“It’s the blue costume, folks. It’s special.”

shiny badges don't

Herschel explains.

Never forget that as soon as that weapon is unholstered or unslung, your life is going to change.

And neither the cops nor the prosecutors are on your side.


Ask Santa for this book.

And this one.


16 responses to ““It’s the blue costume, folks. It’s special.”

  1. They said that the guy does not have the powers of a Policeman.

    And yet, those “powers” were delegated to the Policeman by the defendant … via the magic of the ballot box.

    So, the argument fails at the very first hurdle, afaics.

  2. He will lose in court, but the yutes here are very good at the bust-in, grab whatever, and be out in 5 minutes. They watch the garbage cans to see who is not at home. That’s why you’ll see the slow cruise down the street first thing in the morning with three or more yutes in the car taking notes. They monitor the neighborhood for a while to see the habits of the inhabitants. Also, they ain’t picking no ghetto hoods to monitor. Nevertheless, he’ll lose. Even in Texas.

  3. Reminds me of the various Louisiana officialdom getting their own panties all a-bunch over the Cajun Navy’s efforts to help out flood victims.

  4. Anyone smell jury nullification in the air?

  5. He could always pull the Hillary Clinton defense.

  6. I live in an area where the average response time for a sheriff is about 30 minutes. So by the above standards if you live out in the stix and you get robbed, well then that’s just fine. Must be why most of the locals have a saying “shoot,shovel and shut-up”.

  7. I take poorly reported news, and especially quotes, with a grain of salt, but the police chief seemed to jump quickly to the side of the criminals.

  8. This is where appreciation of iaido comes in handy.

    The sword isn’t bared until it is to be blooded.

    The pistol doesn’t clear leather until the commitment to the shot is made.

  9. How is it, you’ll have informed opinions on this. While I think this police actions are bullshit, I have little if any tangable info to make that a solid opinion.

    My concerns go back to the lack of police definition, ” police have zero duties to protect” Absolute bullshit. No duty to protect, when a citizens steps up, to protect, he’s arrested.

    Short sighted, piss poor police work. Round here, that citizen would get a hand shake, and a meaningful” thank you” for looking out for his peeps.

    Hence my position of what else isn’t being said. I’m sitting here with me SIL, who is po, here in Wa.

    Sadly he informed me this morning that he had to arrest a Real Storm Ship Trooper, Something about crimes against the Galaxy.

  10. I less familiar with Texas law, but here in South Carolina a citizen’s arrest is entirely legal. I know that citizens arrests are legal in California, as well, there was a well publicized one while I lived there. In San Francisco.

    Without more facts than were presented in Herschel Smith’s article, it would appear that the neighbor executed a legal citizens arrest. The issue might become false arrest, that would be a civil suit by those arrested, not the man executing the arrest.

    Also, force that may be lethal can be used to protect property in South Carolina, probably most of the southern states.

    Then, again, I don’t know Texas law.

  11. Also worth investigating the various type of insurance meant to cover self defense.

  12. Marlo Stanfield

    FYI, let them break in. While they  are inside tires get flat. Never show yourself. Maybe this is why suppressors are getting so popular?

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