MDT: The Special Snowflake, 2nd Class Award Goes To…


Read to see who and why.

Kudos to the award designer, BTW.

39 responses to “MDT: The Special Snowflake, 2nd Class Award Goes To…

  1. Hmm…. The leftist millennial uses the same rhetoric the “liberty movement” uses./ S//

  2. Mr. Trent just entered himself into the long range tracheostomy sweepstakes.

    Your choice, Mr. Trent. 5.56mm or 7.62x54R?

  3. He wants to fight the fascists, I see.

    But not the socialists or communists.

    A Starbucks loving, tobacco pipe smoking, shotgun toting millenial. Word of advice to you, son. You’re not going to have enough battle buddies to do what you think you’re going to do.

    • Wants but won’t.

      Show me the Libs who won’t work a 9-5 with benes yet will fight. I haven’t found one. Lots of under-employed basement dwelling tough talkers. The decent millennials aren’t out there running their mouths and aren’t on Trent’s side.

    • Not enough range, either.

  4. I’d be more appreciative of the zeal of these idiots of they were prepared to defend the life, liberty, and property of ALL Americans, not just the ones they like or agree with. I’ve no doubt special snowflake here would be all for raising my taxes, regulating my land, and denying my right to buy whatever gun I wish.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Of course he would be. You’re one of those evil fascists he’s so afraid of/angry at. Of course, if pressed, he probably couldn’t actually *define* fascist, but hey….

    • A word to the wise: Darkness can not exists in light. Anymore than these people can exist is liberty. The sons of darkness mean to extinguish the sons light.

  5. “Kudos to the award designer, BTW.”
    Agreed, but I’d replace the ribbon colors with brown where the blue is, yellow for the red, and maybe Bureaucrat Hallway Green for the snowflake.

  6. Ever been in a real fight Trent? It’s not like the movies.

  7. “Participation trophy” in thsi game is typically a 84″ x 28″ x 23″ wooden box.
    Welcome to the games Snowflake

  8. Kevin Mussack

    I think a different ribbon can be found.

  9. Trent is one of the ‘participation trophy’ millennials who has been indoctrinated to believe that what he ‘feels’ is what matters. Trent and his raggedy ass Mossberg best stay in mama’s basement lest some hard ass patriot butt stroke him with it.

    BTW…the special snowflake medal is freaking epic!!

  10. Uh, yeah, boss, that ribbon on the “medal” is the same as the Bronze Star I have. Painfully close. But a neat idea. Some one maybe do a different color scheme?

  11. Outstanding Award !
    Red Queen Evolutionary Dynamics theory in play as the ignorant & consciously ignorant by choice will eventually become initiated ‘aware’. Indoctrinated into another dimension & Alternative reality that truly exists. Yet another failed experiment that will never make the revionist’s fabricated history books of what really happened. History reveals Communist’s are always big on building power just beofre the “big kill off” sponsored democide. Only in Dumbfuckistan on Planet Fooktardia. You can’t this stuff up.

  12. Whoa, hold on there….

    Those diaper pins are excluding other gender considerations in the snowflake population…

    Gotta remember, it’s not just limited to boy and girl anymore!

  13. You,would be foolish to underestimate this turd.


  14. Trent, the odds will never “be in your favor.”

  15. He is ripe for the picking by the convert crew at the local Mosque. No doubt in my mind that he’s already visited them.

  16. I’ve STILL never met a Liberal hypster who was willing to die for someone else… Trent is cannon fodder..

  17. 1) Methinks Special Snowflake 2C Trent had better have something else in addition to his Mossy if he wants to play with the big boys. From the photo it looks like he doesn’t even have a sidearm.
    2) Does he even know that the range of his “Assault Shotgun” is limited to about 50 yd with buck, and just about any rifle can take him out from farther than that?
    3) I wonder if the has discussed this with Pajama Boy over hot chocolates.

  18. Wow, a kid picks up a shotgun and adds a little bravado to the picture (much as we might have done when we were younger), and what is the reception he gets? Sneers. Good job alienating people folks.

    I have yet to meet any person who wasn’t a fool at that age. Lighten up, sheesh.

  19. LightninBolt

    Crybaby award….outstanding! I bet Hilliary would be proud….of her award also. Heh heh heeeeee!

  20. I think this pussant is just trying to jerk the dogs chain.He uses all the keywords and has the cool operator tacbeard,raghead wrap,a”black gun and a pistol grip with a thing in the back that goes up”.Hilarious if it wasn’t so pathetic.I bet we all know what kind of pipe that weirdo smokes on.

  21. Jimmy the Saint

    Other than maybe an AA-12, what in the world is an “assault shotgun”?

  22. Seravo stanek

    Considering these other images I dare say there is fear from this one.

  23. Alfred E. Neuman

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  24. What a pathetic faggot. These fucking twats are like a parody of a stereotype of every single thing wrong with his generation. I look forward to him bracing the wrong man and then explaining to the ER staff how that shotgun got lodged 2 feet deep in his ass.

  25. Heraldry Fail, but brilliant otherwise.

    The ribbon should NOT be that stolen from the US Bronze Star award.
    A decoration suspension ribbon in a nice monotone shade of Puss-ass Pink, or French Battle Flag White, perhaps.

    White being the color of both snowflakes and diapers, I vote the latter.

    If I had the time and inclination, these would be on sale like the “Deplorable” patches. Public domain, enterpreneurs. Go for it.

  26. Never under estimate a shotgun. Years ago I was a design Engineer for both Ramset and later the Remington brand of Powder Actuated fasteners. I had access to the KILN GUN which let me get ahold of a bunch of the 12 gauge Kiln Gun Slugs. A high-brass with the powder 1/8 inch above the high brass and a 650 grain wadcutter slug. First time I fired one, it was from the shoulder. The recoil was stunning from the amount of pain. Ex-brother in law was in Law Enforcement, so I gave him a gallon bucket of 125 12gauge kiln gun slugs. He reported they could go thru 2 (TWO) cars for some goober hiding behind a car. If fired at the engine would clear off everything mounted to the engine. My collection of the kiln gun slugs is long gone but I will be reloading using slugs cut from ground rods (copper clad steel) which can be fired from my 12 gauge shotgun. Other reloaders might want to look into that idea.

  27. Well, he’s an easy target for mockery, no doubt, but that was me less than a decade back at the beginning of my own awakening from the ardent liberalism of my youth. It didn’t take me long to figure out that one can’t be a gun-owning liberal though.

    I will add that a significant part of what swayed me was the warm reception and remarkable patience shown me, despite the idiocy I was spouting at that time, by dozens of gun owners at my work. I was a new gun owner genuinely interested in learning my way around the topic, and that was enough for them to welcome me with open arms. Just learning a few facts about guns (what do you mean an AK won’t vaporize a deer?) was damaging enough to my liberal worldview on its own, but those guys shattered every one of my fondly-held stereotypes of the uneducated irresponsible right-wing gun nuts with anger issues that every liberal “knows” inhabit the vast wilderness between LA and NY.

    Meanwhile my circle of liberal “friends” turned on me with a viciousness that left me stunned and appalled. People I’d known for over a decade were suddenly incapable of seeing me as anything but a caricature of a bloodthirsty would-be killer, and boy were they eager to let me know about it. “Do you just like the taste of blood?” Seriously.

    No sir, it didn’t take long for my cognitive dissonance to begin weighing heavily upon me.

    Give this guy a few years of venom and abuse over his gun ownership from those he would “protect”, and see where his perspective is at then. I just hope he has the right people to bring him into the fold.

    On a tangential note, Democratic Underground has a sub-forum for liberal gun owners, which I strongly recommend visiting just to lurk and read a thread or two. Pretty much every thread gets invaded by hordes of hate-spewing lefties trolling their fellow liberals, calling them fake liberals, NRA plants, nascent child-murderers, psychopaths, telling them to go die already, trying to get them banned, you name it.

    Every liberal gun owner out there is a potential ally just waiting to be converted. The best part is that their fellow liberals are already doing most of our work for us. Witness the political trends of the last 8 years. More gun ownership, especially among wimmens and minorities. More opposition to gun control. Trump.

    All we have to do is not f*** it up.

    Happy trails,


  28. SemperFi, 0321

    See, I told ya. Get rid of the Starbucks and these fuckers would all go away. Must have been the pipe smoke that made his balls swell up.