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WeaponsMan: Preemptive Strike Against Troop Carry By DOD Lame Ducks


WM explains.

I learned the formulation a long time ago from David Codrea:

If someone can’t be trusted with a weapon, they should not be allowed outside without a keeper.

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More instant classics.


Meet Real “Fake News”


Short version: the USG has been at it for decades.

As they are today via the WaPo and other outlets as we speak.

The Deep State is, well, deep.

Much of what you “know” was created.

“It’s the blue costume, folks. It’s special.”

shiny badges don't

Herschel explains.

Never forget that as soon as that weapon is unholstered or unslung, your life is going to change.

And neither the cops nor the prosecutors are on your side.


Ask Santa for this book.

And this one.


A Reminder From GVDL


Via Twitter.

Another Good Commie


Dead as hell.

May the Cuban people also triumph over Raul, so that they use each brother as a latrine in perpetuity.



screen-shot-2016-11-26-at-7-00-40-am(Via Twitter)



Mattis: Professional Reading List

mattis khmer rouge

Per GoodReads, at least.

Santa can help you.

WaPo, “Fake News”, & The American Totalitarians


WaPo: Russian propaganda effort helped spread ‘fake news’ during election, experts say

PropOrNot “Fake News List”; main site

NoScandals McKenyan calls for news “curators”

Fuck them all.

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A Tale From Aesop



The opponents successfully made The Long March.

Time for The Long Countermarch.

Robert Gore’s Latest Novel: Prime Deceit


For those of you shopping for the smarter folks on your list.

Get yours today.

WeaponsMan: Black Friday Gun/Gear Deal Roundup


There’s still time to take advantage of these prices.

Don’t forget AmmoSeek, either.

Molyneux & Lord Monckton On Global Warming


Brushbeater: More Notes On Community Networking


Your biggest danger – and your biggest potential allies – are your neighbors.

The steps you take tomorrow, next week, and next month will help you determine and shape that outcome.

One of the most powerful phrases in the world?

“How can I help?”

The game has only just begun.

Little Trouble In Big China


Diversity + proximity = war.

Han edition.

Condell On The Wogs

Western civilization teeters.

Most current countries will not survive.

FUSA as currently configured is one of them.

Thoughts From An Anti-Federalist


Jesse James sends.

The Trumpening has granted, at best, a respite – during which freedom lovers must get their houses in order.

Tempus fugit.

WeaponsMan: Pro Tips On Zeroing A Carbine


Read and watch it all, after bookmarking the link.

Then use it tomorrow instead of being a doofus for flipping Black Flipping Friday.

And for “those guys”, take WM’s counsel to heart:

…You absolutely must be able to fire the rifle consistently to zero it. Lots of trouble is caused by “social promotion” of guys that haven’t zeroed from the zero range to the rifle qualification range. Resist that promotion; master the tight group first, and the rest all falls into line…

Effective use of this material will be on the final exam.

And no, Virginia – the Trumpening does not mean all is beer and skittles in FUSA.

Confirm your zeroes Friday or by the end of the weekend, please.

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Spread it far and wide.

Sucks to be them.

Great to be us.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Brooklyn, ‘Sweet Home Alabama’, & The Rise Of The Dirt People


Turn it up.

Hey, big city folk:

Where do you get your food?

Her Vote Cancels Yours


Via HappyAcres.