh should stop talking about it, I do claim that it is a waste of anyone else’s time to think about it.

    • Shinmen Takezo

      You meant to say, he’s the “hair”-designate…. right?!

    • I agree it may be that this probably won’t happen. But I’ll bet the ruling class is at least thinking about it, and setting it up as a contingency in case they decide to go with it.

  6. hmmm…so..stand down and take it…so then, those without a plan (that I’ve even heard of) can use the circumstance as a recruiting tool?

    Yeah…that sounds sort of like what we have now, courtesy of our faithless elected.

  7. that is, (((financial oligarchs))). As for the rest, an interesting theory, soon to be refuted by this fact: the (((oligarchs))) are fine with Trump. The non-White invasives – legal and illegal – will keep coming, the jobs will keep going, the White birthrate, crushed by the Kosher Culture of Death – abortion, porn, faggotry, Judeo-feminism – will continue to collapse, Israel will be further aggrandized, and, for the rest, the (((oligarchs) are willing to postpone their War with Russia – a large White pebble in the globalist shoe – until Trump can turn the screws on Iran.

  8. SemperFi, 0321

    And exactly how will this help the masses wake up to reality?
    They will always do what they are told by the puppetmasters. They will continue to pay taxes, they will get their flu shot annually, they will drink whatever beer the TV tells them to, they will……………….

  9. Reminds me of that old technique that is used when making people redundant.

    “We have to lose 1,000 employees.”
    There is immediate mobilisation of unions and workers, to resist. These people are allowed to get riled up for a little while.
    “After much discussion, we have managed to save 800 jobs.”
    Collective sigh of relief. “Thank God, my job is safe.”
    Everyone stands down. The 200 are sacrificed without a fight.

    Of course, the management only ever wanted to fire 200 men.

    Let’s hope that Trump really is playing a “long game”.

    End of the day; whatever is decided by the Electoral College will be swallowed by the people. What other choice have they? Certainly, not one which they are willing/able to exercise.

    • beagle,

      I find your British take on the Amerikan Electoral College to be nothing more than the rantings of an emasculated, British subject, who should be more concerned with BREXIT than the Amerikan political process.

      Now run along. Don’t you have a queen to bow down to ?

    • Ask for a Dollar. Get 75cents. Be happy with 50cents.

    • As I have said before, bogbeagle, if they do indeed throw the election, then pig hunting season starts on 20 December. If they throw it into the House and Lyin’ Ryan does his thing, pig hunting season starts the next day. I know very well who enables the sewage by playing Blue Wall. And I will deal with them and theirs appropriately.

  10. colddeadhandsdays

    Never gonna happen

  11. This will guarantee a shooting war in the streets. The marxist will not give up until we are sheep for the slaughter.


      Smitty: If it came down to a shooting war in the streets, I think the Marxists and their useful idiot rent-a-mobs would lose. Sure, they may take over some or all of the Blue Hives, but what will happen when the dollar dies and the trucks stop moving? In my little corner of Rawles Land there are only so many easterly lines of drift from the Spokane Blue Hive. Plus, the Washington State FSA would have to get through Spokane Valley, where a lot of serious, gun-toting patriots hang out. I have met some of them. They are my trip wires.
      I do not mean to make light of this situation. I still prep and watch every day. I am still holding my breath until after 12/19/2016. Then my prepping will be even kicked up another notch, because the ((((financial oligarchs)))) who really run things will stop at nothing to neutralize this President from his plans to talk turkey with Putin, remove NATO, build the wall, and bring manufacturing back home. Bleib ubrig.

  12. After the election of 2032, the US falls apart according to Martin Armstrong’s model, probably breaking up into smaller entities. Not the worst thing I’ve ever heard….

  13. Dec 19th cannot come soon enough!