Enter Chaos


NYT: James Mattis, Outspoken Ex-Marine, Is Trump’s Choice as Defense Secretary


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  1. It’s not a done deal. GEN Mattis needs permission from the House of Retards because the 1947 Act establishing the DoD explicitly states the SECDEF must be some imbecile civilian. Uphill battle, this one.


  2. No such thing as an “ex-Marine.”

    Go check your elite privilege, and depends undergarments, at the Gates of Hell.

    • To be expected from the New York Times. I’d be surprised if there’s one person on the staff that’s related to a Marine.

      Personally, I like it when they show their ignorance. It helps people figure out who they really are, which is a bunch of ignoramuses.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Wouldn’t the Corps deem Oswald an “ex-Marine”?

      • LH Oswald may have been a Marine “behaving badly”, if in-fact he was the only shooter in Dallas. If he was the only shooter, his USMC markmanship training to use “pick-up” enemy weapons was stunning!

  3. And all you trash talkers look like fecal matter now.

  4. Former Marine.
    Retired Marine.
    There is no ex-.

    • Charles Whitman, Lee Harvey Oswald, Jack Murtha, and Charlie Rangel beg to disagree with that assertion.

      • Ouch !

        • SemperFi, 0321

          Are you fucking kidding me, Charles Rangel was a Marine?
          Yes, there is such a thing as an Ex-Marine, for about .00001% of them. Even that amount of societal garbage does make it thru Boot Camp.

  5. The left can’t stand people like him. Or people like Flynn.

  6. Yup, the Ordo ab Chao folks are hard at work.


    This Dallas issue is not unique mind you. There are tiny and mid sized fiefdoms set for implosion all across “Merica.

    I listened yesterday to CONgress critters giving each other verbal reach arounds on the radio. Some of them have decided after 40 years of graft that their plunder piles are sufficiently large enough to allow them to pursue golf full time vs only 300 days per year. Fuck them all, and the cunts running the Dallas Popo Pension Fund too. .Five to one baby, one in five.

  7. ALCON,

    The Mattis appointment may be there to offset a Betraeus Secretary of State appointment.

    Mattis = Good
    Petraeus = No Good
    Romney = No Good

    • Yep, it may also be a larger strategy. Either you deal with our mushy pussified SECSTATE or I release Cerberus the SECDEF. International good cop/ bad cop.

  8. lon a follower

    why make him out as a saint?

    • Now there’s a dang good question. Note the masonic “as above, so below” hand posturing… and with a grenade no less.

      Fun times.

      • I recognize nothing Masonic in the hand posturing.

        • Its a fantasy they have that all things Masonic =Satanist one world government.
          Like the kids joke today “Illuminati confirmed”!

        • Wrench, enter “as above so below hand gesture” into your favorite search engine under images and see what comes up. Baphomet ring a bell?

          Matthew 6:10 (KJB)… “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.”

          Matthew 6:10 (msg)… “Do what’s best—as above, so below.”

          It is a call for anti-christ to “be like the most high” (Isaiah 14:14) and to establish his false kingdom of mans works here on earth. Dark is light, light is dark. Everything is a contrast in backasswardness.

          To QuietMan: yes it is the hand position catholic priests use to bless. Nuff said.

          • Nothing masonic there. Orthodox Christian iconography yes, and I love the grenade. A warrior not a warmonger.

      • It’s the hand position priests use to bless.

  9. Will his job be to stop paying for sex changes and up the standards of our military or turn up the heat on Russia and Iran? Or maybe the prior takes care of the latter. Either way, if there is to be war, he’s the best choice.

    • President Trump appears to recognize that Russia is not the Bad Guy in the current Foofaraw.

      • But Mattis seems like a fanatic against Iran – the ally of Russia. It could come to the same thing via this road.

    • Less chance of war with him there… he’s as tough as they come, enemies less likely to think we’re weak and feckless. He has nothing to prove and knows the reality of war.

      Peace through strength. If military action is necessary, it will be decisive and brief… none of the limp dick dithering and aiding the enemy that has characterized the mercifully soon to be bygone obama sinkhole.

      • ’06,

        “Peace through strength.” Sure. Why not ? On the other hand how about peace through non-intervention ?

        Let’s get the hell out of the Middle East totally. Goodbye to American lives and our remaining wealth being bled in the shitholes of Afghanistan and Iraq. Israel, you’re on your own. NATO….sayo-fucking-nara. 28,000 troops protecting that gook peninsula and their Hyundai/Kia exports to fUSA….Hasta La Vista, Baby….dem troops are coming home to be deployed on the Mexican border ala John J. Pershing.

        Amerikan military and money assets occupy 100+ nations on this earth. Why ? That’s not strength. That’s imperialism. Time to come home. defend OUR borders. Defend OUR citizens. Terminate ALL immigration. Round up every stinking, uninvited foreigner who has invaded OUR nation and arrest every Roman Catholic and Lutheran Church member who support the bringing of fucking moslems into this White male, Christian founded nation.

        That’s peace. That’s strength. I.e., bring the troops and money home.

        Okay ’06. Rant off.

        • “…Christian founded nation.” Pff.

          That assertion is simply an outright lie.


          • Jimmy the Saint

            Yeah, how dare he omit the contributions of the millions of Zorsastrians, Yazidis, Shintoists, Confuscianists, and Rastafarians who labored tirelessly to birth the United States.

          • Seriously, clingers need to check their religion at the door. Belief is not truth.

            What is wrong with not knowing? Have not humans learned how to learn? Information, knowledge, and experience is so accessible present day. Humans can create synthetic life. Also will be able to design humans one day. Perhaps sooner than later. Biotech and genetics is accelerating and much of the tech is very user friendly.

            Move forward. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is insane.

            Is political religion in the best interest of human progress as a species? This needs addressed world wide.

            There is forecasted 9-10 billion people on earth within the next 30 years, many / most will simply not be required, i.e. they are a problem. Earth is finite. The world is settled. Time to sustain and progress.

  10. This selling policy isn’t new. General Marshall had to testify before a skeptical senate before WW2 to continue the draft. They didn’t trust FDR but everybody trusted Marshall. In all likelihood the draft would have ended after one year leaving America in worse shape when the war came.

  11. “There are some people who think you have to hate them in order to shoot them. I don’t think you do. It’s just business.” – Chaos 01 out.

    Grey Ghost