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  1. Ben Stillers’ plastic/vacant acting aside, repealing Hart-Cellar would be a good start, along with some massive deportations.

  2. if trump does that, he just ranked ahead of the legendary Reagan for me and I will be doing all I can to make his great grandchildren billionaires, buying trump ties, trump steaks, staying in trump hotels and seeing if I can find if trump has a line of the tacky gold leaf and mirror that seem to be part of his properties and buying a room full of it for my trump shrine.

  3. Yes. PLEASE. It would make the “Lion of the Senate” ( Sen John McCain’s words) come out of his grave, just like at the end of “Carrie”.

  4. Stephen Forster

    That single act changed the demographics of the US irreparably
    It is estimated that by the year 2042, white people not referring to themselves as Hispanic will no longer constitute a majority but rather only a plurality of the population of the United States. Minority groups, led by Hispanic Americans (mainly Mexican Americans), Black Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans, and Pacific Islander Americans would together outnumber non-Hispanic White Americans

    • you forgot to mention “Jewish ‘Murkans”. And those are soporific, jew.gov #’s. Actual numbers: White minority by 2030. Trump and the Republiscams are no more going to repeal (((Manny Cellar)))’s White Exclusion Act than they are going to build a Wall, expel the illegals, or eleminate sanctuary cities. That Carrier thing, incidentally, is vintage Trump: half the jobs are going to Mexico anyway, right now, and the rest will slip away after the 2018 elections. Overall, same globalist poison, just administered more slowly than Mrs. Clinton would have done.

    • That is it’s purpose Stephan Forster, to change America from a white Christian western nation into an easily malleable territory of disaffected and unaffiliated for the transnationalists to strip mine of it’s resources and wealth at their whim and pleasure.
      Can’t do that with a nation of “privileged” white men who have traditions, guns, and prosperity.

      All this and more could be stopped faster than Hillary Clinton becoming dictator.

  5. God, I hope the following reaches remnants:

    “Some want to think Jesus was not for political or social reformer but only spiritual.
    He preached the kingdom was at hand, was hailed as king, entered the temple with people proclaiming him as the highest son of David and the Christ which means the anointed messiah and king. He was rightful King.
    Fired the moneychangers who were the porters of the temple which was a government building providing services provided by most governments today and Rome at that time. Firing the moneychangers was an act only the king could do.
    He was inside of and instructing the ministers of the “royal treasury” John 8:20.
    He condemned the corban which had been set up by King Herod.
    After all power was given him and the Pharisees said they had no king but Caesar Jesus appointed a kingdom to the apostles.
    Peter and the apostles did contrary to the decrees of Caesar saying there is “another king one Jesus”.
    Jesus was a political, social, moral and spiritual reformer.”

    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

  6. All well and good, however, what are the chances of either happening?

    Consider that ‘Bammycare was written to include wide ranging demands by corporate lobbyists of all stripes associated with the “healthcare industry,” and is more than 2,700 pages long. Lots of fingers there, and similar to agency capture, Congress was purchased long ago by special interests, and those interests in “health” insurance bought outright control of that area with this law.

    Sure, “do it,” if you can, but don’t hold your breath waiting.

    • You are indeed correct. But that is ONE reason for President Trump to have Priebus as Chief of Staff. If Priebus is lovey-dovey with Lyin’ Ryan, there is at least SOME chance that meaningful legislation will make it to Trump’s desk. Or how else do you expect the Rove Republican swill to do anything that benefits the Trump administration? Do you REALLY think they’ll suck his dick as they have done for the past eight years with the FNWIC???

      • “…Do you REALLY think they’ll suck his dick as they have done for the past eight years with the FNWIC???”

        Effing HILARIOUS, sir.

        To answer your question, no, and if anything, I think they’ll be more intractable with Trump, possibly in some futile effort to look “reasonable,” to the Donkeycrats in the general electorate, who’d be only too keen at having them hanged, regardless.

        Stupid is as stupid does, I suppose.

  7. Right!

  8. Trump was elected to “right the ship”. Part of the plan was to begin sending illegals home. Instead we are putting Goldmanites in charge of the monetary piping and restocking the swamp with anyone who paid to play. Trumper just “saved” 1100 jobs in the midwest at Carrier, he only had to give away 7 million bucks to do it.

    MAGA – Make America Goldman Again

    Hillary was unavailable for comment because she was to busy laughing atop a pile of pedos while counting the Clinton millions. John Podesta was unavailable for comment because he was spirit painting “MAGA” on the walls of Comet Ping Pong.

    Tell Claire our timing was off. We may be late now.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Trumper just “saved” 1100 jobs in the midwest at Carrier, he only had to give away 7 million bucks to do it.”

      $6,300 per job, basically. That’s not bad.

  9. And the biggest roadblocks to repealing that in the five seconds it would take on an up-down vote are called Speaker Quisling Ryan, and Senate Majority Leader Bitch McConjob: Republican’ts In Chief.

    Wish in one hand, and crap in the other, and see which one fills up first.

    But I hope someone tries to do this.

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  11. LightninBolt

    Just watched Trump “live” in Ohio tonight…loved it but, I ask the question…why does he play the same Rolling Stones song after his rallies? “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”……….(crickets…..)…..why that song over and over??!! Is there a hidden message there? I don’t get why the song is played over and over after his uplifting rallies! That song “kills” my “uplifting rally mindset” for Trump. Strange. Like a psych-op of the mind….hope I’m wrong.

  12. Considering General Mattis is our new SoD, I’m going to give Donny the benefit of the doubt for now. He almost seems to be toying with the establishment, currently. Look how he reeled Christie in just to kick him in the nuts followed by the meeting he had with Patreus, I have to imagine Patreus AND Romney are in the “soon to be nutted” file. Time will tell.

  13. Heh. We need to roll that letter out.

  14. Has Trump ever indicated that he is even aware that this act exists? Everyone talks about the NFA and how they hope that gets repealed. Has Trump ever once said a word about it? If not, he’s not going to repeal it. If he’s never spoken a word about this immigration act, then it’s not going anywhere. Unfortunately.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      It’s going to be very difficult to make the NFA go away. The public will go apeshit crazy when they find out. And I don’t know if I’m too keen for it either.
      As a former Class3 owner (custom gunmaker and USMC armorer also), I would love to see every single piece of gun control just fly away. But think of the ramifications today. Class 3 dealers and owners have always been extremely careful in how they conduct business, how they advertise and conduct shoots. Suddenly anyone can just buy parts and start converting weapons to full auto and knowing a few folks who I don’t trust with an AR or AK, turning them loose with a full auto makes me jumpy too. Should they impose restrictions, or mandatory training classes first, or just throw caution to the wind and let ‘er rip?
      The more I think about it, the more confused I get.

  15. NOW. NOW. NOW. based stefan molyneux has shown us that immigrants vote like 70% democrat for generations. GET THEM OUT. start having 3+ kids folks, we have a country to take back.

  16. Soothsayers, under the Trump administration,will be permitted and monitored. Prognosticators and Oracles must possess valid, government approved ID. Credentials will be checked, before predicting Donald Trumps future. No publication may publish content without The Department of Soothsayers approval. These measures will address the prediction syndrome.