New Woodpile’s Here!



And wear your hearing protection.

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  1. “And wear your hearing protection”.

    Good advice. However, I would add “good” hearing protection. Not cheap-ass earplugs where the seal breaks when you turn your head.

  2. That IS NOT a “1903A3 in a “C” stock” as identified in the wright up. That is a; Remington P-14, or M1917 rifle. It could be ether as “Home Guard” used both .303 and 30:06 rifles AND LMG’s. To simplify supply the British Government MOD tried to make sure that only weapons of one cal. type were issued to any unit. As we gave THOUSANDS of 30:06 Lewis LMG’s to Britton , and MANY thousands of 1917 rifles to the Britts in 1939-1941…..There is no way to tell the P14 and 1917 apart from that photo.

    • Randall Flagg

      Going with you on this one. Chances of an actual 1903A3 being in civilian hands at that time are pretty low. Also, that front sight is definitely NOT a single-blade 1903, but P14/M1917. Guess maybe Ol’ Remus was having an off day? Happens to the best of us.

      • You know, you might be a member of the gun culture when… you see a guy about to nearly get shot, and you start debating what model of rifle is being used.

        I’m just sayin’. 🙂

        It would be nice if there was some perspective thing going on and that muzzle wasn’t where it appears to be. But I rather doubt that is the case. I will continue to hope that no real Brits were harmed in the production of this photograph.

  3. Hmm, dug a couple of my 1903 A3s out, for review. Different front sight posts, as noted. Regardless, a great ol rifle. have my grandfathers, and uncles specimens, from the day.


  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. Murphys rules of combat: #5. Never share a foxhole (or a canoe) with anyone braver than you. Also, the minute the guy with the Lewis gun starts firing, the recoil is liable to start pushing the boat either left or right, and place the boat athwart enemy fire (sideways). Not to mention draw unwanted attention. The guy with the rifle would be better employed as a spotter, to tell the gunner where his fire is hitting, and holding the next pan of ammo for the reload. But the whole thing looks like some kind of nightmare plan to take out zombies, rather than Nazis. A trooper on the bank with a similar rifle could take them both out with two rounds.

  6. WPR; the best journalism!

  7. Jimmy the Saint

    From the article: “A resurrected JFK himself wouldn’t be safe from them.”

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but he wasn’t safe from the communist wing of the Left last time around, either. It’s the very reason why he’d need to be “[a] resurrected JFK”.

  8. You guys missed something here. Both guys are setting on the same bench-side by side. The way it looks like the rifleman is behind the LMG gunner is an illusion created by the black and white camera, the reflection from the water and the body position of the men.

  9. questionable

    Thanks woodpile,
    Our ancestors, including my grandpa who was a dyed in blue democrat would/are rolling in their graves. Back then you had integrity and pride. If you needed food from the government you got it, the minute you didn’t need it you stopped taking it because pride and the ability to provide was all important.

    Shithole liberals now though see it as free sustanence. F them and my ancestors they are pissing on.