Condell On The Wogs

Western civilization teeters.

Most current countries will not survive.

FUSA as currently configured is one of them.

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  1. Much of the behavior of the Islamic subhuman genetic defectives can be explained here: Carroll Quigley’s exposition on the origins of the Arabic mindset and its subsequent onslaught will give you a new understanding of what the Euros – and we – face. The takeaway is this: Islam has been and remains a serial killer of entire peoples and cultures. For its psychopathic misogyny alone, it is an abomination worthy only of extinction.


    While I appreciate this gentleman’s oratory, this will not be solved by speeches. During the Paris Uprising of 1944, the cry went out: “…to each his German!” Maybe Eurabia will man up, sound the call to arms(if they can find any), and save their culture and country.
    Of course, any right-thinking European male could say the same thing about the “men” of Twin Falls, ID. Time will tell.

    • Bad Attitude

      In our society, the only reason some people are alive is because it is illegal to kill them.

    • Brexit is finished, will not happen. Soon to be “overruled” by the Rothschild-owned High Court and Parliament. And White Americans just fell for Trump’s fake-populist Long Con. Last but not least. it wasn’t the Muslims that took down Europe’s and North America’s borders and killed the White birthrate. Organized Jewry did that. So you fierce warriors can kill all the ragheads you want: currently being blown out of their own countries by Zion’s Great War on Terror. Will not change a thing.

      incidentally, the “Paris Uprising” did not occur until 99% of the German troops had already evacuated the city.

    • colddeadhandsdays

      I would have gone on a righteous murderous warpath if I were that kids parent in ID…WTF are the men around there???

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. Quick!
    Name someone who didn’t get the TINVOWOOT memo.
    Pat, you would have a better chance of saving Europe if instead of voting the rat fuck bastards out of office, you just dragged them out of their offices, limos, and homes, and hang them from street lamps and gas station awnings.
    The rest of the rat fuck bastards will get the picture, and the muzzies will get the picture and fuck off back to Goatfuckistan.
    Or put a ballot box on the moral high ground. The paradox is that the sooner you get nasty and nationalistic, the less severely you have to get nationalistic. The more you resist becoming Hitler, the more Hitler is needed. Act now and you may only need to be Churchill. Or Trump. Wait and you may have to go full Schickelgruber.

  5. We know what the problem is, the question is whether or not the West is simply too limp wristed to do anything about it….

    • Note that your country is full of Lib-Tards, Gamma-Males, and Fem-Skanks. Note also that “The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America” (Go0gle) has been going on, and mastered, year by year, for generations. Note the millennials and how far up they are on that stick of the dumbing down. Go into any average American house, and look for a book-shelf with a minimum of 100 books. If any books at all, note the content. Trump was the best we could do, despite Hillary. Watch most whites put their tails between their legs and cringe as they are being marginalized into self-loathing… because NAZI! Because WHITE SUPREMACIST! Because RACIST! 300,000,000 plus people in this country, and our military is going to do sex changes to service members who get confused about that member between their legs.

      I can go on, but need I?

  6. Jimmy the Saint

    No country lasts forever. Few, as currently constituted, have been around for more than a couple centuries; many for far, far less.

  7. colddeadhandsdays

    I commented on the video basically saying you all better man up and take care of this situation. Complaining about it on YouTube as you’re nation dies is useless.

  8. Gert Wilders closing statement at his hatespeech trial in Netherlands in trying to speak out against the muslim invaders of Europe.

    Grey Ghost

  9. A fair exposition addressing HALF of the invaders and termites. Maybe he can see out of only one eye.

  10. This photo says it all:

    Black Thursday, Midland, TX, November 24, 2016.
    Likely everyone in the picture, other than the
    bald big black guy employee, is an illegal.
    But there they are, a swarming horde unafraid
    and freely shopping at a JC Penny store.

  11. What the fuck have we come too?
    We allow this.
    There is no acceptable justification
    or answer for loyal citizens and Americans
    to allow this.
    Without question, the JC Penny corporation,
    as treasonously guilty and criminal, as rodham
    and every ‘elected’ politician of the ruling

  12. 2-3 million invaders who have criminal records would be a good start, in fact a great start. Wake me up when it happens. Should we get that far I’ll await the further deportation of 20-30 million as a show of good faith to turn this country around. I’m not holding my breath.

    Get self sufficient, get armed, grow food, have water, fire etc. I already got a few miles in under load today, more this afternoon. Daylight is fading folks. The young people haven’t a clue what awaits. It’s up to us to right the ship.

    Start learning today, you don’t have any more time.

  13. Well spoken.
    If what was needed was a stern talking-to, this would signify something.
    Talk is cheap.
    Eurabia and Britistan are still a thing, and will be until they replace lectures with direct action, mostly involving rope and tall objects, and/or petrol-filled beer bottles. Rather repetitively, and reflexively.

    And it likely won’t be accomplished by gray-haired septuagenarians on a squawkbox.

  14. As Condell points out … just one more leeeeetle vote will put things right.

    The counsel of despair.

    • Yes, the lessons of history are quite clear as to the only effective way to deal with Islamic genetic defectives.

  15. Is Geert Wilders the only politician who realizes in what danger the Netherlands is in? Seems like it.