Brushbeater: More Notes On Community Networking


Your biggest danger – and your biggest potential allies – are your neighbors.

The steps you take tomorrow, next week, and next month will help you determine and shape that outcome.

One of the most powerful phrases in the world?

“How can I help?”

The game has only just begun.

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  1. My Chippewa Indian neighbor brought over smoked fish today.
    Who had a live Indian sharing their food with them on Thanksgiving?? The guy was born on this Island and has a road named after the family… How much more ‘in’ can you have? 🙂

    Oh. and I haven’t seen a cop in over 2 months here. The deckhands FB when LE does make the ferry ride over. Folks on this rock don’t need or want any po-LICE. They bring down the property values.

  2. Marlo Stanfield

    Poor America: 7 In 10 Americans Have Less Than $1,000 In Savings Read or view the Wall St. Journal. They tend to report things a few weeks before they happen for the rich. Drive quietly to STOL aircraft and bounce. This country has over 15,000 airports. DHLS is only at commercial airports, not the private ones.

    | | | Poor America: 7 In 10 Americans Have Less Than $1,000 In Savings The true ‘fiction peddlers’ exposed… | |


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  3. Off topic: I found the theme song for this blog.

  4. Local, local and local. Absolutely. But I add anonymity and stealth to the equation. I say ‘trust your neighbor at your peril’.

    Neighborhood intel I’ve collected so far: I know who the 4 cops are. I’ve spoken to 3 so far, befriended none.
    I know several that voted for Klinton. They are dead to me.
    I know who grows a season long vegetable garden every summer.
    I know who hunts, both with bow and long gun.
    I know who works out regularly and importantly, who doesn’t.
    I know a working age male who doesn’t have a job. This type is dangerous and will turn on you for a six pack. To be manifestly ignored.
    I know which houses have multiple adult age people living together. Middle age families living together is unnatural. Caution!
    I know of at least 1 gay guy….he has a great garden and chickens.
    I know of at least one party animal.
    I know a pro fishing and waterfowl guide.
    The physical condition of the home and grounds speaks volumes about the occupants and their capabilities.
    I know the retired guy that does a lot of carpentry and hunts.

    I’ll stop there. Hope you see what I’m getting at.

  5. One very important thing I have not solved yet is the disposal of human waste, and I have been thinking of this problem for several years now. I’ve looked at how sewage systems work, and what it takes to operate them, but grid down here, and they won’t. Which leaves the community open to many, many deadly diseases, and 99% of the people here have no idea how to solve those problems. Out houses COULD work, except there is not enough difference in the distance most houses have here from each other, or even the 20ft minimum distance from individual homes that is needed. Another problem is that a local creek runs less than a quarter mile from where I live, and a heavy rain/runoff will pollute the hell out of it from outhouses. Without running water in homes to move the sewage through its system to the treatment plant, I estimate the sewage will clog the system up in less than ten days, given the current population usage. If half the population were gone, it would only take a little longer for that to happen. It all has to go somewhere, and it can’t wind up in the water system untreated without causing cholera, dysentery, etc, and upstream of us, being caused by those who live there as well. The situation in Dallas/Ft. Worth is magnitudes worse. Modern living arrangements vis a vis cities and suburbs and their huge populations is unsustainable without effective clean water distribution and modern sewage disposal. That problem, and not lead poisoning, I believe is what’s going to kill most of us, if not all of us.

    • NightWatcher

      A properly constructed ‘privy’ should not be affected by or effect surface water. The key term is “properly”, which is likely to go by the wayside. Without power equipment, it takes a lot of effort to build one, and it doesn’t happen quickly. Well constructed ones will function for years with a limited number of “users”.

      Preexisting well and septic have incalculable value.

      Remember PACE: Primary, Alternate, Contingency and Emergency.

      For water: Primary is well on grid power, Alternate is well on generator power. Contingency is well via hand pump (already installed) and emergency is surface water with filtering and sanitizing.

      For waste: Primary is septic with pressurized water, Secondary is septic with hand carried water, Contingency is a modified Port-a-Potty positioned over a drilled or dug hole and Emergency is “cat hole”.

  6. It’s my responsibility to take care of me, mine. Not my, neighbors, and theirs.

    Should We choose to help that’s charity. Sadly at some point even charity becomes an expectation, to those your helping.

    A case of #10 canned regular food is roughly 100.00 generally. A case of freeze dried mtn house can be 170.00. Both are cheap insurance.

    Once you have a years worth, the logical thing to do is start on the second year, and then the third year.


  7. my neighbors seem to be a couple of retired perfumed prince fastidious paper pusher colonels, a rich car collector, a bankster…..not much to work with

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