Clearly Waaaaacisss


McDonalds Reacts to $15 Minimum Wage By Automating & Eliminating Many Human Jobs

What a shame.

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  1. LightninBolt

    Now! Are you going to eat that mystery meat burger out of the kiosk?

  2. Who could have seen that coming? May the odds be ever in your favor.

    Your odds get better if you can produce your own food. Learn new skills now while no one is shooting at you.

  3. On the comments at the site, some mentioned Soylent Green. I have an idea. We have many, many, unwelcome and criminal aliens getting into the country with the help of our traitorous govt. ja? So, vhat vee do is place zem into the Soylent Green Card Program. Ja. By the time they finish the program, three problems are solved. One, ghetto denizens are fed, for free. Two, illegal alien problem dealt with, and solved. Three, lack of illegal aliens present in “sanctuary cities” means employment opportunities for said ghetto denizens reach new heights. There are many other benefits, too numerous to list here, and besides, we could tell the rest of the world, WE WELCOME YOU! Ja? I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before. Meine Fuehrer, I can walk!

  4. It’s not an entry level employment bug, it’s a Cloward-Piven feature….

  5. Everyone with a brain saw this coming. I feel no sympathy for anyone over the age of 21 that is making minimum wage. Maybe you should have made better choices.

  6. ALCON,

    I stopped patronizing the McDonald’s slop 20 years ago. It is truly garbage. So kiosk away.

  7. Will be smarter than the dumbass people behind the counter.
    I only eat McD’s for breakfast. Usually I just get caffeine but sometimes I will splurge for a biscuit. Its too the point that its actually better to just walk in, through 4 dollars on the counter and say “put something in the bag”. More likely to get what you really want and its less frustrating than dealing with the ignorant retards.

  8. Unintended consequences strike again. Nice work, leftards……

  9. We should not laugh so hard. Can you be replaced by tech advancements? not $15ph but also MCDs is losing customers cause come to find out their food is not food at all. for me over 6 years, they’re only good for 1.00 drinks and clean bathrooms.

  10. The elite don’t eat fast food. This is the elite pushing the unwashed minimum wage masses further away from their glass castles.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Their kids don’t get their first jobs at places like McDonald’s, either. Their first jobs are internships with the government or high-end firms. For regular folks, fast food places were often the first job, and McDonald’s did a pretty good job teaching kids how the working world works.

  11. Robot burger machines: doing the work illegal aliens won’t do for less than $15/hr.

  12. When I once worked as a full service gas station
    attendant, I actually had more fun then this:

  13. Business owners need to simply pay workers an amount that correlates with the worth of the work they’re doing. The leftists have ZERO understanding of this concept. They see that concept as an inherently evil one. They do not care that they are being provided with a job opportunity. All they feel is that the employer is lucky to have them, and that their working is actually a burden they’ve taken on out of the goodness of their hearts, and they deserve to be paid handsomely and fawned over.

    Horse dookie.

  14. McDonalds is reacting to the environment as they see it. Rational move on their part. But do not think that this does not have second order consequences.
    1) This will be a disaster for teenage employment opportunities. A fast food job is in many areas the first rung to learning how to function and retain a job. That will have consequences. We already have enough basement dwellers now.
    2) This raises the bar for starting a fast food emporium or pretty much closes it entirely. Which of course is probably part of McDonalds long term thinking as a means to windrow the competition out.

    Sucks to think that one’s one and only opportunity is to flip burgers the rest of their life.

    • outlawpatriot

      But, my students will have a whole bunch of new employment opportunities. At a wage considerably higher than $15 per hour. Very cool. 🙂

  15. drdog09 points that McDonalds is reacting to the environment as they see it. I quit eating there years ago. Patronize the places that have healthy food or plan a bit and buy groceries yourself. Take a look at many of the people behind the counter of these fast food joints that are heavily overweight and ask yourself if you want to be like them.


    Economics 101 is lost on these leftist useful idiots. Look for the New Luddites of BLM and other SJW’s smashing and vandalizing these kiosks. Look for City Councils, Mayors, County Supervisors, and other state and local political hacks proposing laws banning them as: “…an example of corporate greed and racism.” And, look for MickeyD’s, Booger King and the rest caving in to this kind of extortion until they go belly-up. ATLAS SHRUGGED, anyone?

  17. i cant get one liberal friend of mine to admit its even possible that mandated wages increases increase automation, as does more regulations, obamacare and increased energy costs; and these are college educated, well read people.
    these liberals do not even get that they are pawns for their socialist overlords that will discard them along with everyone else if the socialist elite ever gain full control of the country.

  18. Stealth Spaniel

    No one is going to pay $15 an hour for hamburger work. Even a Bobby Flay restaurant. It is, and has always been, about tips + minimum wage. That being said, I do not feel sorry for the high handed black Dindus and Elite Baby Mamas. I do think that it is sad that many seniors, who need to supplement their income, will also no longer have a place to apply. My local Mickey D’s has several retired people who work there. Nice, hard working people who appreciate their free food and weekly paycheck. One lady told me that her extra money helps her buy dog food, arthritis medicine, and keep her cable tv. We all think that we will retire with “enough” money. No, you won’t.