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  1. This is is a new petition regarding the Hammonds,so worth signing if you believe the resentancing was unjust/criminal.You may not like the fiasco in Oregon and the death of Mr. Finicum but remember,that was not something the Hammonds asked for,in fact,they didn’t want people risking their lives over this.
    Many say signing petition not worth it,but,we need to try all peaceful means possible to right unjust wrongs,and,soon a new potus.As for getting on a “list’,well,by being here you are already on a” list”,so,what is one more “list”?!

    Side note,Tom’s site has a lot of good info.,check it out time permitting.

    • worthwhile signing, did so. Given that the Donald’s entire career has been based on crony capitalist rackets like Eminent Domain – and, like the rest of the Beltway oligarchy, actually despises White Dirt People – I’d rate the chances of Trump issuing a pardon at about 1 in 5,000. We’ll see.

  2. What we have to grok in it’s stark truth, there’s a separate America, it is populated by a toxic tribe of aliens among us dirt people, a sub human branch homo-sapiens with one motive, as Tolkien portended in Lord of The Rings, “an army bred for one purpose”, indeed, in no uncertain terms bred it has been, to destroy the world of free men. Destroy the West regardless of the consequences or outcome.

    And it is contingent upon us dirt people if the free world will remain free to defy and destroy this species of savages.  

    • Jews are not sub-human. I stand in awe at the destruction – via communist revolutions and zionist wars – they have accomplished since 1900, when Whites ruled 80% of the planet and were 30% (now 8% and plummeting) of the world’s population. If anything, Jews are super-human in both IQ and Tikkun Olam universalist intensity. Yuri Slezkine’s confessional THE JEWISH CENTURY, like Solzhenitsyn’s 200 YEARS TOGETHER, are gross understatements. .

  3. Stealth Spaniel

    Enjoy Tom’s site: I signed the petition. Re-jailing citizens, once time is served (and the Hammonds did nothing wrong) is just blatant BS-talk about the game of double jeopardy! I hope we are all keeping our lists of hemp select individuals. There is much work to be done, and Trump is just a reprieve.

  4. Very few of us can afford to purchase justice today. Please sign the petition to free the Hammonds.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. I believe our arms are but a small component of our self determination, though it is a fundamental truth of us as free men where the profound potential our arms represent can not be denied, nor will they if worse comes to worse, but it is the resistive actions of individuals in singularly and in plurality where the providential power to effect positive change resides.
    Resist every way possible. Every day. Think resistance. Be the resistance. Even the smallest act of defiance and self determination carries the nascent power to effect positive change. Only by the act, by action is it possible, and it is only by individual acts first, does everything else follow. History has proven time and time again, at a certain level, though it is by ones and two’s, such resistance attains accumulative effects all outside it’s humble roots, and exactly because it is the indomitable thing, it’s origins are grass roots and provincial, it becomes overwhelming legitimate force of right and of good.

    Just as Tom proves by example, one man determined to persevere can win against seemingly entrenched corrupt toxic overwhelming odds, just imagine what hundreds or thousands can, and do achieve.
    We now have a president, for the first time in living memory, probably in tens of generations, who became president against all odds and a global wide conspiracy of the most powerfully wealthy corrupt cabal of actors the world has ever witnessed, determined to deny us dirt people the representation of our will and consent. The “god-emperor” is president because us dirt people rose up peacefully, with grace and dignity, and with solidarity, elected him to represent our best interests, OUR interests. If it is a King we require in the interest of our rights, so be it, tough shit if our right to our rights insult anybody, they are OUR rights first and last.
    Conservatism and Constitutionalism have both failed completely to secure and protect the blessings of our rights, our property, and our prosperity. This is why President Trump became president, because of The Great Fuck You against all other forms of power but our natural supreme legitimate power as the governed and our will to see it done. What matters here is it is our consent first and foremost. Nothing matters more, nothing overrides our consent, nothing is more legitimate, our consent is first among firsts.
    This revolution, and it is in no uncertain terms a true revolution, happened because it began with each of us who stood up and said no more. It was a long time coming. It didn’t come out of nowhere suddenly, and those who profess otherwise are fucking liars and total fools. To even think we will be denied is the height of insanity, and in the ultimate sense for those who presume to think they have the power to stop us, for them, the most dangerous thing imaginable to attempt to deny us dirt people.
    There was no other way this could transpire, that it is as it should be, that it is proper and dignified, wholly legitimate, that all avenues of redress and recourse require themselves to be exhausted before the ultimate use of violent redress is used to defend ourselves from tyranny. This is the whole path to winning, this is the true progression of human spirit, of total freedom, of the dignity of liberty, and we as individuals are liberty’s fulcrum, the lynch pin of our rights to primal freedom.

  7. There is no quicker way to get on a list. Sign a petition.You guys all know that.I envy you. I don’t have that luxury.Young mouths to feed.Keep your powder dry.Your lives may change when you directly challenge the Kraken.