TL Davis: The Last Betrayal

On Trump and what were taken as promises.

Interesting times.



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  1. Campaign promises, as described elsewhere, are “pillow talk”

    We hired DJT to do a job, which is all that anyone can expect him to do. The media hasn’t stopped spinning everything. Beware of what you read, keep an open mind, and give DJT a chance. It’s the best chance we have to right the wrongs since 1913 and 1980.

    Reagan campaigned on smaller government, and we got the opposite. We can’t afford to get it wrong, again.

    • you already did. BTW, that was some pretty good acting by Trump and Vince. Ya know, the guy whose wife ran for Connecticut Senator. And lost to the (fake) Vietnam vet. But not nearly as good as the Long Con he just pulled on the flyover country Whites.

  2. Remember, it was Haley as SC governor who succumbed to the leftists and signed legislation to remove the history of the South, Confederate flags, from flying in South Carolina. She is no prize.

    • Correct, but in this day and age her plumbing is a resume.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      She’s being sent to a position where she has very little independent authority, and can be easily removed if she fucks up.

      It’s not really a bad move.

      Plus, it gives SC the chance at getting in a better governor.

      • Jimmy,

        “….it gives SC the chance at getting in a better governor.”

        Hopefully, the SC morons (the electorate) will wake-up. But, I wouldn’t bet the farm on it.

      • Stealth Spaniel

        +1. We all know that N. Haley is a CXXT. She can do very little damage at the UN (Unfathomable Nitwits), SC can now find a real Patriot to fill the governor’s chair, and legislation blows with the wind. SC wants her heritage back. So far, Trump has proved himself adept at slight of hand with his enemies.

  3. Yes, be vigilant, and above all
    “Call no man your father” or no woman your momma…
    “…ye are all kings…” or queens…

    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Inflation is coming no matter what. The Fed can’t keep ZIRP going, and they’re not going to want to do Trump any favors, anyway.

      Trump can manage the impact of it, though – if he does well, it would just be a repeat of the early 80s: a couple of tough years, and then a strong rebound.

      • Jimmy, being hopeful is good, only in this stage
        and time, the whole world is intertwined.
        Want to hope? I suggest Do concentrate on your
        first form of government which is family, friends and
        even strangers in your midst. As some say, and I agree –
        keep it together and spread throughout other elders/chiefs/
        honchos 🙂
        with same goal, purpose and righteousness, spreading
        as far & wide as possible. Remember Alpha/Omega?

        Some here have seen, and maybe even read some of
        tried and proven – The Way of The Ancients, throughout
        history, fired, and refined. I have passed along for your
        approvals due to what I have understood from what I’ve
        gathered in many of the postings and responses here.
        Your hearts are on track, and based on what I believe in,
        there are many characteristics which I can relate to.
        I guess it is like “being in accord.” But of course not blaming
        “them,” but taking charge of ourselves to help others to
        make stronger, not weaker.

        “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

  4. Nikki Haley is an enemy, pure and simple.

    • “Haley is an enemy” So is the UN. Perfect fit.

    • Indeed she is. HOWEVER, just WHAT can she actually do in the UN? Other than whine and commiserate with the rest of the sewage there? Can she set policy? Is President Trump not able to instantly overturn any of her fuckups?

      Just like Romney. If he ends up as SoS, just exactly WHAT can he do, as long as President Trump has one or more moles in that cesspool?

      Let them have those jobs. But keep a close eye on them, and if they do anything more than piss and moan, THEN shove them out of the way.

      Heh. Just think what fun it would be if Trump were to send Romney to Moscow with a copy of Hillary’s “reset” button! After first telling Putin that was coming, and letting Vlad give Mittens the appropriate response…

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Yeah, Haley pretty much got what the Japanese used to call a “window seat” job. It comes with no real ability to do anything.

  5. Keep your enemies closer. If she takes the job SC gets a new gov. that can roll back some of her dumb shit ideas.

  6. fk petreaus

  7. 100-200 million… 🙂

  8. Trump can screw up a UN Ambassadorship and probably be okay. At this point, he is merely paying back supporters. It is the SC nominees that are important. I’m sure he knows this, he knows his bread was buttered by millions who didn’t really like him that much but were gambling on a solid SC.

    I’m going to reserve judgment. He isn’t even president yet.

  9. When in Rome walk like a Roman until you get past the guards.

  10. Pretty much nails it.

    Either Trump follows through, or we return to status quo ante, where one match becomes a Fort Sumter moment.

    So the country’s future depends largely on the dedication of a man who was a Democrat until about 15 minutes before the last primary season, and still is one in 37 states.

    Good times.

  11. Hey, Haley is good at taking down the Flag of official American Veterans. The UN will give her the chance to not only keep the flag of official American Confederate Veterans in the trash, she can now trash other veterans from WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam and Middle East. Trump supporter but this is a horrible decision.

  12. And what has Trump done? Gave her a meaningless UN job, and opened up the SC governor job for one of his supporters.

  13. I’m waiting to see what he does and how things start shaking out after he is the President and sitting behind the desk in the District of Criminals. All the BS before he has the levers of power is just that, BS. Of course, TL is exactly right, if Trump betrays, it WILL BE THE LAST BETRAYAL. And the Trumpsters better hold his feet to the fire and not make any Goddamn excuses for this guy. Someone may want to whisper that into Trumps ear (waddya say Ms Conway)… or not.

    I would not put it past Trump to go around the media or trick fuck them at every turn. Watch actions not necessarily words.

    Grey Ghost

  14. Yep, WCW/’politics’…kabuki theater for the sheep..nothing more, nothing less..

    TINVOWOOT indeed….
    Freed myself from ‘the matrix’ years ago and have absolutely no
    desire to plug myself back into the putrid superstition of ‘gov/authority worship’..others can own and ride that collectivist klowncar for what it’s worth (which is zip)!!

    Yours In Liberty thru Anarchy/Volunteerism..not slavery to ‘the most dangerous superstition’!
    NorthGunner III

  15. it’s early on, for sure, but these moves look to me like more of the same deft chess that got Trump the Presidency, against the longest odds any of us could have imagined.

    You might want to bear that in mind and stop soiling your drawers at every fluttering ninny opinion re every subtle play….

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  17. She’s window dressing, a twofer, minority and female. He should give Vince and Hulk jobs with the UN too to show how highly he values them. Or maybe let Hulk be a bodyguard since he is a real supporter.

  18. Notarealperson

    Smart move, Trump paid back Haley by putting her in a dead end post with no real power, she’s just a talking head who takes orders from others. On the plus side her, state gets to pick a better governor.,

    If Haley had a brain she would have turned it down.

    Two years in this post and her political career is finished. Look the UN is pretty much a irrelevant organization,