Another Good Commie


Dead as hell.

May the Cuban people also triumph over Raul, so that they use each brother as a latrine in perpetuity.



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  1. lon a follower

    Celebrating a death in this way, is it wrong? Dancing on a grave.
    Should anyone take pleasure in the death of the wicked?

    • Yup.

      The Communists are mass-mudering pigs.

      Fuck them to death and beyond.

      • Believe me, I shall *certainly* celebrate the passing of the Clinton clan, Barry Soetero and his wookie, George “Dub-yuh,”, Jeb Bush, Juan McStain, et al. Will I dance on their graves? No, I’m sure security will be sufficiently tight that I won’t be able to dance on them, much less do what I TRULY think is deserved (urinating on them). I hate the f*cking communists, the socialists (Bernie and KilLIARy! supporters as well), the SJWs and every other un-American shitbag whiner collectivist that won’t stand for their country, I’d happily dance on every single one of their graves, if I could… EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

        Kill ’em all, let GOD sort ’em out. I’m too old and too tired to care about niceties any more.

        Oh, almost forgot… Jimmy Carter once again proves there’s no fool like an OLD fool. Talk about a waste of oxygen…

    • One more down, lot more to go.
      The ones left, no pun intended, are acting sporty.
      Target rich environment.
      As Andrew Brietbart said, “We have guns” (Andrew was right about everything, including dirt people culture is upstream of politics. It’s a pretty sure bet he is dead because he was a far more effective revolutionary, in fact he was re-defining revolution in America. He had them by the balls. Andrew owned them and their “narrative” and played them like a fiddle. Trump didn’t hire Steve Bannon as his chief advisor, Andrews legacy, for no reason):

      “Bring it on”

      Video: Andrew Breitbart Brags “We Have the Guns… Bring It On”

      Exécution Des-Ceausescu

      When Democracy Becomes Tyrannyécution-des-ceausescu.jpg“
      I Still Get To Vote

    • lonnie,

      I would think a better way to celebrating a death of scum like F. Castro would be to urinate on his grave. That same “specimen flow” upon the future graves of the wicked soetoro-obama and the Klinton duo would be appropriate and provide me great pleasure.

      So in answer to your questions:

      1. No.
      2. Yes.

  2. It will be interesting to see how Obama responds. Will he lower the flag to half mast?

  3. Well. ‘Bye.

  4. May he be ass-raped by Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson, FDR, LBJ, Ted Kennedy and Mohammed in the Lake of Fire for all eternity.

    • Why didn’t you invite Rabbis Moses Hess, Isaac Luria, Ovadia Yosef, Abraham Kook, the “Messiah” Mendel Schneerson, oops… another “Messiah” Sabbatai Zevi, the Baal Shem Tov, the Great Rambam, and Karl Marx to your Sanhedrin 54b “pizza party”?

  5. Yeap, a puppet has passed, along with his trademarked
    beard and cigar. There are many like him, male & female,
    both rich and poor, turning brothers against brothers, sisters
    against sisters, neighbors against neighbors, like locusts
    devouring any sense of dignity and life, liberty and the pursuit
    of property.

    “Vengeance is mine says The Lord”

    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

    Viva Cristo – El Rey

  6. taminator013

    I liked the caption on the picture of Castro and Mandela as two terrorists. When Mandela died the person who raises the flag every morning had it at half staff like our pinko president said it should be. I went out and raised it to the top. No one objected………………………

  7. And he will be welcomed in hell by his “favorite” general Arnaldo Ochoa Sanchez, who was executed for the Cuban “victory” in Angola
    SADF and Unita sent them packing with their tails tucked tightly

  8. Damn.
    Cubs win. Reno croaks. Trump wins. Castro takes a nap.

    Things are looking up! 😀

    • A November to Remember!
      This party just’s getting started Zoomie, you watch brother. Notice the all out effort to make the “fake news” irrelevant, it is truth to power we are talking about here, their false maxim is coming home to roost as a not false maxim. There is a deep and profound reason they attack the alternative media and open source online insurgency, like they attack the Alt-Right, why they call Liberty “White Privilege”, why they call us dirt people “domestic terrorists”, like they call the AR15 an “Assault Rifle”.

  9. Hell just got more crowded.

    Good. About damn time. The Cuban population in my neck of the world are dancing in the streets. Fue un tirano de lo peor, su muerte será celebrada.

    He was a tyrant of the worst kind; his death will be celebrated.

  10. (((Castro))). But at least Mao, Pol Pot, and Djugashvili weren’t Jewish; merely the practitioners of communism, that is, secularized Judaism.

    • Hey Haxo, I meant to ask you on the carbine-zeroing thread, but comments were closed — do you have a special zero for Jews? Don’t hesitate to share.

    • What is your problem with Jews?
      Your wife or
      Girlfriend leave your small genitile ass for a Jew?

      • just for starters, #White genocide: Kosher Culture of Death – legalized abortion, porn, faggotry, judeo-feminism – has killed the White birthrate, now dropping rapidly below replacement; meanwhile, Judeo-globalist open borders regime is drowning Whites in North America by insourcing 7,000 legal/illegal Blacks, Browns, yellows, muslims each and every day.

        how many times do the (((Susan Sontag)))s, (((Noel Ignatiev)))s, (((Ben Wattenberg)))s, (((Tim Wise)))s, (((Barbara Spectre)))s, (((George Soros)))s et. al. have to say, in public, in so many words , “we consider YT dangerous…so we are going to eliminate YT”…before you understand that (((they))) mean it, and are doing it?

        “kill the best goyim” – Talmud

      • Detroit,

        The one you refer to as a gentile is not. The scum is a moslem.

    • yeah Haxo, we only read establishment takes on history ….so what is your problem with jews? lol

      • Quantrill,

        Haxo’s (whatever his name is) problem with Jewish people is simply this: Haxo is a Taqiyya-practicing moslem. Simple.

        • the Rabbi lies, all the time: but for the temporary Israel blip, Moslems/Jews have gotten along fine for 1,300 years. As recently as 1922, at Smyrna on the Turkish coast, Jews and ragheads joined hands to massacre 200,000 Greek and Armenian Christians. Currently, invasive Muslims are one of 4 principal Armies of Extermination (+Blacks, Browns, Yellows) that globalist Tikkun Olam Jewry has deployed against White Western Civilization.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)

      Haxo Angmark/26Nov16@08:56,

      You may find the following item of interest.:

      Given their well documented (some of which are JEWISH) activities, the above’s rather funny.

  11. Ya’ll saw where Collin Kraperneck or whatever the hell his name is, that overpaid pusssy of a semi-quarterback for the 49ers was called out by a reporter from Miami for wearing a Castro shirt. Kraperneck basically said “well he (Castro) has done a lot for education in his country, and he loves his country, and he’s for the people, blah, blah,blah”. What a stooge. Sorry Feedell, the only cigars in hell are them cheap Kentucky floor sweepings called “white owls”! Enjoy!

    • Kraperneck what a POS!
      and now the DemocRats will eulogize and praise the “good things” Castro accomplished like Governmental Health Care and Governmental Education, “Free” for “everyone”. Then say the USSA must be able “to pick and choose the good parts” of communism…..Oops, Obamy already said that.
      Communism seems to “work” better after the ditches are filled with the dead bodies of shot “Deplorables”.
      But, it’s nothing “personal” just moving “Forward”, Comrades.

  12. I love it when I see blacks wearing t-shirts with Che on the front. He wasn’t fond of Africans at all. As a matter of fact, he didn’t want them around him.

  13. Pinochet smiles.

  14. Castro, Che, Raul, were nothing short of cowards. History is ripe with lies, half truths and innuendo. These fuckers were hiding in the ding weeds while the fighting was going on in Kuba

    After the real fighting, these cheese dicks minipulated their way to dictatorship.


  15. Bittersweet.
    Sweet because he’s finally a good commie.
    Bitter because it wasn’t at the end of a rope or under rule .308.

  16. Tom Hayden.
    Janet Reno.
    Fidel Sonofabitch.

    It’s like every day is Christmas.

  17. lon a follower

    It is revealing to search Castros conections to jesuitism.

  18. Marlo Stanfield

    Nation Of Israel, Tribe of Manasseh. Not Cuban.  

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  19. Well, der obamafuhrer finally flaps his collectivist gums…

    Obama says history will judge Castro’s impact on world

    “”History will record and judge the enormous impact of this singular figure on the people and world around him.” Obama added that during his presidency he had worked to “put the past behind us,” while working on a future that was built on those things that were in common.”

    A collectivst mourning a fellow collectivist…
    Meh and good if only castrated’s brother
    would follow the thugs in Romania!

    Btw today was the day that Casablanca opened in theaters
    in ’42.

    Yours In Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

  20. Alfred E. Neuman

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  21. Wouldn’t be a surprise to see Mandela’s the fake sign language guy at Castro’s funeral too.

  22. heh… Be of good cheer you all, the fun has just begun

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  23. Cassandra (of Troy)

    More reactions to Hija De Mierda Fido’s joining his victims.:

    (Given the SERIOUS negative response to ESPN’s openly rabid Leftism, this will doubtless accelerate its rapid decline once word of the above spreads. Too bad Ol’ Fido didn’t croak 6 mos ago, the sight of Cuban MLBers celebrating his demise {as well as the flusterpation of the commentators/sports press trying to figure out what to say about same} would’ve been muy delicioso)

    The Press/U.S. division
    (And now, a dissenting view from a colleague of Comrade Avila’s @ ABC.:
    (& as w/ the Canadian opposition to ‘Pinky’ Trudeau’s adoratif a bien-aime Commandant Fidel, there’re some domestic rebuttals to the above apologias.:,, & see also:

    The Press/Foreign Division
    (As w/ ESPN here, The Beeb’s been racking up its own increasing amount of opprobrium from the ‘yobbos’ who comprise its audience but as it’s State Media it won’t be affected as much)

    The Ahts®
    (See also,:
    (One wonders how loud the Lefties would scream if Donaldus Magnus Rex suggested doing the same to those doing all the anti-America/Trump/White/Right ‘art’ popping up lately)

    Yep folksies, the Imperium’s sure making it easy for FreeFor to know who they are. That info’ll come in handy after Le Grand Danse Americain, & remember to thank them for that courtesy just before sending them to their richly deserved & hopefully intensely agonizing infernal reward)