34 Aphorisms For A Civilization In Decline


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23 responses to “34 Aphorisms For A Civilization In Decline

  1. “Free speech must include so-called “hate speech”, or it simply is not free speech.” You got that right. Screw PC bullshit. If they control words they control speech. If they control speech they control ideas. If you live in a place where ideas are controlled, you’re fucked. We who grew up in the 1960’s did a lot for the free speech movement. Not it’s getting eroded by these PC assholes.

    • Exactly. Always remember, “ideas are bulletproof” and the best ones stand the test of time once exposed to society. The idea of hatespeech is just another way for the cultural marxists to control YOUR speech, thought and ultimately your ideas/thought. In short, brainwashing of thought. Similarly, the idea of a hate crime is just a way to give whites “extra punishment” for some violent crime. When was the last time you saw a minority prosecuted for a hate crime? Never, that’s when.

      The whole “hate …” movement by the left exposes their own racial bigotry and hypocrisy of thought. Typically, minorities are exempt from hate speech and hate crime because the cultural marxists want to control and punish whites but not brainwashed marxist minorities. Anyone who believes in “hate … anything” has been fully brainwashed by the system and the cultural marxists. If a white murders a black or a black murders a white, it is murder plain and simple… it’s not a hate crime because of any racial aspect to the violence. Murder is murder or at least it should be when weighed on the scales of justice.

      Grey Ghost

  2. Jeffery in Alabama

    Never before have people had it so good and easy as they currently do in America today, but there is not another time in history when people have been so screwed up. That was a very good article.

  3. Most of them leave me cold. I don’t need to be led – or taught manners – by the “elite”, I appreciate true capitalism (not today’s crony capitalism), and while I appreciate Return of Kings thoughts concerning manliness, as opposed to today’s metrosexual men and feminists, much of what is in these aphorisms smacks of arrogance and condescension.

    • I was going there, but fortunately you beat me to it.
      Author is yet another pseudo-intellectual with a thesaurus. Big deal.
      Thanks for your comment.

  4. there’s no business like Shoah business

    U can take the bunny out of the jungle, but U cannot take the jungle out of the bunny

    welcome to Juarez

    his tombstone read: “it is humid here”

    • There certainly is truth to this, _but_ good times don’t need to be taken over by weak men. Yes, it happens often, but good times also stimulate innovation, creativity, and – in a less perverted culture than ours has become – good music, literature and art. When we allow weak men, men of perverted sensibilities, men with a destructive agenda to gain control (like the gay-boy in the White House), _then_ hard times are the result. Good men need to maintain control in good times, to the extent of not allowing weak men to gain control.

      • It always works on this way on the mass level, even though individuals can and may resist. One of the main mechanisms is of course, inheritance. And what is more natural than for a man to leave his estate to his children? Yet if it is very large, how can it not ruin them? And if not in the first generation, the second or the third?

        Some of the Elite have recognized this and some try to resist, stipulating that their children must work and attain before they get anything.

  5. Banning intolerance would be intolerant; everyone is a potential liability.

  6. Funny thing about “gender studies”. The more they study it, the more confused they become.

    Toddlers have a firmer grasp on “gender” than “Gender Studies” students.

  7. My first pithy comment: ‘When in doubt, empty the magazine.’

    Second: ‘Do them before they do us.’

  8. Those who used the rights protected by the system to take control and subvert the system will not allow it to be subverted against them by those same means.. Just like any other Dictatorial Regime in the world. knowing that words can be more dangerous than weapons they take both to be safe.

    The only total accomplishment this country has, in reality, is that over the last 75 years we have dont nothing of value or gain other than to cull the best and brightest Americans from their society by unecessary war after unnecessary war for one lie after another.. what we have left are the dregs who make demands for things they have no right to at our expense.

    Our most contradictory accomplishment is that for our “war on drugs”, that acutally turned out to be a war on the people paying for it, we managed to create a global police force not only continuing the war on the people but also connected and subserviant to the global governence, UN or Interpol, we all claim to abhor.

    ..from a distance, watched by an uninterested visitor from pluto, it must appear that “We” are self destructive. We spend thousands of lives restoring a form of liberty to a people and then hand over the means to remove it or subjugate it back to the thieves we took it from.. be it a dictator or a governing body, it has been that way for over 250 years and no real remedy is at hand other than the only real way to win, ..is not to play the game.

    Happy Days.

  9. lon a follower

    #1. Draw near to God (Alahim) and He shall draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, sinners. And cleanse the hearts, you double minded!
    “free speech”. There is no such thing. James 3
    The world speaks of “free as without responsibility.

  10. Since I don’t want to be labeled as a pseudo-intellectual and am nothing if not a blue-collar stiff at heart:

    “Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me.” -Some commie douche

    “I do what I want. This is a conversation not permission.” – JJ to Mrs. JJ on a semi-regular basis

    • You get my thumbs up JJ.
      Because Fuck You Thats Why.

      You ever read Eric Frank Russell’s masterpiece of self determination?
      Great short piece, guarantee you won’t stop reading it till the last word.

      And Then There Where None

      (EFR wrote Wasp)

  11. Alfred E. Neuman

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  12. “men’ who have forgotten what a rifle a shovel and an exe is


      Sir: This is some kind of joke, right? If not, who are these “males” and what venue is this?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      I guess they’re happy that their cycles have synched up and they all simultaneously ovulated.

  13. “At least we get to keep our guns”