America, This Is Your Future


The Bolshies at Politico try to cheer themselves up.

If PEOTUS doesn’t follow through on immigration, this will be your children’s America.

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  1. Oregon is consistently wasssisss….

  2. Vermont, Iowa, Wyoming, Maine, etc., tend to also be werry, werry wayciss. I can speak for the Vampire State, however; its color on those maps really only reflects the wunnerful diversity in the greater NYC area and the western end of Long Island. Upstate and north-country is otherwise wayciss, too.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)


      Despite the fervent, para-religious belief of most people, Calif’s the same way,: A tomato soup filled swimming pool w/ scattered small blotches of blue representing the major population centers which, to the great embarrassment of many, is EXACTLY the situation of the rest of the country. Given this, ‘inconvenient’, FACT, perhaps those who delight in castigating & denigrating those trapped in the various People’s Democratic Republics should review & contemplete Matthew 7:3-5/its relationship to the hoary adage about not making unnecessary enemies, how similar their attitude is to that of the Imperiumists toward ‘the peasants’, & the magnitude of FreeFor’s struggle.

      Not that I expect such’ll do so since bigotry is all too often more comforting to the ego than truth & therefore far less likely to be discarded.

  3. The only color that matters is green as in money. The fastest way to turn a communist to a capitalist is still having them build an asset base worth protecting (cash, business, home).

  4. For those who think race isn’t important, that we are just Americans:

  5. notice the preliminary pattern in these graphics. all of the initial states are border crossing states(apparently new mexico has no good place to cross). this has not been a continuation of a immigrant country or the pattern would be for most of the country equally, it’s been an invasion by central America.

  6. Purge. This take over is a lot of leftist bullshit. Purge.

  7. The real problem (IMHO) is not the race issue (although it is both pushed and enhanced by the power/cloud group) but rather one of narrative (which sadly the right – whatever that has come to mean can not either agree on or push in any meaningful manner), specifically: who controls the message and to what extent? The US has lost at least one generation (and probably two now) to a thought process that promotes ‘diversity’ across the board and everyone can be who ever/what ever they want to be: at one time the narrative was that we were citizens first of this great country (with the basic ideals in place) and our ‘ethnic culture’ was secondary. Not any more and without the means or will to change the current narrative we are as a country screwed. Bitch, scream and beat on the table like a retard with a new drum set all you want but that is the way it is …. change in the future? Maybe, but I for one am not betting on it …………..

  8. The whole damned article is based on ‘only white people are racist, bigoted’ and that the future will be so glorious with no bigoted (white) people. Oh boy. Smh Wait ’til they get a load of their new immigrants non-racism lol, especially the coveted Muslims.
    It’s gonna be bad.

  9. You know there is one question that I almost NEVER see anybody want to address: and that is WHY is it that “white” people’s birthrates have plummeted?

    It’s happening in Japan too – I must add (so it’s not just “white” people), but I think that is a clue to the problem.

    IMHO the problem – if there is one – is really with the belief systems that are contained within those non-white skinned heads. It seems pretty clear that unbridled immigration and even immigration that is vetted and allowed – doesn’t necessarily bring in people who’s belief systems are compatible with what many conservatives believe to be an “American” way of running the country.

    Socialism and Communism were both European imports – those belief systems did not originate here. People who are used to living within a tyranny will typically just move their allegiance to another form of tyranny when the political winds change in my experience. And belief systems (unfortunately) – seem to go hand in hand with skin color in many instances. Probably a cultural social thing more than anything else – but the connection is still there.

    If we want to break the cycle – somehow, somewhere along the line – somebody is going to have to start asking the question: Why aren’t the white people reproducing?

    That’s the keystone to rebuilding what once was IMHO.

    • once again: Jews do not intend to be ghetto’d, pogrom’d, or holocaust’d. Ever Again. That means they have to get rid of the Whites, and are so doing. By three means:

      1) Kosher Culture of Death: legalizing abortion, porn, faggotry, Judeo-feminism so as to kill White family formation and birthrate. Mission accomplished via captive White political class, debt-bombed into submission by the (((Central Bank))). From 2012 onward, negative gap between White births/deaths is growing rapidly.

      2) invert legal immigration system from Whites Only to White Exclusion: Done, 1965, by (((Manny Cellar))) and Jew-controlled Demoncrats

      3) legalize millions of non-White illegals, and then take down borders altogether to drown already dying-out Whites in a rising tide of hostile color: invasive mestizos, Blacks, yellows, Muslims. Done, by (((neo-con))’d Republiscams, 1980’s-90’s.

      There will be a Race War, or the Whites in North America will be exterminated c. 2070-2090. Maybe sooner. Whites in Britain/Western Europe, having given up their guns, are already doomed; they can vote at the (((globalists))) all they want, it will not matter. Russia? Still has borders, but KCOD has collapsed White birthrate there too. Japan? Since defeat by ‘Murka in WW II, Japs have faithfully imitated U.S. KCOD…Japanese females have fun, careers, but no babies.

    • “Socialism and Communism were both European imports – those belief systems did not originate here.”
      That’s true as far as the labels of Socialism and Communism go, but the impulse to use tax collections for “social work” was hardly new when Marx crawled out from under his rock. I recommend reading the book “Some American Pioneers in Social Welfare” (Edith Abbott). Benjamin Franklin himself was influential in pushing a system like that in pre-revolution Philadelphia. I read some chapters in the book in 2010 so have forgotten the details.

  10. Yep…whites got greedy and instead if breeding they wanted a.second house, a boat and few or no kids.

    And their porn habit emasculated them.

    Result; no kids.


    • Hey ! don’t forget sportscars ! i’ll take my sportscar over most women and bratty kids I meet, will bite the bullet eventually; but dodging it currently. Those snowflakes are going to hate my kids and my kids will laugh their butts off at the snowflakes.

  11. I always consider the numbers worse than reported. Many non whites aren’t counted by the census. Plus, the organizations aren’t above hiding the real numbers to keep white people from waking up. If you aren’t angry yet, you aren’t paying attention.

    • They are not above inflating the numbers to make it look like its an inevitable change either.

  12. They’ve been trumpeting this for 30 years. But our future is not on rails, it’s an open road and we can change both speed and direction.

    These linear predictions also fail to take into account that whites will develop different attitudes as the brown tide deepens. Whites will begin to think and act explicitly ethnic, just like other groups. It’s already happening.

    If we can make real progress against mass importation of replacement populations, none of these projections have to come to pass.

  13. thesouthwasrght

    Kill the welfare state and alot will be fixed. People will dicover a work ethic when that belly knaws at their backbone.

    Unless Trump earnestly seeks to destroy the welfare industry his term as preezy will be but a delaying of the inevitable.

  14. Respectfully to others on this forum who may identify as Patriots or “freedomistas”, and kind of talking to myself at the same time, because that’s been my primary self-identification for many years: the Alt-Right is way ahead of the Patriot Movement in answering questions like “why is the white birth rate so low”. I have spent the last five years deprogramming myself. Being a “conservative” (Glenn Beck?) or a “Constitutionalist” (Ted Cruz?) isn’t a full answer to anything, and may in fact be counter to understanding a lot of things.

    Feminism has been utterly destructive to our people. (And many others, but we are the apex is being fed that particular brand of stuff.) If you watch Mexican TV the woman role models are either sexy young ladies with boyfriends or happy moms, not angst-riddeen ectomorphic nuerotic Sex-In-The-City types.

    The Alt-Right has done a lot of good work (some of it beginning from less-than-good-intentions). The Alpha-Beta analysis strikes me as mostly true. Modern society makes it easy for woman to be part of an Alpha stable at 25, thinking they are going to score big. But only the Alphas and Pick Up Artists really get what they are looking for. The ladies have to try to find a willing Beta once they hit “the wall”, but a lot of Beta’s have too much self-respect to commit to a Sex In The City type woman who’s been riding the cock carousel for 10 years. The “cat lady” is real, and it’s almost the default now. The entire SJW movement & “progressive politics” is full of resentful 45 year old broads who missed their sell-by dates.

    The (((media))) relentless portrayal of White men (as a group) as betas, less cool, less athletic, less powerful than blacks. Everything from sportsball, to commercials where old, un-hip white guys get shown “how to do it right”, to White Men Can’t Jump (((propaganda))), to 1,000 movies with Morgan Freeman as the wise ole Black man on top (President, God, Admiral, Captain, etc) who ultimately prevails — all that programming has changed the dynamics of in group self image & then onto dating & mating, considerably.

    In many Asian countries it’s even worse. Asian men are perceived as the ultimate betas by large swaths of their own woman. There is a huge exodus of Filipina brides who all want to marry “out”. Japan’s strong cultural xenophobia and relative prosperity makes “mail order bride” less compelling there, so they just become “bodycon” Pop Tarts, with no ability or interest in making it with the hopelessly uncool Japanese men.

    We are around Generation 4 or living through the deconstruction of all the norms of gender interaction in the USA, less developed countries may not have even got to Gen 1 of gender deconstruction. Maybe some can avoid it. Most are somewhere in the middle and it’s obvious that “all genders are the same” is having disastrous effects where ever it is implemented. The (((Culture of Critique))) can’t build stable societies. If we don’t replace ourselves with babies the (((welfare state))) will find new peoples to fill the tax-payer slots it needs to sustain itself. Thus: America.

    Conservatism Inc. has utterly failed to stop any of this. This years conservative will happily tell you that you are a “bigot” (Hugh Hewitt’s favorite slur of callers questioning the moon-beam beliefs of Mormons when he was heavily pimping Mitt Romey) if you don’t agree with some decade old sacred cow that the movement was dead set against 10 years ago. Soon the strident opposition to gay marriage will be forgotten, people opposing will be being called “bigots” by Hugh and Glenn and (((Mark Levin))). And many will agree and internalize it.

  15. Alfred E. Neuman

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  16. This is happening in ALL White countries and ONLY White countries. If this were happening to any other group, it would be considered global ethnic cleansing. Since it’s happening to White people, they just call it “progress.”

    Oh, and I have a quote for you civic nationalist “its about values, not race” types.

    “You might not be Ethnocentric.
    But your Conquerors will be”


    Is that George Clooney behind those Foster Grants?

  18. I gave a pep talk to some white South Africans a few years ago, along the lines of

    “White people will give you the shirts off their backs, help you, and bring you in. Until we don’t. Ask the Japanese: We pinched off a little bit of the sun and dropped it on them. Then to prove it wasn’t a one-off, we did it again, three days later, with a weapon of a completely different design.”

    When blacks riot, cities burn. When white men run riot, continents burn.

    Keep pushing, boys….