Meet Real “Fake News”


Short version: the USG has been at it for decades.

As they are today via the WaPo and other outlets as we speak.

The Deep State is, well, deep.

Much of what you “know” was created.

22 responses to “Meet Real “Fake News”

  1. Watch how this plays out.

    As of today, the offical electoral
    vote totals are: clinton – 232
    Trump – 306
    Electoral vote #’s for the contested states:
    WI 10
    MI 16
    PA 20
    total 46
    If recounts in those states successfully
    overturns them into a clinton win:
    clinton – 232 + 46 = 278
    Trump – 306 – 46 = 260

    This would result in an electoral
    college win for clinton by eighteen
    electoral votes.
    Obviously this would immediately be tacked
    onto the propaganda (lie) that she also
    won the popular vote by an additional
    two million.
    Regardless that those (2 million) votes
    are highly suspect and likely a result
    of fraud by citizens, or were cast by illegal aliens.


      Scary. This is still not a done deal by any means. Keep vigilant.

      • The main point I forgot to add is
        that I believe these states were
        chosen, after being assessed
        as easy to successfully overturn.
        Given that those states are in
        in close proximity to, and controlled by the sphere of influence (even within their state borders), that is communist bloc of the northeast and the entire area between Maine and the District of C.
        Regardless of Trump winning those
        states, they are still overwhelmingly
        controlled by treasonous shitbags
        and the communists of democratic blue.

        • eyewash. The EV will stand as is. Trump will be inaugurated. He will change nothing of substance; maybe fewer mexicans insourced, but more Asian H1b’s. No war with Russia over Syria, instead an attack on Iran. Same Zio-globalist poison in different bottle.

    • The #NotMyPresident snowflakes will go home if your scenario happens. The question is: will anyone else go out into the street and act deplorable? Or just stay home and tweet and say mean things on the internet?

    • As we saw in the Berlin wall falling, the proper kind of revolutions are created when oppressed peoples’ hopes are raised, then attempted to be squashed again. The game show host getting elected raised hopes, never mind that his cabinet picks demonstrate little change. If Hillary is then declared the new winner, average people will just start walking past the Berlin wall, and LEO who are in semi-sympathy won’t fire on them,

      Start thinking what you might want to do with your life, if you become free again.

  2. As I said in a previous post: ‘Trust your neighbor at your own peril’.
    Question everything!

    • How about living in a place where you can trust your neighbors… Once you stop trusting anyone then you in essence stop living… As soon as CA gets my email to you give me a holler…

      • Will do. I was fortunate to hunt antelope in Wyoming this past late September. I could move there no problem and I’m pretty confident I’d fit right in. I get your meaning about living. I spent way too many years caring what others ‘thought’ of me. Only when I really found out what makes me come alive, and then started doing it with passion, did I truly started to live!

  3. More real “Fake News.”

    Take special note of the paragraph
    which details the establishment of a
    ‘free speech zone,’ by the Army Corps
    of Engineers.

  4. the murkins don’t want to learn…

    They want beer, dope, pussy, and sports.

    The sooner 100-200 million of them ‘go away’ – the better. 🙂

    • MichiganderJim

      Why, what’s wrong with beer, dope, pussy or sports? Nothing wrong with having it all, as long as you earn it. To each their own.

      I reckon a whole bunch will be going away in any event.

    • CIA dominance is a lie by the CIA. If the CIA controlled the US like the Soviets once did, there would be no libertarian literature on the web to call them liars. would not be a web site. There would be no homeschooling movement. and others have major libertarian books free for the downloading in PDF. Today is the golden age for dissent. Go learn some truth and mock a liberal.

  5. It begins.

  6. This IS a done deal. We the people HAVE spoken. Understand this, Clinton, and cronies know exactly the reaction citizens would have if they tried to overturn this.

    What better way to achieve Clinton’s agenda!


  7. Wearing my shocked face here:

    They are close to being exposed for the sick assholes they are so like any good commie they are gonna set the world alight rather than face up to their treason and satanic child sacrifice. It’s all good people, no one lives forever. Stay positive and very very frosty.

  8. Kinda makes you question everything you’ve been taught since the end of WW2. Except the Holocaust, that’s off limits. In fact, it should be illegal to investigate the Holocaust, just like it is in Europe and Canada.

    Some truths are too true to question or investigate.

  9. Continuing to use a proven corrupt & broken system to pretend – allow – reciprocate the two party system to fix the proven & known corrupt broken system would most likely probably qualify for some sort of DSM psychopathological mental symptom(s). Continuing to act virtuous – righteous when obviously guilty of other serious crimes i.e. Sedition – treason – dead voters – repeat voters – felon & illegal unvetted qualified legal voters seems like a bit of a hypocritical character flaw. The notion of sponsoring, funding, supplying etc. Terrorism to achieve a state of fear – control – totalitarianism – facistocracy & the promotion acts of false flag terror does seem a little past moving the normalcy bias, typical socIal engineering – hacking – typical PsyOp…

  10. Alfred E. Neuman

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  11. Cassandra (of Troy)

    All the hubbub about fake news is quite amusing to the pro-2A community given it’s been dealing w/ such for over 50 years w/o meaningful assistance from its alleged allies until very recently. What’s also interesting is how those on the Right who’ve pined SO long for an effective way to fight back against their enemies have studiously ignored how the pro-2A people’ve been doing it, one’d think that a group who’s had vehement, comprehensive, & repeated attacks launched against it & made substantial gains despite them would have tactics worth studying but nothing happened.

    Odd, ain’t it?