Bracken Sends


Spread it far and wide.

Sucks to be them.

Great to be us.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. Good looking map. Thankful for that, as long as Trump stays in his lane.

  2. Good stuff. Just posted on facebook too.
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  3. Centurion_Cornelius

    Lord, we give you thanks!

    • Centurion! Thanks for putting the corn in “Cornelius”! We who are about to eat ( 3 squares a day) salute you…

  4. A Prayer for this Thanksgiving Day.

    Dear God of our Christian forefathers, the unseen yet all-powerful Creator of our Union and the Director of its destiny:

    We thank you that you have blessed us with a bountiful harvest once again which has given us plenty to eat. You also have shielded us mercifully from war, from disaster, and from contagious diseases. While this day has been set aside as a national day of thanksgiving, we, nevertheless, have every reason daily to thank you for your uncountable gifts of goodness; for your compassions for us do not fail. They are new every morning. Daily and richly you have provided us with all which we would need to support our body and life.

    Just the same, we are not worthy of the least of your mercies. In fact, we never could thank you sufficiently for such kindness.

    Still greater than these, however, are your bountiful, spiritual blessings in which you sent your Son, Jesus Christ, down to earth for the gracious purpose of assuming our sins’ guilt, and for suffering the world’s punishment to enable us to attain heaven. What a giver of every good gift you are!
    Nevertheless, many citizens, in fact, will sit down to eat today without so much as saying a prayer of thanks to you. Indeed, many will spend their day setting their hearts solely on the things of their flesh in regards to overeating, overdrinking, entertainment, and shopping, while they would give no thought to acquiring that relationship with you which only could rescue them graciously from the Judgment and the dark night of death to come.
    In light of this, move our hearts to appreciate both you and your gifts of grace more!

    Indeed, teach us that we only could thank you properly from our hearts after you would have converted us powerfully by your gospel words to receive a new heart which truly loves you and appreciates your gracious salvation!
    Especially on this day, comfort the grieving and the afflicted! Lift up their hearts to receive joy from your gracious, gospel pledge of pardon! Befriend the widows and orphans with your gospel promise of sustaining strength for their lonely souls!

    Above all, bless you for blessing us!

    We pray this in Jesus’ saving name. Amen!

    Gene Urtel – The Rivertown Press

  5. Thanksgiving Day: a little history.

    “Since the days of President Lincoln the custom has been observed in our land that the President of the United States issues a thanksgiving proclamation and advises all the inhabitants to meet in their houses of worship on the last Thursday in November and to return thanks to God for the blessings which He bestowed on the nation during the past year. It is not generally known that this custom dates back no further than to the time of the Civil War. But the fact is that no President has issued a thanksgiving proclamation prior to Lincoln, excepting Washington, the first President of the Union. His example was not followed by his successors in the presidential office, because the Governors of the different States appointed days of thanksgiving for their own States on various dates. But since the days of Lincoln the Governors throughout the country issue a thanksgiving proclamation for the same day which the President appoints, and the last Thursday in November thus came to be the national Thanksgiving Day observed in every State of the Union. Though the majority of our inhabitants, according to statistics, attend no church, yet… the President advises us to thank God, which we may do with a cheerful heart” (Henry Sieck, “Sermons on the Gospels,” [Saint Louis: Concordia, 1906], page183).

    Gene Urtel – The Rivertown Press

  6. Where the rednecks live!

    One thing Trump should remember is rednecks don’t forget nor forgive very well!

  7. Welcome to Dumfuckistan on Planet Fooktardia.
    The “useless eaters” don’t care & never have. They want to be taken care of by the Zuhastra Deep State (entitlements & free shit) of & dependent on the system no matter who or what pays for it. They feel & think they are entitled to be taken care of & have no intention of achieving anything in life. Only existing in a miserable void & abyss of human feces. Pagan & Demi-God worshippers of Celebrities & Cult of Polticians (i. e. Clinton’s – Bush’s) et al etc. Lazy humans who ultimately don’t care about anything or anyone but themselves. They have made a vocational career of playing the Victim they’re whole miserable life. Truly a cult of social-economic – cultural – Nation of Loser (‘Special Interest Groups’) Snow Flakes – Slackers – Bohemian Vegan Birkenstalk wearing, armpit hair braiding, Pachoulli oil drenched, Granola eatin’, Cacky Sack – Frisbee Golf – Hipsters non-critical thinking pseudo intellectual arrogant, hubris ‘Barking Moonbats’. They never have done the research or care to understand how the world operates or government systems work. These people & their ideological ilk are part of what psychologists call the Dark Triad. Truth or morality doesn’t rate on their Scale of personality traits or character attributions. Narcissistic vainglorious – Machiavellian – Psychopathic canon fodder to the Rulers – Tyrants – elected corrupt kakistocracy Pathocratic Politicians who are working for the Oreo ab Chao ‘S.P.E.C.T.R.E.’ organization. Nothing kills more than ignorance, structural violence & poverty. The US Democratic Socialist Party (communist party) started ‘FOOD Stamps’ aka ‘ SNAP’ – Welfare program in the 60’s under Orville Freeman. The Deep State – Shadow Government – 5th Column always had this plan & was integral to the One World Government – NWO – BIS – UN – Central Banks – IMF – Rothschild – Rockefeller agenda from long ago. They opine & lament about anything & everything. Never happy or content w/ anything in life including themselves. Everybody gets a Trophy – Medal for achieving for underachieving nothing & just showing up. Truly a failure as humans & archetypes. A epic fail as modern hominids & failures of Red Queen Evolutionary Dynamics while being used as patsy’s & ultimately will be sacrificed as they are too weak to adapt, survive & exist in a Neo-feudalistic technocracy. Ultimately, the target was American exceptionalism. The Pharisee Occulted Powers needed to destroy & ‘fundamentally change America’ which is why Obozo (the CIA groomed Manchurian candidate was surreptitiously installed covertly via his handlers the Democratic Socialist Party old guard operatives – CFR – Bildeburger Group – Tri-Lateral Commision etc. Ziggy Brzezinski – Kissinger – Rockefeller – Rothschild’s IsRAHELL’s Mossad Kharzarian Zionist AshkeNAZI Mafia. IsRAHell was setup as a Terrorist Nation in 1947) Levon Affair – USS liberty – 9/11 – Pentagon Able Danger says t all for those who know real history. The War Criminals mentioned above needed to destroy America to lead the way to they’re NWO & are wagering that Americans will not fight. They have been sloppy & wrong before. Many, I know plan on proving they are wrong again. Trump & Brexit are obstacles. The can gets kicked down the road more now hybrids – splinters into other directions & circumstances now. The Grand Chessboard, Between Two Ages & Sir Halfoed Mackinger’s Heartland Theory, Report From Iron Mountain, The Protocols of the Elder’s of Zion et al all in play & feverishly trying to be implemented.
    Ziggy was Obozo’s professor of Communist Studies @ Columbia Univ. which is why the college records were sealed to suppress the connection etc.

    Here’s a link that lays a lot of it out w/ some good EEI.

    “Brzezinski’s Final Solution”

    Enjoy the Circus
    Panel et Circenses

  8. not quite the case. More than half of the US food supply is now imported. And most of the imported 1/2 goes into the coastal cities via airports/port facilities. And most if not all of the major grocery store chains are (((globalist)))-owned. The (((globalists))) fully intend to Holodomor the countryside.


      Haxo: Here in Rawles Land, the only way they will Holomordor us is to come up here and take our sustenance by force of arms. We may have to forego imported delicacies from Trader Joe’s, but the bounty of oodles upon oodles of farmland and ranch land acres would sustain this area for quite a while. If you factor in the many lakes and rivers, fishing and aqua culture are also in play.
      You have been living in the land of special snowflakes and other assorted human debris to understand that ANY disruption will see a culling of the Cosmic Whites by the “people of color” on a grand scale. The shake out would leave a bunch of semi-literate, semi-humans who would not know how to use a fork lift to get the food off the ships. This would be the same in any Blue Hive once the dust settled. Just look at Katrina. And that fiasco was small potatoes(no pun intended).
      I do not doubt for one minute that the (((globalist)))-Illuminati-Wall Street-Banksters want to neutralize, starve and otherwise eliminate the dirt people. They are going to need a lot of troops to do it. And, we are ready for them.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        What boggles my mind around here is the absolute ignorant cocky attitude of so much of the 3% community.
        Remember how they spread Agent Orange? And that includes you too, around 3am.

  9. Alfred E. Neuman

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  10. The Blue cities are gangrenous. It is triage time.