Codrea: Armas Para Que?


David provides some context for The Big Dead Devil.



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  1. Is that a 1941 Johnson rifle being held up on the right side of the top picture? I think there’s a trip to Cuba in my future.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Was wondering that, also. Seems like it could reasonably be.

    • And a Garand in the middle – otherwise most appear to be mainly bolt action hunting rifles.


    • Cassandra (of Troy)

      keith park/28Nov16@08:05,

      I’ve seen film where some of Fido’s boyz were waving Kar98Ks, M-1 Garands, M-1 & 2 carbines, M-1928A1/M-1A1/M-3A1 subs, & AR-18s, always made me wonder howinnahell an alleged ‘ragtag’ group of ‘revolutionaries’ got one of the most advanced (but still relatively unknown) weapons of the time that was only made in the U.S. When I later found out that The Company supplied Fido w/ toys/intel (just like in the DomRep ‘rebellion’) I began to realize that my early suspicions of America being an Imperium instead of a Republic were true & time’s steadily confirmed that view.

      GOD I hate that! But then John 8:32 only said knowing the truth would make one free not happy.

  2. If you want to really know a man, find out who he praises, and who he condemns.

  3. In Friedrich Hayek’s famous book, “The Road to Serfdom”, there is a chapter called “Why the worst get on top”. It applies not only to socialist regimes, of course.

  4. Yeap, “Strike the root while the irony is hot”

    Just heard there is a nine day mourning for Fidel.
    Agents and all manner of that cult’s kling-ons
    are all over watching for any “happy celebration.” Too, his
    brother said that they are going to cremate.
    Maybe putting in some sort of frozen hybernation[sp?] 🙂

    “He is not the god of the dead, but The God of The Living”

    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

  5. Here we go again. Everyone knows Washington DC’s version of Castro as a dictator. But DC NEVER tells the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    Fidel Castro overthrew Fulgencio Batista. However, the US Government-supported Batista was also a dictator who came to power via in a military coup. Batista quickly killed Cuba’s Constitution and trampled human rights.

    Yes Castro became an ally of Russia, but the US government forced his hand. DC poisoned any hopes of peace with the neighboring island nation under Castro. The relationship between the new Castro government and DC never stood a chance. We dodged WWIII when Russia dared to put missiles 90 miles from our border. You know, like our new US missiles deployed in Deveselu, Romania.

    • Castro was not a truth teller either way. He, like much all
      over the world’s rulers like carrots dangling in front of them.
      Brainwashing and indoctrinating “for the cause.”

      “Jesus came riding on a donkey – Now donkeys are
      riding on Jesus”

      “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

    • Dina,

      “….Russia dared to put missiles 90 miles from our border.”

      Do as I (fUSA) say. Not as I (fUSA) do.

    • Everything the CIA touches turns to shit.

    • no one “forced Castro’s hand”. He was a communist Jew from square one, and did what communist Jews always do: tyrannize, loot and murder. On a related matter, open borders Judeo-globalization, i.e. drowning the Whites in a rising tide of invasive Color, the principal in the Ohio State massacre attempt has been revealed as a recently imported Black Somalian Muslim.

  6. The hell with these toxic scum…the human extinction movement.

    This what’s worth fighting for…worth everything…dirt people ascendent.

  7. Stealth Spaniel

    Castro was a murdering thug who cared about nothing or no one but himself. Typical Elite: the feasts, the prostitutes, the expensive clothing, the mansions-They are all the same. Yet the Dirt People are enslaved to feed the beast(s). It is the same story over and over. I had 2 aunts who lived in Florida and I never met one Cuban neighbor who didn’t start out saying:
    “Castro, he’s a murderer” or “Castro, the son of a bitch……..”. These people had lived under Castro and I always figured that they knew the true story.

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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  9. The Usual Suspect

    We should drag the entire media out into the streets’
    accompanied by the 532 and outliers in Mordor and
    shoot them in the head.

    • outlawpatriot

      I’m in. How many ya got? 🙂

    • Cassandra (of Troy)

      The Usual Suspect/28Nov16@14:46,

      Why waste good ammo on low threat vermin when there’ll be SO many heavy ones it’ll be needed against? Just metal cuff daisy-chain ’em to a metal fence, attach the 2 leads of a high amp portable industrial welder/generator to the fence opposite said vermin, fire that mutha up then throw the switch when it peaks & after they’ve become crisp enough leave ’em there w/ a sign saying why such was done.

      Eminently educational, efficient, repeatable, & thrifty!

  10. I can remember when Castro took over. All of the news reports were talking about how wonderful it was. If you think “the lying, left-wing, news media” is something new, you need to do a little research

  11. The Fourth Horseman

    I have 3 words in return…

    Fuck You Commie!

  12. thank you Lord God for another dead one…..several thousand more to go Lord…….more in America please Lord…..amen

  13. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Codrea’s column’s yet another example (in addtn to Haynes v. U.S.) of gun registration/licensing actually being an Imperium population control mechanism & NOT the advertised criminal control one, but then rebelling against one’s master’s also been traditionally considered a criminal act & so……

    Now for a bit of nakedly hypocritical hilarity from one of the Left’s Grand Old (& also quite White) Men®,:

    some equally naked (& very stupid) anti-2A attn mongering,:

    & for those w/ the ability & inclination an example of Ouroborosian idiocy courtesy of CSPAN’s Book TV After Words.:

    Note: See the first link’s program schedule for a re-broadcast of the above which may be easier to view &/or record. It’s a genuine hoot seeing one foreigner (DomRep blacktina) sympathetically interview another foreigner (black Englishman) who guts his own premise w/ the interviewer apparently not noticing, as funny as the Piers Morgan/Ben Shapiro ‘gun control’ ‘discussion’ w/o the histrionics & a goldmine for not only the pro-2A community but the anti-racist=anti-white folks too.