Schindler: Why Putin Hates The West


A Russophobe makes his case.

Alternate title: “Former US Intel Analyst Explains Putin’s Motivations”

Read it and decide which is the better fit.


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  1. VooDoo6Actual

    An interesting read & if we consider the context matching the evidence then this below dovetails into this Into context. I suspect there may be the notion of a hybrid NWO plan since we know the Pharisee Occulted Powers aka Shadow Government is re-loading for a pivot since Hitlery plan didn’t pass muster.

    The New World Order Schedule of Implementation [Mod 3.0, Step 4.1 – More on the “peace path” to the NWO]


    Strange Days indeed….

  2. ALCON,

    Let me get this straight. This neocon ass clown Schindler, writing the linked article, claims Russia “fears” the West because Vladimir Putin dared to be “brazen” (Schindler’s word) enough to place RUSSIAN missiles on the western edge of RUSSIAN territory ? How dare Vlad challenge NATO. How dare Putin fear the West who through NATO, has enrolled nation states like Poland and Bulgaria on Russia’s doorstep, to challenge Russian sovereignty. Then the socialists of NATO have the balls to say Putin’s defending of the Motherland is a threat to NATO ? Fuck NATO. Their purpose ended in 1989. They no longer have an enemy except the Bear they’ve created as enemy to justify NATO’s continuing existence.

    I hope Vlad revisits Cuba with a new batch of ICBMs programmed to rain down upon the District of Criminals. I hope Putin negotiates with the Mexicans to slap some Russian ADA assets in Tijuana. And just to complete a hypothetical countering of NATO/Amerikan imperialism, negotiate with soetoro-obama’s fellow Commie, Canuck Trudeau, and put a few more Russian ICBMs in St. Catherines, Ontario. Then, maybe this ass clown Schindler could justify his argument of western fear of the Bear.

    In the meantime….

    Fuck NATO.

    Go Vlad !

    • You’re exactly right Dan. The US has been stabbing the Russians in the back and braking agreements since the promises Baker gave the Russians during the Gorbachev era. With the break-off of the Eastern Block countries, we promised no entry into NATO of these newly sovereign nations. But one by one, our neocons convinced us and the west that they needed to be part of NATO to contain the Soviet threat. There was no Soviet threat. Because of our continued and continuing aggressive provocations into (Ukraine) or bordering their frontiers, they have had no choice but to modernize and expand their military to counter the very REAL threat to their national security. And this is what they have done. The Russians have lost millions…that’s many many millions of their citizens to invasions, so their concerns are totally valid.

      And by the way, I can see Russia from my back porch.

  3. The failure of Americas’ foreign policy, its’ State Dept., and associated actions has always been a very obvious moral one. When our “leaders” state that the conflict between us and other nations is something other than what it actually is, veering off target and getting involved in stupid, pointless wars that empty the treasury and bleed the middle class, you get the idiocy of where we are now. It’s one thing to tell lies to your potential enemies. It is quite another to tell lies ABOUT your potential enemies. Pushing the homosexual agenda overseas does not send messages of strength, or high moral veracity. It sends a clear message that you are both weak, and stupid. Both our allies, and our adversaries believe we are losers. The moral to the physical is as three to one.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      If there was ever a time to try and take down the USA, it would be right now. Obama has drug the US down to his level, an emasculated narcissistic eunuch with no hope of defending himself in a fistfight, but thinks of himself as the local tough guy.

  4. The moral here is we as a world power got to mind our own fucking business.
    The world is fucked up because those running it have too much power they abuse and fuck it up to begin with. They need a boogeyman, like Russia, to justify the bullshit they pull.
    It’s not rocket science. Leave everyone alone, walk softly, carry a big stick, and if anyone is looking for trouble, beat them to death with the stick. Real easy foreign policy. Otherwise, keep your steenkin’ nose out of others business.
    And here’s the thing. This country is so large, with so much resources and countless advantages in every aspect, we could easily become a self sustaining self supporting continent requiring the minimal outside resources. And what would happen is the rest of the world would be profoundly effected by our self determination and sufficiency. Take the Navy and Marines, and set up a exclusionary zone 12 miles out from the coast. Take the Army and set them across both borders. Let the rest of the psychopaths running the rest of the world have at it, let them cut each others throats, let them bleed each other dry, meanwhile we set out own house in order.

  5. Sooo…. your weapons systems should only be able to reach the extent of your own borders and no further? That’s the big whine here? I didn’t read further, seemed like a waste of time

  6. See “Dan III” –
    ibid, ibid and ibid.

    Screw Schindler and his list.

  7. no doubt Tsar Putin will attempt to regain as much of Tsar Stalin’s Empire as possible, just as Tsar Stalin attempted to regain as much of Tsar Nicholas’ Empire as possible. At the moment however, all the aggression is in the opposite direction: a Zionist attempt to encircle and destroy Russia, because Russia is a large White pebble in the Judeo-globalist shoe.

  8. This article is flat out nuts. Putin is the only one defending western civilization, and NATO is putting troops and missiles on Russia’s border, so Putin’s the problem? Disband NATO and ally with Putin, and anyone else who also wants the West to survive….

    • Yes, Putin and Trump are the God Brothers who have come to Earth to save Western Civilization and the White Race at the 11th hour. As Lindbergh said, we must rebuild our Western ramparts – and turn our face like flint towards all others.

  9. Russophone, for sure. Good call, CA.

  10. Julius Streicher

    Schindler. He the one that made the list?

  11. How dare Putin not gyrate his loins in masturbatory bliss as the West attempts to bleed Russia of its own self-sufficiency. How dare it not succumb to the Western led globalist Core of degenerates and filthiness. Long live Pussy Riot!

    When you understand PNAC, and when you understand The Pentagons New Map, and when you understand that everything your government does, it does to complete the globalist agenda that is the default mode that your government operates on, then you will understand Putin’s mindset. He has repeatedly told us over and over again, in interviews and conferences, that he knows what the Western globalists are up to, and Russia has no intention of becoming the Western globalists bitches.

    He also knows, as well as everyone else should know, that the Western use of “spreading democracy” is nothing more than code for… bring the non-integrated Gap, into the integrated globalist NWO Core. He also knows, that the US-NATO is the Spearhead of bringing all nations into this globalist NWO Core. He knows what is up with all these US-NGO induced Color Revolutions and Springs are all about. He also knows, that all these “spreading of democracy” is area’s of denial to his country and it’s economic well-being. He knows when he is being squeezed.

    He also knows that Russia’s, and his, past is being used against him as propaganda. As the great bogeyman. Why, we must flood all of Europe, especially Eastern Europe with NATO forces, heavy and light armor, artillery pieces, air-land-sea missiles of various kinds, clear out forests for new front-line airbases, and etc. from Estonia, all the way around to Georgia… because Putin is on the verge, any minute now, to sweep across Eastern Europe because of visions of the former USSR grandeur! Because the globalist Western Powers says so! And how dare Russia have military bases in Crimea, and Syria! How dare Russia react when the US-NATO globalist Core pokes the Bear! It’s absolute proof that Putin and his Russia are the aggressors!

    Meh. I’ll stop now. I feel so much stoo-pider reading that US-NATO globalist Core hit piece.

    If I were the president, I’d have our military, without warning, surround the United Nations, and give them 1 day to clear out, and everyone return to their own countries. While at the same time, telling Europe we are withdrawing from NATO, and Brussels is on its own. It’s not that I am a Russiaphobe, it’s that I see behind the thin curtain of what this is all about.

    Seriously? We must do this because we have word that Russia was getting ready, at any moment, to sweep through Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania? Because?

  12. The Fourth Horseman

    Putin is standing up to the west because the west is overrun with kikes. The same type of communist jews that overthrew Tsarist Russia, murdered the Tsar and the royal family and turned it into the communist hell hole we all remember. Then came the bolsheviks… Read their history or better yet read Alexander Soltnitzen (Nobel prize winning author) Two Hundred Years Together. He chronicles what the kikes did to his country and those same things are playing out here but with a different timeline. The tribe is alive and well with their trademark “political correctness” (an invention of carl marx, a jew), identity politics, multiculturalism (jews don’t allow it in their country but it is pushed in all white countries) the medias’ push for interracial mixing etc etc ad nauseam.

    The names are all there, just do your research.. who owns all of the influential websites, the MSM, hollywood, the banks, our foreign policy, our educational policy. etc etc etc. The tribe hates white western culture and they are at work to tear it down. They are behind the Bilderberg Group, The CFR, The Trilateral commission… NATO is fully run and headed by communist jews.

    These are ALL facts and this is just the tip of the iceburg that is sinking this Republic. Wake up before it’s too late!

    Putin remembers history all too well. Hitler did as well because the jews where attempting the same crap in Germany. There is MUCH untaught history that has been hidden because the jews are in charge of the educational system in this country. Doubt me? Go look at their names and research what I say.

    THAT my friends is a primer of why Putin hates the west.

    The rabbit hole is deep when you take the red pill.

    • Yes, the two countries have exchanged identities: now we are the ones exporting Communist Revolution and they are the White Christians. Unfortunately for (((them))), we are not disarmed peasants. It’s very late in the game for them to accomplish that. That was supposed to have already been done.

  13. Looks to me as though Schindler is confusing Russia’s response to our hostile foreign policy and NATO’s warmongering as an initiation.

    Much like the anti-gun crowd calling a good self-defense shooting an example of unwarranted gun violence.

  14. “[Russia] played clandestine spy-games with our elections, conceding that Wikileaks is a Russian pawn.”
    Well if Hillary wasn’t so corrupt (and inept) there wouldn’t be anything to hack. If it was Putin, doesn’t he deserve our thanks for preventing WWIII ? That’s kinda the opposite of an existential threat.
    Also still not totally convinced that the US intelligence community wasn’t involved to some extent or another.

    • The official feds have said it WASN’T the Russians. And Assange has said it was a DNC insider. Quite frankly, the US “intelligence” community would LOVE to have Hillary as president, since she represents everything they stand for. Just as she did at State.

  15. Getting (lukewarm) synopses from other sources referencing the Schindler piece, but unable to hit the link – dead air. All else workee Numbah One. Even the link to it on the site itself (from deeper within) is dead. Shuckee-darn.

  16. Maybe go with “A Russia hater writes a pile of nonsense indicating that the Russian leader is acting aggressively by placing defensive measures inside Russia’s borders, after noticing that Russia placed self in a bad position – surrounded by numerous NATO bases…”

  17. BTW – thanks all, for supplying evidence that I am not the only one out there who pays enough attention to smell bullshit when bullshit is at hand.

  18. Y’all have it nailed. Good on ya.

    Anyone stopping by here, open your eyes, as above.

  19. Russophobe, not phone.

  20. Alfred E. Neuman

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  21. I have said it before — Putin does not want the oil, he wants the oil pipelines. He is satisfied to collect rent and maintenance fees rather than live the vagaries of oil pricing. Transport fees are much more stable. Besides I think Putin has figured out like many have that we maybe reaching a ‘peak demand’ environment. (rather than peak oil.)