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11 responses to “Heh

  1. Harambe rules…..

  2. The one on the left was much kinder to children. Then they shot him for it.

  3. Having to file in court
    won’t make any difference.
    Remember what causes
    “treason to prosper.”
    The rule of law is long since dead
    in America.
    A wholly treasonous and criminal
    uniparty dictatorship resides
    in the District of C.
    What about this truth are people still
    They do whatever the fuck
    they desire, as they are unopposed.


  4. Too bad he didn’t end up like his tactically-stupid buddy Ernesto & Ernesto’s equally tactically-stupid girlfriend.

  5. And in other news, Che Guevara is STILL dead…..

  6. Hey, at least he has now joined his friends Josef and Adolf and Murtha and Kennedy and Tiller and Mengele and Byrd and Reno and…