A Tale From Aesop



The opponents successfully made The Long March.

Time for The Long Countermarch.

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  1. From Aesop’s comment on his site: “…Such a restoration requires time, purposeful effort, and persistence.

    Both sides currently have the work ethic and attention span of two-year olds with poopy diapers, which is why the chief export of most of both is spackling the internet with the contents of those diapers.

    CA’s major contribution on WRSA is trying to get some on our side to at least occasionally change their diapers without further adult supervision being required.”

    Yes, I agree with that….

    • I understand what Aesop is saying, it is good thinking, yet, I believe it won’t be a long counter march. In one day on November 8th, the long march was decimated. Think about it, since the Fabian’s first began their long march, what too them approximately 200 years to accomplish, untold riches expended, generation upon generation of marxist spawn and red diaper babies, took an existential right hook from the dirt people, and they never saw it coming. They are on the ropes, Trump, pepe, and Alt-Right is giving them the “Rop-a-dope” or as Ali would say, I’ll hit you so many times you’ll think your surrounded.
      Sure the fuckers are not finished, but their days are numbered, and that right there is spectacular.

  2. The author complains that secession is hard or impossible, and also dangerous. Then posits an alternative, turning off the money spigot (how, exactly?) that is hard or impossible and dangerous.

    He also complains about ad hominems – after having just indulged in several of them, apparently irony-free.

    Then insists that the “Civil War” settled the issue forever! I guess it’s the old “The End of History” argument again…

    Hmmm, I wonder how many secessions have happened in the history of the world – including such half-measures as partial autonomy? Compare that to how many times an empire has been turned around and brought back to its original founding principles? (Can even a single example of the latter be named?)

    Sorry for the internet e-penis waving.

    • No, Paul.

      I said that it begs the laws of likelihood to even attempt secession as such, save as the absolute last resort. That’s far beyond hard.

      Thinking secession or anything like it is the Magical Easy Road To Wonderfulness – which is far too commonly expressed as a hope among supposedly intelligent folks – is simply childish magical thinking. We’ve had quite enough of that sort of crap from the other side for the last eight years, if not 60, and it’s brought nothing but grief to all parties. I see no reason to indulge it simply for the sake of partisan team spirit.

      And as I pointed no specific fingers nor named any names, I committed no ad hominems. As a rule, those require a hominem to hurl scurrilous aspersions ad. As Casey Stengel used to say. “You could look it up.”

      I also said no such thing about the Civil War settling any issue forever. Recheck your logic circuit. I did say that Attempt 2.0 will turn out about as brutally lopsided, and fail just about as spectacularly, as did the prototype.

      If you have some facts in evidence to support a counter-claim, have at it, at your leisure, and we can discuss possibilities.

      As for empires, I’ll let you start: How many empires had any founding principles?

      Personally, I give not even one rat’s ass for turning any empire around, nor expressed any such desire in my essay.
      I am rather fond of a missing democratic republic, gone lost for some good time. Like any such, it is made up of people. The number of peoples that have been turned back from monumental error is a matter of historical records, both the sacred and the secular.

      So having failed to score any points on those points, if you’re waving anything, I can’t see it from here.

      And if anything I wrote landed too close to your castle, you have my sincere sympathies.

  3. Time for The Long Countermarch.

    Yep and it should start with the destruction or irrelevance of the DoEd and NEA. Get local control back and a % of the parents and student body will right the ship in their part of the country.

  4. The article linked has a point. Trump is man enough to stand up to anyone, but he’s not going to get it done on his own and you know most in congress will be no where to be found at the first sign of trouble, because they are pathetic mostly.
    Hopefully Trump lays low until he’s sworn in and comes out guns blazing at the first sate of the union(that’s what I would do). When comes out, the people that supported him need to be lighting up the phone lines and email in DC and the local offices on anything big like rolling back regulations, obamacare, the wall and school vouchers. If those losers in congress think they can ride out the first two years, they’ll think they can put more losers in to ride out the last two years and then its back to changing the country into a elite-socialist system.
    (Oh, and I have that picture on my office fall to remind me, you really never know what’s coming and every day I have is easy by comparison to the D-day vets).

  5. OT >> @overhill. Here is the link to the gun control agenda of the United METHODIST church… their own words and their own resolution from their website: http://www.umc.org/what-we-believe/gun-violence

    Aesop, you seem to think that $20+T in national debt, over $100T in unfunded liabilities and over half the population of dedicated brainwashed leftists can be subdued in 100 years of “hardening the fuck up.” You’ve been listening to Hush Bimbo and Glenn Beck too much, go read some John Locke and Ludwig Von Mises. The ultimate folly is believing that Trump is a beachhead to “turn it around” in the 100 year “reverse” long game. Hardly. Remember, Trump is the great FUCK YOU. You seem to think Trump is actually going to “cut govt spending” in all your favorite govt bureaucracies, education, etc and balance the budget and not add substantially to the national debt. I have breaking news for you, Trump is no “CONservative”. You sir, are going to be very disappointed this time next year at how much $$$ Trump will be spending and adding to the national debt. I have no doubt the talking heads of conservative radio and Republicans will defend this spending and I include you in that group, as you are invested in Trump as a “beachhead”. Not only that, most all the CONservatives and Republicans in the House and the Senate are going to go along with this spending just like they did under Reagan. And the Demoncraps haven’t yet seen a spending bill they did not like.

    I believe the odds are very good that the International Banking cartel will implode the U.S. economy sometime before the campaign in 2020. When that happens, all Republicans, CONservatives and Trump supporters (nationalists) will be blamed for the worst economic “crisis” in world history. This is where your long return officially ends as the banking cartel and globalists will have successfully turned the population against CONservatives and Nationalists FOREVER blaming them for the economic crisis. It’s at this point you get a shooting war inside the country, and it will be Freefor vs Globalist/Marxist. Why not just peaceably separate from these assholes and start new? You say but Grey Ghost they won’t let you go peaceably and I say, well, we have to try to leave peaceably and if we can’t, then there is gonna be a fight so let’s win.

    I gladly accept your moniker of a “crazed stupid” person believing in secession, just as you probably accepted Hitlery’s “deplorable” description.

    Grey Ghost

    • GG,
      Your points deserve response.

      Firstly, regarding that ginormous load of fiat money and debt: I think no such thing.
      But if/when (take your pick) that tsunami hits, there won’t be any “secession”.
      Just like there wasn’t any more Fukushima after that tsunami.
      There will be those already on “high ground”, those who can get to it, and a whole lot of flotsam and human chum. Washington D.C. and the power it used to command, at that point, will be as much a memory as Pompeii after Vesuvius.
      Come that day, do what you like to secure what you can, and ROWYBS. Seriously. I and probably every swinging Richard within sight of this internet page will be doing the same thing, and God love you come that awful moment.

      Second, there is nothing Trump can do to disappoint me. Nothing whatsoever.
      If you’d like, I’ll retrieve for your perusal the scathing and entirely justified opinions I delivered on Hairpiece, going back to five seconds after he became a nominal Republican, and then announced his candidacy. I fully expect him to live up to all my best AND worst expectations, and perhaps exceed a couple of either.
      The salient point is NOT to kowtow to him like a pale-skinned imitation of Emperor Jackassicus Maximus, HopeyDopey I, but rather to put spurs and bit to him, and rein in the goddam imperial presidency the Libtards let run amok for his season. As a matter of fact, the fact of Prez-Elect Trump has already kicked the crap out of the Bitch McConjob/Quisling Ryan Axis of Misery. Dulce et decorum est.(Not enough, as they haven’t both been bitchslapped out of their jobs, but it is no longer a faint hope to do so.) At any rate, despite the fact that TINVOWOOT, any and all axe chops he or they together can and do deliver to the weed of government that now looks like the General Sherman Sequoia is still progress in the right direction, whether it delays a collapse, slows it, or softens it, to whatever degree, large or infinitessimally small. Because Shrillary & Co. would have been pumping nitrous oxide into the Zeppelin Hindenburg‘s mooring. I’ll take any and all amounts of additional time to win recruits, accumulate logistic stores, plot, conspire, infiltrate, dig, wire, and mine.
      The time for bomb-throwing and throat-slitting will announce itself in due course.

      A financial collapse will bring the world down.
      There won’t be any peaceable separations anywhere.
      Things will devolve to new axes of power and influence, and like all such upheavals, it will be nasty, brutish, and unlikely to stop until it has to do so.
      Until then, the goal is and should be to shove the odds in as many areas as far in our sides favor as we can.
      The opposition is stunned, and it’s foolish not to run the table on them before they wake up and get their crap in one bag. And if they do, smack them upside the head with blow after political blow. Most of their fair weather friends will leave them when it’s no longer cool to be jackasses. The ten percent left over afterwards, no matter what you do, means that come The Day, you and I need 90% less ammunition to effect a happy outcome.

      So instead of pushing for rewriting history in an extremely unlikely way, can we come to a meeting of the minds in resolving to spare ourselves of needing to expend quite so much ammo and effort as what faces us now, by working to get a much smaller and more target-rich environment, if and when TSHTF?

      I certainly hope so, sir.

  6. “Anybody who thinks they’re going to successfully secede is a historical ignoramus”

    Yeah, that revolutionary war stuff was just fake news

    • Apples and oranges.

      Or did you think you could conflate a revolution with a secession?

      If you think A equals B, I simply point you to any number of quiet professionals and silent and swift types who, either in person on these pages, or in linked reference materials, some 50-2000 times or more, have pointed out that the reason the Revolutionary War wildly succeeded, and the Civil War secession failed in calamitous flames, was largely due to the presence and absence, respectively, of the support of major foreign power(s) in each case.

      So before you cough up a feather crowing, perhaps you could let us all know which outside source(s) of money, arms, money, troops, money, training, money, supplies, money, goodwill and moral support, and – oh yes, money – you think we can turn to, line up, and depend upon to support one or all notional bids for secession. Even a bunch of dead white males in the 1700s could figure this out, so I’m sure some genius espousing secession so earnestly must have this all sewn up, right?

      Some ally or three, not to put too fine a point on it, that also doe$n’t have billion$ of ve$ted intere$t$ in $eeing the current power $tructure $urvive, becau$e their own country’$ financial future i$ already tightly wrapped up in that of the exi$ting PTB, and the Almighty U.$. Dollar!

      What’s that?
      Nobody comes to mind?
      Beuller? Beuller…..?

      Yeah. Thanks. Noted.

      (We’ll just leave things like manufacturing capability, economic strength, distance from enemy HQ, and raw military strength discussions for another time, what say. Especially because that chart it starts to eerily presage the one drawn up vis-à-vis the US regions in 1860, m’kay? Pride, proficiency with weapons, principled opposition, and bulk of military leadership, OTOH, got ONE side Sherman’s March To The Sea, and Appomatox shoved uptheir @$$#$ in just about 4 years’ time, and that was when a steam train was high speed travel, and a barefoot forced march was considered a blitzkrieg.)

      Look, I feel your pain. But here in Califucktardistan, when secession was the weedheads trying to pull “Jefferson” out of their asses, Constitution be damned, it was just a bunch of sad little pandas to laugh at. The fact that now it’s 10M Leftist Crybabies in Trigger Monica, Beverly Crybabypants, San FranSafeSpace, and Moron County doesn’t make secession any more legal, nor likely, just 1000 times funnier. But they’re still a bunch of retards who’ve taken too many acid hits.

      They are NOT politico-strategic role models.

      IMHO, when one’s “plan” is the same one they’re talking about in West Hollywood, it’s time to re-examine one’s logical premises.

      Or, just put the bong down.

  7. ALCON,

    The gist of the linked whining, errrr, essay of Aesop, is simply this: “I’m right. Everyone challenging me is wrong.”

    Aesop’s linked essay “The Cacophony”, is filled with ad hominems attacking those remarking in support of T.L. Davis’ call for secession as expressed in Davis’ essay “Secession”. Even in Aesop’s replies to commenters attempting to reason with him at his linked essay, he is rude and insulting.

    Anyone enduring Aesop’s essay is provided an avalanche of turgid and empty rhetoric coupled with bombastic snivelling. Classic Aesop.

    • Yea Aesop is pretty bitter and who can blame him living in CA…He is mad at everyone that was smarter than him that said fuck CA let the fruits and nuts have it…He rants at everyone and tells them what they should be doing while still feeding the beast hoping he will be eaten last…It’s either we separate ourselves from the parasites or kill them that’s the only choice we have at this point…Separation is the moral choice at this time but the killing time will be in our future once the money spigot is turned off…Give me a shout when CA gets my email to ya…

    • Maggie’s drawers, Dan.
      Thanks for being the earnest example, though.

      And if my gentle comments to the same one commenter there I replied to constitute “rude and insulting” repartee in your jaundiced estimation, how on earth can you possibly live with yourself for the endless frothing sewage you’ve spewed forth, both above now, and on the prior referenced essay here?
      I’d spare pointing it out, if only in respect of your imaginary dignity, but the spectacle of a man who pulls his own pants down in public and repeatedly spanks himself with a bushel of frozen mackerel is beyond ignoring. If only for the comedy.

      Ad hominem is the only sad note on your entire threadbare piano, and it’s not even in tune.
      If only for the sheer novelty, I beseech you, learn a second note.
      Even nature teaches us that wild baboons slap their asses with two hands. I’m sure you could do at least as well, if you set your mind to it.

  8. Bibleater Bibleater

    Grey Ghost gets it in his 3rd para. This is a secession from the NWO by the “in God we trust” folks and others. “Deadly Wound” ring a bell? As bad as the divorce will be, the apparent healing will fry many souls, as the appearance of supernatural will be impossible to resist for the well churched but biblically illiterate.
    Satan doesn’t want your shit, he wants your love. His lackeys are another story and they’re not going without all your shit and don’t give a fuck about your love. It’s still early in this dicey scheme but it won’t tarry long.
    I really do wipe asses for a living. Please practice attending to your own diapers as best you can. And please quit listening to the religious media (do you think they are any different than the regular), do your own bible reading and thinking.
    If I die for what I say or believe that’s OK, but don’t touch my shit or the innocent, you have not learned your purpose yet.
    History lessons lack without the Bible too. Why do you think the old testament is so long? As a matter of fact, ther is a good example of civil war in Judges:19-20, not pretty, massive losses to the righteous cause due to reliance on the extant religious misleaders.
    I guess it depends on who you think is really in charge. A president? Come on. Your gonna need alot more diapers.

  9. And anyone who thinks we can avoid a long fight back “through the institutions” to reform and purge them fails to understands that those “institutions” were chosen by the enemy for corruption because they are absolutely fundamental to any functioning society.

    No magic solutions or short term fixes will obviate that necessity.

    Killing “them” will likewise do little to solve those pervasive problems, and is unlikely unless precipitated by events beyond anyone’s control.

    If everyone on this site could rid themselves of all those whom they hate, despise, consider inferior, enabling or culpable…

    Who would remain?

    Three or four guys ain’t much of a society, and the four I’m thinking of wouldn’t amount to much culture either.

  10. Start making history. Do something. Make school kids read about you for decades to come. Today’s a good day to start. You can’t live forever. You have all of those nice firearms and they’re not pointing at the problem, yet.

  11. Bottom line is this: There are too many leftists to ignore, and work around in the US. They are not going away, and they won’t change. Secession may work, and so may partition of some kind, but these are only temporary, half measures. Leftists don’t quit because of reversals, or setbacks of any kind. They still hold most of the power in this country, Trump and Congress not withstanding. Leftists CHANGE TACTICS. Once they got past the guerrilla warfare stage, as in Russia, and China, they went full blown murder city as they took the reins of power, to liquidate their remaining enemies, and potential enemies. They have had a reversal in the WH, now they are doing the guerrilla warfare thing, small scale, in the street, and they will not stop until they either all die, or succeed. They feel they have the numbers and enough power to do this, and over the long haul, they know they will probably wear the Right down by attrition, since the Right doesn’t ever really push them back hard enough to make them stop. The only thing that will stop the left, is for the right to totally purge them. That is the bottom line. The only way to get the Left to stop is purge them, the same thing they are going to do to the Right when they succeed in taking the reins. I know it is counter to everything the Right believes in, and it doesn’t make them any better than the Left, but there it is. YOU HAVE TO BE JUST AS BAD AS THE ENEMY TO DEFEAT HIM. The Left has determined to totally annihilate the Right. If the Right doesn’t “get” this, if they don’t respond in kind, they are going to lose, and be murdered. Re: Cheka. All other considerations are pointless.