Man Bites Dog


CBS News: We Were Unbearably Smug And Frankly Deserve Your Loathing


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  1. Brian in Ohio

    They`re only self reflecting because they are being forced to. Had Hillary won, their smugness and hypocrisy would have reached new heights. But she didn’t, and they were exposed as liars and shills. They wrote flyover country off as a bunch of backwards rubes. Well, Ma and Pa Kettle went to the polls and said fuck you.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. Cloud People. That’s all there is to it.

    An endless round robin of self-congratulatory hand shandies, in perpetuity.

    There’s not enough soap and bleach in the universe to wash the betrayal of the presstitutes off. They had decades to get it right, and chose to be the State Run Media.

    Apology not accepted.

    • Right you are Mike. A nuclear weapon couldn’t sanitize our country of the presstitues betrayal and malice.

    • Exactly right Mike. Apology NOT accepted and for a long long fucking time it won’t be accepted. It will take DECADES of critical questioning/thinking on their part against ALL political parties and government for these assholes to get any semblance of trust back… if ever.

      As to to WHY the Demoncraps are going through the motions regarding the recount in the “midwest” states, the best analysis I’ve read is here:

      Grey Ghost

      • From the article:
        “…why do it? The answer is to make Trump seem even more illegitimate, that he did not win the popular vote (he lost by over 2.1 million), he did not win the Electoral College (did not reach 270), and was elected by being inserted into the presidency by members of his own party in Congress.”

        Trump IS illegitimate, as would anyone else be who gets into that office. So I can’t see why this tactic should bother me.

    • It is the little things dirt people do, things on the surface look all out of size to their true stature.
      We all just witnessed a revolution on 11-8, it was because of each of us pitching in by our vote, we stuck together, that is what counts for everything in this war being waged on us for who and what we are and what we stand for.
      For instance TL and CA are trying to produce a documentary which counters the media, exposes it’s lies and mendacity, the depths of it’s evil. The truth really counts. It has an intrinsic sanitizing effect on the big lie that is the media and what lies behind it.
      The truth is a really great and precious thing. It is as valuable and effective as our weapons. It is why the 1st and 2nd Amendments are 1st and 2nd.

      Pretty simple, just make a donation at the link.
      For 25 bucks you get to take a bite out of the sonofabitches ass’s.
      I’m out of work and just scraping by, $25 dollars I put up is 25 well spent, it isn’t much, but if all of us stick together and pitch in $25 bucks this documentary will happen. To me and I hope you all, it is the sticking together part that is all important. Because we send two messages then.

      Look at it another way, it’s 25 bucks in ammo, but a different kind of boolits, they are like seeds of truth these boolits, together we plant them in the hearts and minds of others and they grow, and in this way spread great and wonderful ideas. Just consider how many people don’t know the truth about the 5th column and it’s destructive effect on their way of life and liberty? Isn’t it right us dirt people help each other help ourselves by knowing the truth?
      I’d rather spend 25 bucks on truth than have to use 25 bucks of live ammo defending my freedom if at all possible. Because if it comes to using live ammo instead of live truth, it is going to be a really bloody climb out of that situation, and no guarantees you make it out alive.
      And if for no other reason, that alone is worth 25 bucks, yes sir.

  4. Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every once in a while.

  5. Well yah, you were biased toward the Pantsuit Pedo, but I personally don’t hate you, I loathe you. Hate would be wasted on the presstitute class. Y’all don’t give a shit where the money comes from and I’ll look for you to lick teh Donald’s sack just as strongly as you did Herr Hitlery. No one in their right mind is listening to mainstream newz anymore anyway, you’re a dinosaur.

  6. What type of imbecile watches teevee anymore?

    Answer: 100-200 million murkins…

    garbage in – garbage out.

    OWN IT.

  7. What the fuckers of the press who have self ordained themselves as appointers of opinion don’t get is they never will get it, but what really matters, is it isn’t their place to begin with.

    We dirt people are none of their fucking business.

    That is a real suck pill for the creepy fucks, too bad, sucks to be you, your irrelevancy is all that counts, us dirt people never asked or where asked if we wanted your lousy opinions to begin with, and your fucking narratives, go fuck yourselves, but the underpinning in the truth here is, just who the fuck do you think you are?

  8. Fake as fuck.. They relish the elitism.. Their head bullshit artist Scott Pelly is running around accepting awards..It’s all bullshit in a desperate attempt to stay relevant..

  9. better get back to sharpening hatchets 😉 these folks wont change and they outnumber us !


      Agreed. I have no time to rest on any laurels, seeing as how I did not even vote. Nothing is a done deal yet. I won’t exhale until after 12/19/2016. Then, I will wait for the other shoe to drop.
      It has been opined on this site that: the FSA, Cosmic White Marxists, BLM chimp-outers and their useful white renegade idiots, the MSM, SPLC, Planned Parenthood baby-killers, SEIU and Teachers Unions, LGBT entitlement deviates, and other assorted remoras, lampreys, hangers-on and parasites are not going to admit defeat. They will not act magnanimously. They will not ride off into the sunset. They are out for blood.
      One of their titular leaders, Jabba the Moore, has urged them not to wait for the Inauguration to demonstrate. He and the rich socialist elite are already ginning up the recount efforts. The agitation is ongoing. It may slow down on college campuses over Christmas Break(yeah, not (((WINTER))) Break), but it will continue. Keep your preps and intell current. Bleib ubrig.

  10. 1965. My Dad,a newspaperman said,”Most of the press are prostitutes and sell themselves to the highest bidder.” Things have not changed in fifty years.

  11. The rotten bastards still don’t get it.
    Sure they’re smug, but that isn’t the problem. What happened is that they exposed themselves as overtly partisan propagandists. They made it clear that their attitude is truth and fairness be damned, there’s an agenda to push.

  12. The arbitron ratings must be crashing.

  13. I have to agree with most of the sentiments already posted.

    The author is sucking up and feigning humility to have a seat on Air Force One, and be a coveted member of the White House Press Corps that was humiliated when Trump dissed them for a dinner and didn’t “notify” them.

    Suck it up buttercup. After over a year lampooning, besmirching, belittling, who is now the President Elect, who smacked and spanked you like the petulant sicophants you are; we ain’t buying it. Your credibility is shot. Your “wisdom” is irrelevant. And you suck.

    Go Fuck Yourselves. You’ve been exposed and you’ve been outplayed.

    Sniveling will get you nowhere now. Be lucky we haven’t Negen’d you yet.

  14. And while feckless remoras of ohwhatzit like kanyae, beyonce (wtf kind of name is that anyway?..) and jay z get round the clock attention from the mediaots, stuff like this happens in ‘flyover land’:

    ‘She Doesn’t Want to be White Anymore’: 12yo Girl Bullied at Kansas City School for Being White

    “After being violently attacked twice in two weeks because of her race, the mother of a 12-year-old girl attending a school in Kansas City where whites are a minority says her daughter “doesn’t want to be white anymore.”

    For anyone that doesn’t yet understand what’s going on with the chimps,
    go here:

    Or simply type in ‘chimpout’, ‘knock out game’ or ‘polar bear hunting’ in
    your browser for videos.

    Imho, the era of ‘the great chimpouts’ has yet to come…
    Read Bracken to understand this.

    Yours In Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

  15. Jimmy the Saint

    The press got confused as to the reason for its existence. They aren’t there to “make a difference” or even to “report the news.” They are there to fill the space between semi-annual white sales and grocery store coupons.

    They are merely filler for advertising vectors.

  16. Watch them one more time, to write down the names of their advertisers.
    Then turn them off permanently.
    Then email the advertisers and tell them all about it.
    Hit em directly in that ass pocket like 4 motherfuckers.

  17. MichiganderJim

    “Our theme now should be humility.”

    That’s easy then. Just STFU. Try listening.

  18. Will Rahn is about to become the CBS Bureau Chief in Outer Antarctica, with summer trips to Zimbabwe and NeverFuckingHeardOfItStan.

    The people he is busy mea culpaing for are still wailing and bemoaning Trump and his voters, and still frothing to report an overturn victory for Shrillary because of the recounts.

    And with three weeks of prep time, they now know exactly how many boxes of Dem ballots in each state they’ll have to create, and then astonishingly “discover”.
    cf. every election from 1960-2012, inclusive.

  19. The words they mouth now in mea culpas will turn back into the same acid repulsion, the minute Trump completes the oath of office. It’s what leftists do. Psychopaths always apologize and try to make amends (only verbally, mind you) when actually caught in the act. This is to get a reaction of forgiveness and aw shucks from their intended victims, who are decent people. Then, it’s right back to the blood sucking and torture. People diagnosed as insane after they commit mass murder, or some other horrible crime, are usually placed in a mental hospital, when they should be immediately executed. If they ever get out, one way or another, they will go right back to the same shit. If they stay in the mental hospital, they get housed and cared for, at the expense of their victims, which makes about as much sense as buying an expensive switch to beat yourself. This business of them “not knowing the seriousness of what they were doing” is complete bullshit. The MSM are going right back to the same old, same old, and this time, they mean to finish us.

    • “The words they mouth now in mea culpas will turn back into the same acid repulsion, the minute Trump completes the oath of office. It’s what leftists do.”

      No, it’s what people do. Anyone in that position does the same. It’s the institution that is rotten. There exists no universe in which someone allegedly reporting the news is not actually (either consciously or unconsciously) attempting to form opinion.

      So the author of this article, if he really wants to adopt humility, should simply get out of journalism. Otherwise it is all fake, temporary, BS.

  20. It’s dawning on these drooling fucking simpletons that their part in all this will NOT be forgotten nor forgiven. Advancing propaganda used specifically to attack my inalienable rights is a capital offense in my opinion (the only opinion that fucking matters).