Herschel: Links On Pizzagate


If you have any doubts on the depravity of our current society, start with the link at the bottom of this post and read up.

Thanks to Herschel for moving this story out of the Twitter and Reddit spaces, where it can be hard to follow.

Child-touchers need to be hung on a meathook at the town border.

Pour encourager les autres.

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  1. Should be hung by a meathook through the balls for some hung by a meathook through the rectum,and whatever other ways deemed necessary.
    Shooting them in the face is too quick and painless and a waste of good ammo.

  2. Johnny Gosch, Paul Bonacci, Michael Aquino (Presidio), Lawrence King, Jerry Sandusky, and the owners of the McMartin Preschool could not be reached for comment.

    • The McMartin preschool was a hoax. Its something that we have to be careful of with this type of information. There are people that WANT a child sexual slavery ring to exist because it explains a lot of things that they dont otherwise have an explanation for. Its the kind of thought process that lead to the hysteria of the late 80s that Satanic groups were behind all the ills of the country. The problem with crying wolf is that if there is indeed a ring of Satanic pedo-slavers then they build their cover when a hoax is exposed and ridiculed in the public eye.

      • Several of the jurors were unconvinced by the Defendants’ Counsel:


        Not unlike Pizzagate, there’s enough smoke to indicate there was a fire somewhere. Whether or not said fire can be prosecuted in a court of law sufficiently is a whole ‘nother matter.

        The recurring theme in these high-profile Pedo cases that ARE prosecuted is that some two-bit pervert gets left holding the bag (Lawrence King/Jimmy Savile) and the “ringleaders” are never thoroughly investigated.

        In the 80s it was called, “Satanic Ritual Abuse” and now we’re calling it, “Human Trafficking.” Same shit. Different millennia.

      • that’s what Trumpaholic Dilbert guy is saying, alright. Because he knows Trump himself is involved, via (((Epstein))) and Pedo-Island. The link between Pedo-Island and Pizzagate is, of course, the Clintons. Anyway, Trump and the Clintons are now papering each other’s ass, so nothing much will come of any of this.

    • thesouthwasrght

      Now maybe we know why it was Andrew Breitbart had that convenient “heart attack” while out walking that night.

  3. It is most curious how the media has treated this. Weiner and his sexting was all front cover news all over. Pizzagate has not even been allowed on the track let alone out of the gate. So the question might be how many of the Pressitutes would be caught up on the whole affair???

  4. Yeah this shit is big.
    Its not getting a lot of traction even in places like Drudge and BB, but its a real creepy situation.

    On a slightly unrelated note, if you see Hillary out and about tell her that there is a job opening on a tropical island for a low energy, near dead communist dictator. Sounds right in her wheelhouse.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. Good on you for covering it and incredible job compiling it. There is something to this, having reviewed it since it was 4chan material and then reddit etc I can tell you there is something very wrong going on. The sick nature of a lot of the instagram feeds and supposed “art works” is tough material. It’s as dark as it gets. Then when you consider that this might be a real ring you start to ponder what happens to these kids eventually it ain’t good. One of the ways I know there is something there is that it’s already been ridiculed by MSM and the investigations have been smashed down as you’ve documented. There’s a lot of smoke here and I suspect some hell fires burning below. I’d like to think the rebloodlicken party isn’t using this info as yet one more chip in the game while children perish but then there’s this disturbing quote from teh Donald:

    “And yet if you talk to Donald Trump, a different Epstein emerges. “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy,” Trump booms from a speakerphone. “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”

    Epstein is scum of the lowest order. DT says he’s a great guy. You do the math.


  7. Yep, hang ’em high. And abortionists too.

  8. We all have gone far done the rabbit hole -false flags, wars for lies etc…. but this stuff is FUBAR.

  9. This investigator has assembled much evidence on Trump’s “pizza gate” connections. Compromised politicians of any stripe are easy to control. Weigh the evidence or remain in denial, reader’s choice.

    • “Northsider / October 30, 2016
      In my view it’s not either/or in relation to all of this. The question of how Trump could have got this far if he was a genuine threat is for me the most compelling argument against him being the real deal. Ron Paul was taken out of the primaries early on in 2012, ditto Buchanan in 92 and 96. And neither of these guys were sworn enemies of the NWO by any stretch. And then there’s David Duke. So one has to wonder how Trump has survived for so long if they’re as scared of him as some people say they are.”

      Or maybe it’s not as controlled as we think. There are bad people, there is evil, but no one entity controls our destiny. Maybe things just happen.

      • Trump had the money to be able to fund his own campaign – unlike the others mentioned – and he was willing to do so. Conspiracy theories are bad enough on their own, but when they morph into something that tries to claim the writhing and wailing and gnashing of teeth by all the world’s elites is merely for show, THEN they have truly jumped the shark.

        Add to that the fact that Putin is one of the only world leaders today who believes in the sovereignty of individual nations, and that HE respects President-elect Trump, and you lose all credibility when you claim that Trump is One of Them. No, Trump is not the Messiah. But I’ll be very happy if he is instead the next Charles Martel. Or the next Constantine. Or even the next Vlad the Impaler!

  10. Can’t imagine why the perverts would want to hide their Baby Raping activities. To them, that is considered NORMAL fun & games. Might be time to make a rolling GALLOWS to take to DC and start hanging the Baby Rapists.

  11. hung up to die downtown, not on the edge of town

  12. wealthy farmer

    Check out Titus Frost’s YouTube videos on Pizzagate.
    WAY too many spooky coincidences for this thing to NOT have legs.
    And it definitely has TENTACLES reaching into all corners of our PRECIOUS HARVARD-YALE-PRINCETON ELITE. THEY ARE ALL SO FUCKING SPECIAL. Super creepy artwork, or the DOJ human trafficking attorney who owns a restaurant next door, or,or or or……….Pizzagate is HUGE

  13. The same entities demanding permit only access to the internet, and bans on the use of encryption – to “combat” sex slavery, kiddie pron, illicit drug sales are the same entities horrifically involved in those activities.

    Consider that.

  14. I understand, just the european related child abductions alone, connected to these fucking scum and their perverted insanity, numbers over 2,400 cases where the kids kidnapped are never heard from once they are abducted. They are using these children as sex slaves, probably using them in pedophile snuff films. The ritual cannibalism and human sacrifice angle is beginning to come into the light.
    The depravity and evil of these psychopaths is looking everyday even worse than the NYC cops claim. It must be some pretty sick fucked up stuff if NYC cops are saying it is like nothing they have ever seen.
    Once I began to get a handle on the presumed actors and events, the connections start to make a lot of sense, it is becoming apparent this is stuff nobody can make up, that if even 1% of it is true, there’s some hanging to be done and those O’l Sparky’s been stored the last 50+ years in the basements of penitentiaries need to be dusted off, tested to be sure they work real well.
    I think too, there’s some media people who deserve to ride the lightning for the complicity in the cover up of this ruling class depravity.
    If it’s true, all their genes need to be permanently removed in totality from the human race.

    Timelines of the suspected child sex predator’s to date in graphics:

    Big collation of links and info here:
    PIZZAGATE: The Scandal That Will Take Down the Clintons, the Democratic Party and the U.S. Federal Government

    An outlier, but a relative angle:

  15. all true, and nothing will happen to the pervs. Partly because they’re all (including Trump/Epstein) connected to the Oligarchy, and also because pervs of all stripes are now group-entitled via the kosher Culture of Death. Every few months there’s a new pedo “scandal” in Britannia…a committee of faggots and lezzies is appointed to “investigate”…and the pervs walk. Some years ago a squirmy ring of rapists/torturers/killers of little girls was exposed in the Brussels EU regime…a few of the creatures involved might have done some jail time, I don’t recall how much. If we win, there are large numbers, indeed, whole categories, of diabolists that will have to be disposed of.

  16. Sex abuse of children goes hand in hand with power lust.

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  18. “Against ALL enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC”…………. There is no worse enemy that the one who goes after innocent children.

  19. I have been following this for awhile,and,am still unsure whether there is a huge pedo ring or just folks with sick tastes/thoughts in pics and paintings that are openly public,stuff in podestats home and some of these pizza joints,that alone creepy enuff but creepy in itself not against the law.I believe there is somewhere a smoking gun with finger prints on it,and may reach depths in govt. that shadow the insanity inside the catholic church that still haunts them today.I hope those with the computer/sleuth skills keep at it until a true verdict is reached,even if it means the downfall of our govt. which is possible if this insanity all turns out to be true

  20. Christopher Bugge

    For those caught in the act…we should bring back the stocks

  21. I am a firm believer in public humiliation and punishment. Massachusett’s, my birthplace, home of the stocks and burning of witches, maybe had it right at one point.The people confronted their perceived evil head on and dealt with it, the only way they knew. Who is left to say, they were wrong. Stir that pot.Spin that tale. Share information and your passion for life with others you deem worthy. Be firm in your commitment.Unrelenting pressure must be exhibited. Especially with your pocketbook.Know who you are spending with. ESPN lost 10 million subscribers .Politics and football don’t mix. NFL viewing down 15 per cent. Fuck you. i hope I can speed up the demise of bread and circus. Department stores all tanking.Restaurant chains collapsing.Obsolete business models being devoured by math. At some point mathematics has validity. Hang it all on Trump.The whole pile of shit reeks. This steaming turd is about to let loose. Pedafiles should be on your to do list.Public posting of the dirty bastards followed by public execution.

  22. Stealth Spaniel

    Money Shot:
    “Consider the depths of depravity to which the politicians and heads of corporations have sunk in America. Two hundred years ago the towns would have dragged these bastards out into the town square and hung them for everyone to see, including children, as an example and object lesson of what happens to evil men. I wish we would bring that back, including the civilian posse. I am a strong advocate of public executions.”
    Well, plus one on this. I am grateful that The Donald has been elected. I can support a grown man talking about grabbing pussy of a grown woman. They are grown ups. The SOB’s that defile and terrorize children…………….there is a special place of Hell for them. And hanging them should just be the start. We have been granted a reprieve: don’t think that the need to prepare, stock, train, and have a deep larder has gone away. We are still in for one long ugly fight. Harden your hearts.

  23. Currently, Obama is formally in charge of seeing the laws executed. If you did personally try to investigate and punish these people, more junior LEOs will stop you. Every LEO in the country is protecting these alleged bad people from you; they could not stay employed as LEO if they were seen to do otherwise. In a month Trump will replace Obama. I predict nothing about the prosecuting environment will change, because pizzagate is a distraction for the transition.

    At that point, what can you say? ‘My newly-appointed champion directs his men to shield the alleged pizza-touchers, just like the other side’s champion did. I’m a voter, I approved this candidate and I obey this system.’

    • That’s true. LEOs shield these people. That is their function, a standing army designed to be the sharp point of the spear of the ruling class. It will take a war for this problem to be taken care of.

  24. Things like this is why I have lost faith in God.

    • thesouthwasrght

      Really? This kind of evil is merely the absence of God, not because of Him. People have been doing bad shit since Eve nibbled the fruit, and they have ultimately been paying the price for it. This will be no different. People are waking up, and this level of depravity will not go unpunished, bank it.

  25. Thanks again to Herschel for keeping this out there – he’s been addressing this in his quality style of fact-based reporting for a while.

    The stuff I saw on 4chan before the election truly turned my stomach. There is clearly a conspiracy to quash this stuff – that people are working hard to keep this alive gives me hope that folks won’t stop pressing just because the Lizard Queen lost the election.

    This PIzzagate stuff reminds me that there are truly some people who just need killin…

  26. Republican Dennis Hastert from Illinois. Waiting to go to prison. This sick fuck was responsible for Obama getting elected to the Senate and then onto the White House.

  27. Thank you Herschel.If only a small percentage of this turns out true,it needs to be dealt with,quickly and permanently.