WeaponsMan: Pro Tips On Zeroing A Carbine


Read and watch it all, after bookmarking the link.

Then use it tomorrow instead of being a doofus for flipping Black Flipping Friday.

And for “those guys”, take WM’s counsel to heart:

…You absolutely must be able to fire the rifle consistently to zero it. Lots of trouble is caused by “social promotion” of guys that haven’t zeroed from the zero range to the rifle qualification range. Resist that promotion; master the tight group first, and the rest all falls into line…

Effective use of this material will be on the final exam.

And no, Virginia – the Trumpening does not mean all is beer and skittles in FUSA.

Confirm your zeroes Friday or by the end of the weekend, please.

22 responses to “WeaponsMan: Pro Tips On Zeroing A Carbine

  1. Loading 68 BTHP today at 2.26 OAL with 25 grains of CFE223.
    Any suggestions for a better bullet at mag length? Nosler Partitions?
    Those are expensive. 1/9 twist now.
    Get a new 1/8 barrel and go to 77s?
    Can zero in my back yard out to 75 yards.

    • Been using Hornady 75 gr OTM through a 1/9 @ 2700 fps with good accuracy without the extra pressure of faster twist. A cheaper combo I cannot find.

      • Thanks Boss21. When these 68 gr bullets hit the ground behind the target they just detonate into a 3 foot cloud of dust. The FMJ will plow along for 6 feet or so through the leaf cover and can be recovered if you take the time to root around. Startling difference when you first see it.

  2. Good to have a weapon that hits where you’re aiming but the real test comes when ‘they’ are shooting back. Rules change at that point ……
    Just food for thought.

  3. Since I can’t play a trumpet very well methinks I’s be spending more quality time on the range instead. Zero’s will be confirmed.

    Happy T day CA!

  4. I appreciate how he methodically demonstrated the different CEZs associated with different zero ranges. The article and videos made their way into our homeschool lesson plan along with Litz’s contributions. A nexus of math, physics, P.E. ….. and social studies, right?

  5. Hey, I don’t even like skittles, and I’m 2-3 weeks ahead of you on the rechecking of zeroes. 😀

  6. at this point in Mexifornia, I’m done with the range. Almost certainly, “they” are now photographing license plates. Can do accurate .308 headshot at 100 yards, trunk at 200. That’s it, that’s enough. BTW: first largescale “gun massacre” that occurs post-inauguration, [[[Trump]]]/(((Schumer))) will put a “commonsense” gun law through Congress.

  7. An unexpectedly high percentage of (new) rifle owners in the US do not fully understand the concept of zeroing. There is an idea that when you get the rifle, you can just go shooting and hit your target.


    The best thing one can do for a new rifle owner is to teach them how to get it properly zeroed.

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  10. Already took care of it. Monday morning I went to the range with a prepper buddy who is part of my Mutual Defense Plan. We zeroed our rifles, actually I had 2 AR A2 style rifles and a AR pistol and he had his AR carbine, until we were consistently hitting the bulleyes on our targets. We did both seated supported and standing unsupported shooting. One thing became blatantly clear. I’m no longer a 18 year old recruit qualifying at the range on Ft Knox anymore. I’m nearly 50, my buddy is over 50, and my eyes are not able to focus like they used to. My iron sights are mostly blurs. I have a red dot sight on my AR pistol. I zeroed it and can hit consistently with it. Looks like I will be buying red dots for my other rifles in the near future. Damn it sucks getting old.

  11. All we got on the evening of 11/8, was maybe a bit of breathing room.

    One-gun outfits with no good zero got a gracious gift of time to reform their ways. And all others can refresh zeros during these relatively leisurely times. Or buy another gun and zero it also. Good times now, use the time wisely.

    Plus the usual caveat: You don’t have enough ammo.

  12. SemperFi, 0321

    Took several AR’s out a week ago and checked zero at 30m, M-16A1(surplus parts set on new LRB lower) w/Nikon P-223 3x. Groups (3 shots) with 55 and 60 gr. V-Max handloads were about 1/2″, my 35 gr. V-Max at 3,800 fps made a 1 hole group of about .30 O.D., and here I thought that old surplus gun was shot out!
    (Yes, I’m aware these bullets are made for .22 Hornet and such, but Hornady rates them for over 4,000 fps!)

    I have downloaded and printed the M-16A1, A2 and M-4 BSZ targets for years now, most of my civilian friends had no idea how to zero an AR. Hand a few of those out and it’s all printed on the target, for dummies even.

    • SF0321,

      May I suggest you transition to 77 grain, .224 bullets for your 5.56mm ?
      It’s about kinetic energy.

      Have a good Thanksgiving holiday.

  13. shocktroop0351

    Ironic- just got off work early yesterday to do just this

  14. ALCON,


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