Little Trouble In Big China


Diversity + proximity = war.

Han edition.

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Funny. Navy Jack and I are having this discussion over at OK’ers.

    You might not be interested in identity politics, but I can assure you, identity politics is interested in you.

    I’m pretty sure he thinks I am a Nazi, saluting the Nazi flag, with a Sieg Heil, and adulating to a picture of Hitler himself.

    Historical fact: When a race/culture becomes the predominate race/culture in a country not their own, that country has been conquered and is no longer its former self.

    (My Choctaw ancestors will attest to this on the Trail of Tears… Rightful Liberty… and all).

    If anyone needs a present day picture of that, just look at Europe right now.

    Diversity + Proximity = War. Indeed.

    • There are a lot of sacred cows that need to be slaughtered if what is good about the West [note that specific formulation] is to survive.

      Current course and speed is for those things to be replaced by lesser values.

      • lesser “val;ues”? The Judeo-globalists, via open borders and the White birthrate-killing Kosher Culture of Death, are presently exterminating the North American and European Whites root-and-branch. And will continue to do so until they are all dead and gone. Then, the Jews and the Chinese, as fellow Asiatics, will get along fine. Anyway, an excellent essay on the whys and wherefores. “China will suffer from a shortage of social workers”…I’m still laughing. That’s about all the (((Economist))), owned by (((Rothschild et. al.))) is good for: comic relief.

        • Flyover Whites have only themselves to blame for their poor political choices. They can’t blame Hollywood/MSM.

  3. Well, like I told Navy Jack, go to Africa, Middle East, Asia, South America… Mexico, and sling around that T.J. quote about Rightful Liberty, and when they are done laughing in his face, invite them all to America. Hey, maybe the magic dirt will touch their souls and minds, and suddenly be transformed into an… American… a posterity. After all, aren’t we the proposition nation? Then I told him, when he becomes the minority in his own country, he can get back to me with that Rightful Liberty quote.

    And, I am under no illusion that a vast number of white folks ARE what is wrong with, and how we got here, in America. While, at the same time, there are other races, here in America, however small it may be, that are just as American as you and I.

    Anyhow, the fact remains… and history will kick us in the ass if we let it. Sacred cows and all. Anyhow…

  4. Marlo Stanfield

    No social security, no welfare, no unemployment benefits, very few grave yards, not enough protein to fuel an army. 5000 year history, few grave yards.

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  5. I managed to get through about 1/2 the article. I think he’s got it wrong. The Chinese now have a large and growing middle class. They won’t go back to the rice paddies no matter what. Chinese trade without the US as partner dies overnight. Oh, and all that oil and coal they buy fuels the paper empire.
    Even the Chinese realize how desperate the situation is there. They are feverishly expatriating as much of their assets as they possibly can, including their slit-eyed globalist larva.
    When the cheap labor and shit quality of production dries up, the globalist bankers will drop them like a hot wonton.

  6. Interesting article till he ran into the ditch about lack of nurses forward.
    * Lack of a skills pool? China graduates more engineers in a year than the US does in 5.
    * Lack of nurses? I suspect the Chinese will follow the lead of the Japanese — (I have observed my father receiving care recently. 90% of a nurse’s time is taking readings in rotation, 5% dispensing meds, 5% triage level care. Means 95% of that shit can be automated away.)
    * I seriously doubt that the govt worries about social services considering that from time to time you see stories in the media when a cop pops a ledge jumper just so folks can get on with their day.

    China is not the problem. The rest of the worlds view of China is. The Chinese play the 3rd world victim card quite well. They get exempted from every restrictive protocol the UN has devised since 1949.

  7. Somehow I got lost in this article. How’s the ‘diversity’ thing working out here in the good old US of A? To what lengths? Seems mono-cultures work well (Japan, various others) and not to throw a splash of cold water on anyone’s parade, it appears that mono-cultures in this country (if you can find them) also work well ……… this point, queue up the ethnic jokes …..