Mattis: Professional Reading List

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Per GoodReads, at least.

Santa can help you.

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. SemperFi, 0321

    Re: opening quote;
    They rounded up the teachers for the same reason it must happen here, they are the root cause of the spread of communism. I’ve walked away from my archaeology studies because I can’t stomach any more of their climate change brainwashing. Listening to professors lecture on how and why we’re all going the way of the dinosaurs because of climate change makes me realize school is the worst thing a young mind needs today. It’s not about the study of science anymore, but the advancement of political agendas, and the kids don’t know any better, because everyone has bought into it. I call BS and am now the luddite for it.
    Mattis has always had a great reading list, wish I could afford even part of it.

    • SF0321,

      Government schooling in fUSA is no longer about education. It’s about indoctrination.

      • Here let me correct that for you Dan;) Government schooling had always been about indoctrination not education…

  3. God damn.That reading list is epic.

  4. Would Mattis wipe out cattle ranchers and farmers protecting their lands from the blood sucking “teachers” who want food for free to their FSA buddies? Yep! Would Mattis lift a rifle and fire on hordes of Islamonazis raping your white granddaughter if Ozero told Mattis that the Islamonazis were just sharing their beautiful culture with your racist white granddaughter? Nope!

    See—just because you call someone a “teacher” doesn’t mean that those “teachers” love individual freedom and civil discourse. Right now most of the “teachers” are pushing their “students” to commit murder and mayhem upon working class dirt white people….just cause those dirt white people dared to stand up for themselves.

    Lesson—don’t get involved in other nations wars/civil wars/etc….it will all come back to bite your own country in the ass….

    “Wherever the standard of freedom and independence has been or shall be unfurled, there will her heart, her benedictions and her prayers be. But she goes not abroad in search of monsters to destroy. She is the well-wisher to the freedom and independence of all. She is the champion and vindicator only of her own.” John Q. Adams

    • well said. Mattis is a superb military apparatchik. And, if named Def Sec by Trump, will be many times deadlier to FreeFor than the putz Mrs. Clinton would have appointed.

    • You mean it would be just like Patton and McArthur and the Bonus Army? A good general just needs somebody to identify the enemy for him.

      • The military has always been about following orders not thinking for yourselves or for your fellow man…It’s about killing the enemy which is whoever the elite deem that is…

  5. We are in a battle for hearts and minds. And we’ve lost much ground with the generations of children growing up in single parent homes, reduced church attendance, and growing illiteracy due to lack of promotion at home. If children are not nurtured and taught at home, it will be hit and miss–Mostly miss– that they will acquire any moral framework from the outside world. Home is where it happens, becasue public education is neutral at best, and far too often biased in atheistic Marxist doctrine. Stop trying to change society by voting–Change it at home, and society will follow!

    • You are correct, insofar as it goes, but that would be a generations long slog through but a single institution. Bed rock necessary but only one of the parameters of a healthy culture we have to address.

    • Who was the target audience of the Declaration Of Independence?

      That was one of the easier questions on my daughter’s recent homeschool exam. It was one I could have a hope at answering, because to answer the others required reading a stack of books written by the Founding Fathers.

      I had a good foundation in multiple choice history exams in HS and then on to engineering school. I was like the zombies that Mark Dice interviews until I started doing some reading of my own.

      I’m glad my kids are learning to think for themselves and not just regurgitate the shit fed to them by Common Core Communists.

      Do you have the answer?

    • I am glad that you made your convictions known publicly. Keep it up!

      “If we would preserve our liberty as a nation, we must educate our youth religiously” (George Washington).

      “Nobody knows how to teach morality effectually without religion. Exclude religion from education, and you have no foundation upon which to build moral character” (Charles Eliot of Harvard).

      “I think it is the truth that our education must be shot through with religion. If you subtract God from education, you do not even attain secular education, but are left with no education at all” (George Wharton Peppe).

      “Nothing will be of greater service to us and to our descendants than the maintenance of good Christian schools and the training of the young” (Martin Luther).

      Gene Urtel – The Rivertown Press

  6. The Fourth Horseman

    The commie teachers here will turn in the free thinkers.

  7. Randall Flagg

    One book to add to that list: “Ghost Wars” by Steve Coll.


    One thing about teachers. It does not necessarily start in the classroom. It starts with your local school boards. As we have discussed on this site before, all politics is local. If you want mind-numbed, brainwashed children/grandchildren, then do not vote for, support, or audit your local school board.
    The disintegration of curriculum and culture in my native SoCal started in the 1950’s when the slate of ((( Eskimo candidates))) infiltrated the LA City School system. First to go was the annual Christmas Pageant. It became the “Winter Festival” and Dredel songs were added. Then, with small doses of social and cultural arsenic, the curriculum morphed into leftist propaganda, coupled with the (((Eskimo))) imposed forced busing. The white families fled south to Orange County or scrimped and saved to send their kids to parochial schools.
    We all know of the old quote about eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. While we correctly monitor government encroachment of our God-given rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights, we must also secure the back door.This is a battle which is being fought on multiple fronts. I saw a few butt-hurt faces on teachers and heard frightened whispers from students when I showed up for work at a local high school on 11/9.
    This old geezer is still working within the local public school system here in Rawles Land. If I can just get them to put down their I-phones, I, along with a lot of help from people like Richard Maybury, can point them in the right direction and get them thinking again. Keep tabs on your school boards, and their policies. Debrief your kids/grandkids when they come home from school to find out what crap they are being forced to eat. And, show up at school board meetings and demand answers. This fight will be ongoing.

  9. Hmmmm I have read, about half of whats on General Mattis’s list… and Im still a grunt!