WeaponsMan: Preemptive Strike Against Troop Carry By DOD Lame Ducks


WM explains.

I learned the formulation a long time ago from David Codrea:

If someone can’t be trusted with a weapon, they should not be allowed outside without a keeper.

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. If Clinton over turns the election I have a question.
    Are veterans prepared to go on a anti-recruitment effort? The only thing I can think of that will prevent further foreign adventurers by Clinton is a systematic reduction in DoD personnel to the point that it is not possible.

  3. For all those still stuck in their chosen cage, a few things that you probably know superficially but should take to heart: Big Boy Rules, concealed means concealed. And don’t ever talk to The Man about anything.

  4. This DoD “rule” has been specifically designed to get guys jammed up. It may even be a bright and shiny bait, a lure to bring out the more 2A oriented.
    Those so inclined, I suggest letting it percolate for a bit and see who the early test victims of the reg will be. Understand that your fiercest enemy sits behind a desk in HQ, planning how to get to retirement without getting jammed up.
    Consider the level of high end interest in this… is it conceivable that the PMO or MP shop will not have your pic on a wall, with your car info and other “details” about you? What about the criminals on your base? Do those populations intersect, even the slightest? Do you think this info WON’T find its way to the local “fusion center”, for use by the local Barney Fife? Think about that and all it implies.
    For those intent on going through with this ordeal to make a point- consider going through with it, then NOT carrying. For a while. See if you notice any change in pattern around you and above you, as well as adjacent and subordinate. You have not gotten zapped yet by small arms toting lunatics, be patient and let this develop. That way, you get to have a better idea what is planned for dinner. And hope it is not YOU.

    ps- don’t expect the Goobermint to provide you a competent attorney to defend yourself if/when you get rolled up. I somehow doubt that the Constitutional guarantee of effective counsel applies (see your 6th Amendment, go look at “Strickland v. Washington”).

  5. OPSEC

  6. There are likely no commanders in today’s military who will jump through all the hoops this directive requires, placing their own careers at risk, just so that a soldier can defend himself if attacked.

    Weaponsman is right. This is no more than a cockblock to any commander who thinks they might want to allow troops to carry guns. It places the entire onus, and not an insignificant amount of effort, squarely on O-5 and O-6 commanders, with the underlying message that if anything bad happens, you’re done for.

    Ain’t no commander gonna sign off on this.


    You know, there is a way around this. Stay OUT of the Amerikan military! Reorient your life goals and financial goals to succeed without taking the crumbs falling from the FEDGOV table while being a FEDGOV slave. You can learn to move, shoot, and communicate without going through Basic Training. You can obtain a career in the trades without signing away your life for 4-6 years.
    As our culture continues to degenerate, so will our military, which is part of our culture. I go out of my way to counsel the young folks I run into in the course of my employment to THINK before they sign on the dotted line. I bring up the sordid, hidden statistics of male-on-male rape that the Army makes every effort to quash. And, to those youngsters who feel the need to better their lives and future by obtaining training through the military, I counsel them to consider the technical training avenues open through the Air Force or the Navy. All things considered, I feel I have been fairly successful.

    • Amen Brother ..Their best option is to go into the trades…Power Lineman being one of the better ones because it’s pretty much recession/depression proof…Idaho has a Lineman School you should inform them about it…

  8. Frankly I don’t think this is a good idea. I can’t put my finger on what, exactly is troubling me about it.


  9. The best way to let a soldier know that you despise him, and hold no respect for him whatever, is not to tell him that, but to show him the regulation that does.

  10. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Re: Codrea’s Axiom

    Fundamental Question:

    If someone can’t be trusted to conduct him/her/itself properly w/ weapons, (e.g. firearms) why should such persons be trusted w/ fire/electricity & electrical devices/all types of motor vehicles/children/teaching/voting/political office/sex/medical profession/news dissemination/entertainment/etc./etc./etc./etc?