Two From Brushbeater


Spam Can Caches (And Doing Them Right); related essential document here


Rolling Your Own Versatile, Dirt Cheap, D-I-Y Dipole Antenna, Even For A 2m Cheapy-Talky



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  1. Maybe head over to all kinds of good stuff there

  2. If you live in areas where gophers, voles or prairie dogs habitat best to leave your ammo in the cans. Metal is about the only thing that deters them critters. Figure out a way to protect the can.

  3. Shinmen Takezo

    This dope actually buried his commie spam-can?!
    What a moron!

    FYI–these are not meant to be buried or cached like this.

    They are meant to be stored, stacked yards high in some warehouse for decades–waiting to be used against the imperalists, fascist USA.

    If you bury cans like this, they will rust and form small rust pin-holes which will assuredly leak water into the contents.

    • Yep, exactly the point I made, along with telling folks how to do it right (and including the manual which taught me), which perhaps if you took the couple minutes to read you’d have known.

  4. Always good info; always a good read. Don’t forget to continuously-surveil the cache’ for at least 24 hours before moving-in.

  5. Thank you for the pdf download. Soldier of Fortune magazine printed a similar cache piece back in 1993 or so. Complete with illustrations and one of the most sought after reasons for the Clinton ATF to make a raid on peoples’ homes. It was also the most scarcely available issue during that time.

    Incidentally, SOF published its last issue early this year, as Lt. Col. Brown as officially retired.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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