WROL #1: No Charges Against HRC


ZH has the story.

NY Post: Trump Will Not Pursue Charges Against Hillary

Breitbart: Kellyanne Conway Confirms Trump ‘Doesn’t Wish to Pursue’ Hillary Charges

Any bets on Pizzagate being a pass as well?

Long live the Multi-Law Permanent Political Order!


156 responses to “WROL #1: No Charges Against HRC

  1. The best steaks are made
    from slaughtered sacred cows.
    For all you knuckleheads who still
    believe in Unicorns, rainbows and
    fairy tales, Breitbart, Fox, etc.
    Patrick Caddell shuts that shit down
    in less than sixty seconds during
    an interview (on Breitbart news) this
    morning, leading off with his opinion
    about Trump selecting Nikki Haley
    as ambassador to the U.N. yesterday.
    During the brief opening seconds, he
    describes the “positive leadership she
    exhibited” in having the Confederate Battle Flag removed from S.C. state capitol property.
    Suck on that lemon before dinner
    tomorrow, or during your next sodomy rape
    by the forces of ‘fuck your rule of law’
    and equal justice.