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  1. With regard to “Heatstreet – Reddit Admins Shut Down ‘Pizzagate’ Subreddit”

    I’m guessing there is substantial evil underneath all this blustery smoke from MSM regarding “fake news” etc. Twitter pedo accounts deleted etc. The shutting down of the “alternative media” detective stream is an effort to make this go away. An investigative worker was recently killed in Haiti. You do the math on that one. Where’s E.Prince on this? Guiliani? Trump? Huh?

  2. OT: Multicam? Rillly? I wonder if the goal is to blur the lines between cops & .mil since it will be necessary to employ .mil to squash freefor? OSU/Fallujah? WTF.

  3. The lede piece in Woodpile report this time refers to a volume set ‘Ingenious Mechanisms’. Before one rushes out to Amazon you might want to pump — ‘Ingenious Mechanisms filetype pdf’ — into the search bar. Its available.

  4. Elaine Chao, wife of Mitch McConnel for transpo sec.