Brooklyn, ‘Sweet Home Alabama’, & The Rise Of The Dirt People


Turn it up.

Hey, big city folk:

Where do you get your food?

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  1. Yeah – OK – Sweet Home and all that. But Skynyrd pretty much bathed in the Coolaid with Saturday Night Special…

  2. SemperFi, 0321

    Time to starve the fuckers out; no more Starbucks and tofurkey for you asshole!
    And as for me, I’ve still got 2 freezers full of elk and more out on the hill. Not to mention some home grown pork and bison too. Sweet Home Wyoming.

  3. “… Not only did they win, they are being heard…”

    Ha. Ha. Ha.

    “same as it ever was”…

      • Haxo Angmark

        exactly right, tfA-t: 15-month Long Con by Trump. One almost has to admire how well he did it. And the alt-Rights are still frisking about like little kittens. On the plus side: Trump also did a nice job smoking out the urban reds and viciously polarizing the country.

  4. Beautiful..absoluely freaking beautiful!!
    collectivist heads popping as the truth swirls about them in musical fashion.

    Well, if Scotty and Jay’lah can play “Sabotage” by the Beastie Boys to destroy the attacking hordes in the latest Trek movie, ‘Star Trek Beyond’ why not!!

    Personally I’d have answered with REAL classical music..,the 1812 Overture finale is what I’d have chosen..bells pealing with cannons roaring in defiant full throated answer..put that bad boy on continuous loop and awaaaay we go til the horde’s finished popping like Orville’s corn..just add butter!!

    Matt Bracken used ‘appropriately’ in-appropriate music during the finale of his short story ‘Piss Christ? Piss Koran!’ (no I’m not going to mention what music he chose..don’t want to ruin it with’ll have to read it yourself and enjoy the mayhem that the music unleashes on the drooling moslem horde).

    Piss Christ?..Piss Koran!

    Feel free to print and share far and wide both in and off the net..just give the man due credit.

    Here’s another great song that speaks for us dirt people:
    John Mellencamp – Rain On The Scarecrow

    Rain on the Scarecrow
    John Mellencamp

    Scarecrow on a wooden cross blackbird in the barn
    Four hundred empty acres that used to be my farm
    I grew up like my daddy did my grandpa cleared this land
    When I was five I walked the fence while grandpa held my hand

    Rain on the scarecrow blood on the plow
    This land fed a nation this land made me proud
    And son I’m just sorry theres no legacy for you now
    Rain on the scarecrow blood on the plow
    Rain on the scarecrow blood on the plow

    The crops we grew last summer weren’t enough to pay the loans
    Couldn’t buy the seed to plant this spring and the farmers bank foreclosed
    Called my old friend schepman up to auction off the land
    He said john its just my job and I hope you understand
    Hey calling it your job ol hoss sure dont make it right
    But if you want me to Ill say a prayer for your soul tonight
    And grandmas on the front porch swing with a
    Bible in her hand Sometimes I hear her singing take me to the promised land
    When you take away a mans dignity he cant work his fields and cows

    There’ll be blood on the scarecrow blood on the plow
    Blood on the scarecrow blood on the plow

    Well there’s ninety-seven crosses planted in the courthouse yard
    Ninety-seven families who lost ninety-seven farms
    I think about my grandpa and my neighbors and my name and some nights
    I feel like dying like that scarecrow in the rain


    Rain on the scarecrow blood on the plow
    This land fed a nation this land made me so proud
    And son I’m just sorry they’re just memories for you now
    Rain on the scarecrow blood on the plow
    Rain on the scarecrow blood on the plow

    Yours In Liberty..crank it up and put on Dixie while youre at it!!
    Steve Kristmann

  5. Dirt people want kiddy diddlers to be brought to justice.

    Reddit killed the thread today altogether. There is def something here.

    Couple a philly guys went down to ask the pervo himself what’s up. Good job guys keep it up.

  6. People like that, assuming it is true, are incapable of functioning in society. The cucks like the author are even worse, they see the degenerate mental illness and marry into it. Grow your own arugula and kale you useless fucks. FOAD. We disappear, Brooklyn goes Lord of the Flies in 72 hours. If they disappeared I’d hardly notice.

    Thomas Osbourne Davis

    When boyhood’s fire was in my blood
    I read of ancient freemen
    For Greece and Rome who bravely stood
    Three hundred men and three men
    And then I prayed I yet might see
    Our fetters rent in twain
    And Ireland long a province be
    A Nation Once Again

    A nation once again
    A nation once again
    And Ireland long a province be
    A Nation Once Again

    It whispered too that freedom’s ark
    That service high and holy
    Would be profaned by feelings dark
    And passions vain and lowly
    For freedom comes from God’s right hand
    And needs a Godly train
    And righteous men must make our land
    A Nation Once Again

    [Chorus repeat]

    So as I grew from boy to man
    I bent me to that bidding
    My spirit of each selfish plan
    And cruel passion ridding
    For thus I hoped some day to aid
    Oh, can such hope be vain
    When my dear country should be made
    A Nation Once Again

    [Chorus repeat]

    The spirit of freedom, resistance to tyranny and the Will to Liberty of hearth and home, kith and kin, is long, broad and deep in the western world.

    Fear Not! It is alive, and ever more alive, the more the Enemy encroaches.

    • Haxo Angmark

      1) more than half Murka’s food is now imported; most of that 1/2 comes into the cities via airports/port facilities that will be well guarded.

      2) most of the major non-urban grocery store chains are (((globalist))-owned.

      2) each and every day, the blue areas get bigger, the red areas get smaller.

  8. Yeehah! Skynyrd’s a close second to ole Duane and the boys (IMHO), but I still love listening to them after all these years.

    PS. I considered ole Neil to be an asshole for writing that tune but it sounds like he regretted it.

  9. Jimmy the Saint

    It’s not like they don’t have the numbers to easily capture all the food-growing areas and water that they’ll need – the interior folks don’t have the population density to defend everywhere at once. The urban types also control pretty much the entirety of the US coast, so imports will be easily had, too.

    That also means they largely control the growers’ access to most markets. That’s not insignificant.

    • Don’t underestimate the people of the “interior” who have all of the guns. You are making the same mistake as the people in the article. We can’t be ignored any longer and our apparently small “population density” will not allow them to brush us aside.

      • Yea but if we are not banding together now they will take us out one by one…They have the advantage of numbers and the force of the state behind them…Kill a few chickens and the monkeys will be brought in line because they don’t know who to trust to stand beside and fight for what’s right… Sad That…

    • Capture it and do what with it? Produce the food themselves? These people are literally useless.

  10. Alfred E. Neuman

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  11. C’mon scrot!

    Brooklyn owes the charmer under me.

  12. That was a real entertaining piece. I hope that the author and his wife continue to enjoy their shopping days in that place where they fucking choose to live. Maybe someone in that grocery store can go higher up the chain in order to get Sweet Home Alabama replaced by Saturday Night Special. It would better suit their leanings.

  13. How do you spell, bwaaahahahahahahahaha?

  14. Maybe I can loop this in the command car while on patrol 😉

  15. Stealth Spaniel

    Good grief! I grew up in a large, trendy city-but I was never an asshole about it. In LA, we always had a garden, we canned fruits and vegetables, and everyone referred to my mom as Earth Mother, for her skills in gardening and nursing. I cannot believe that people willingly make themselves vulnerable. Or stupid.

  16. The lefties have no idea….. Our numbers swell every time the open their mouths. I don’t know a single person that doesn’t proudly wear the epithets they hurl at us nowadays. Not one. It’s wonderful to see them openly mocked for a change too. Long overdue also.

  17. Phil Ossiferz Stone

    In a similar idiom:

  18. Awesome!
    Thanks CA, you made my day big time.
    This is what we are about.
    Ronnie Van Zant would be proud of you.

    Hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    And Happy Thanks Giving to everyone here on WRSA and America too!

  19. Why, they get their food at a Trader Joe’s or a Fresh and Easy.

    Doesn’t everyone??

    If/when TSHTF, the die off in the big cities and urban areas will be staggering. It’ll make the Black Death look like a mild cold….

  20. here’s some Dirt People who need help: @

    trying to stop .gov 2.5 million-acre land grab in Malheur. A few more people involved in this one than Bundy and his narcs.

    • Hexo, on point. Not only is the federal govt, trying to take eastern Oregon, they are now proposing another 100000 acre land grab in southern Oregon,,around Crater Lake National Monument.

      All our sick fuck elected officials are pushing hard in DC, for this land grab. Only problem us locals, are very vocal, our local elected officials are having none of it.

      There’s also a huge federal push on to take out multiple hydro dams, on the Klamath River, which runs from Klamath Falls, to the Pacific. ” it’s for the salmon” .

      We are a community of farmers and ranchers, water is our life’s blood, the feral,courts recently turned ALL water rights over to the Klamath Indian Tribe, both from” a time in memorial”, ownership, to physical possession.

      Oregon water resource board in Salem, is also playing games, with writing and interpreting those water right. The tribe makes a call for water, OWRC, shuts down any/ all water to the ranchers. To include wells within a few miles of their rivers creeks, etc etc.

      The odd part is only special players are allowed at the negotiations, govt, state Tribe. The govt, has tried for a 100 years to real in this southern Oregon region with zero sucess.

      Now they are using the local tribes ” in” as their agent. Just a matter of time before it comes to a head.

      This is nothing short of consolidating power in the region.


  21. Love skynyrd! First band I had to own all their albums and listen to over and over. There’s a little over 3000 counties in fusa and less than 150 are blue. There’s no red state, blue state when you look at counties. TPTB don’t want us to realize we have them surrounded and could easily win.

  22. If you don’t like Lynyrd Skynyrd, ( Pronounced Leh-nerd Skin-nerd) then I don’t want to know ya.

    Happy Thanksgiving C.A.

  23. Let’s combine:

    “For those unfamiliar with it, Fairway is a less corporate, more co-op version of Whole Foods…”


    “Hey, big city folk: Where do you get your food?”

    Hey, EVERYONE, where do YOU get YOUR food?

    All of you get nearly 100% of your food from a corporation.

    Enjoy Thanksgiving with your BUTTERBALL (Seaboard [Multi-National] Corporation) turkey, KRAFT (joint owned Heinz/Berkshire/3G [Multi-National] Corporations) stove top dressing, DEL MONTE (actually Del Monte Pacific Limited now based in the Philippines) canned veggies, etc.

    • All of us do? No

      Our Turkey was raised on a really small farm about a mile from my house, our corn was grown about five miles away, beans grown in my dad’s yard, our other canned veggies as well, and then canned by my wife, etc. Far, far less than “nearly 100%” of our food came from the same source as your’s, apparently. About 90% of what’s on our table today came from farms in my tiny town, literally went from farm to table, with nothing besides my wife’s canning process in between.

      Speak for yourself.

    • Haxo Angmark

      you got it GS. The small family farms are almost gone. With malice aforethought. The corporate-(((globalists))) control more than 90% of the urban and countryside food supply. (((They))) will inflict a terror-famine on us, while feeding the cities with largely imported food.

  24. That was well-written. Would be a nicely-sized piece in one of those Sunday-edition actual print newspapers magazine inserts (while conceding not likely). Said more than all the sociologist-wannabe-guest-MSMNews-commentators. Now go & seek some more “inconvenient truth.”

    Back in the day my band covered that tune so many times in roadhouses I swore I’d never play it again, says this Deplorable One. Now that the oven is fired up for the deplorable bird, with sutffing & legumes of a large variety including cranberry relish & 2 kinds of deplorable pie, maybe some early-morning Strat with coffee is called for. 🙂 RIP Allen Collins; you & Rossington had a pretty good sound there too.

  25. Happy Thanksgiving and
    Merry Christmas.
    Keep on climbing up
    to that ‘moral high ground’ fucknuts.

  26. What a bunch of candy asses. LMAO!

  27. Always glad when some body remembers that ALL civilizations, no matter how technical, are based on agriculture. That fact can only be ignored at deadly peril. All of our lives are fragile, and there are a million things waiting to do us in, besides our own stupidity, and cupidity. Engaged in combat, food is as important to soldiers as ammunition. Their combat effectiveness becomes lessened when they miss their first meal. Imagine a couple of million civilians that haven’t eaten for a two week period, and you begin to understand how their focus has no reason, and is on nothing but food. Over a million died of starvation in the siege of Leningrad (Petersburg today), and more throughout Russia during WW2. America has not known widespread starvation and total war since the South during the later half of the War Between the States. Think of how fast it would turn to cannibalism in large urban areas of the US, with their millions of useless eaters, and no regular food deliveries. An interruption in the diesel supply, a computer glitch with EBT cards, an EMP, some rifle fire at a few critical transformers (as has already been practiced near San Diego last year), the Debt Bomb and Hyperinflation goes off, riots, earthquakes, hurricanes, pick your poison, it could happen at any time, and the worst time. You can rank the intelligence of the supposed intelligentsia by the way they cavalierly avoid acknowledgement that their lives depend on people they dismiss and despise, and deplore. Spoiled children never get it. Until they do. Sweet Home Alabama………

  28. Jeffery in Alabama

    “Southern Man” in whinny-nasally tone can be faintly heard in the studio version of the song at about .54. Though it sounds like Neil Young, it is the bands producer,.Al Kooper and was done in jest. It is a great song and Mr. Marcus article about the song/store was a good read and illustration as to where we are in this country and the direction we are going. Use the time we have been given wisely. The commies are persistent.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

    • The only Neil Young songs I can dig are those ones he did in the early 80s with a vocoder. It’s the only way to make his voice tolerable.

  29. That was a nice follow-up, because the Fairway Market in that article is also the exact building in which trendy hipster Shrillary Douche Michael Shannon (“Trumps Supporters Should All Go Die”) lives!

    I hope he was one of the nancy boys in the store screaming in impotent rage as the chorus kicked in, because once his head explodes, it isn’t going to grow back.

  30. Heehee… have fond memories traveling up to meet up
    over in Alabama during the 10 Commandments issue.
    Went with a friend and his two sons singing “Sweet Home
    Alabama” on the cars CD player many many times, going
    and coming, until the transmission blew out coming back.

    We took about 10 thousand 4 pg flyers printed on a nice
    glossy stock and where all passing it ALL OVER, not just
    in the center of the attraction, but way out in outer perimeters.

    Tell you what, even then, did not see any lamestream media

    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”