Honey-Trap Dupe’s Resume For Further Employment



Fuck up and move up.


(H/t SLL)

19 responses to “Honey-Trap Dupe’s Resume For Further Employment

  1. the woodsman

    It seems to me Trump is trolling the liberals with this. Check out “item 2” at this link for good kek’s:


    • Keep telling yourself that.

      Maybe we should start a pool, betting on what percentage of Trump voters will feel betrayed in a year’s time.

      • You’re both right.

      • Yeah, ‘fraid so. BTW, for those not familiar with the term ‘black pill’ – I wouldn’t have been had I not happened to have previously read this, which is considerably better than what searching turned up, not least because it contains the following excellent advice:
        For your own sanity, and so we don’t end up looking like total retards:
        Everyone take one black pill daily for the next four years.

  2. … also know as “failing one’s way to the top.” Way to common in government.

  3. Guys who can’t keep their dick in their pants are a liability. Should not ever be near the bang switch again.

    • Jewesses are hard-wired to approach and, if necessary, destroy men of power like Petraeus. Paula (((Kranz)))-alias Broadwell, like Esther, Judith, Monica, and numerous other seductive Jewesses before her, was merely looking our for the interests of her Tribe. No man could have resisted her.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Yeah, that Genghis Khan guy was a total idiot. Anyone who doinked that much bangtail had no business leading anything.

  4. McGovern is a curious mixture. I read him, yet I don’t trust him, he’s as self serving as those he shreds.

    As for ol David’s squeeze, I’d personally take great please in dumping about a gallon of throat yogurt, down her pie hole.


  5. The ole saying goes: One “awe shit” wipes out ten ‘atta boys”; he had at least two (maybe three).

    God knows how many senior NCOs he kicked out for doing the same damn thing(s) he did.

    Playing “hide the weeny” (as if that’s not enough…) and ….. working with Kelly on that anti-2A program.

    Covering for Benghazi may be # three.

  6. Marlo Stanfield

    Before electricity these Nerds would never have been in charge. I have yet to see a picture of a Nerd in charge during the Civil War. Grown axe swinging men on both sides ran the show. Now in 2016, 52 percent of males suffer from erectile dysfunctions. Might explain some of the gun range antics.

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  7. Agree with you there…understand him and his ilk but don’t trust them.

    As for her, agree with you there too..wouldn’t kick her outta my bed if she were suitably ‘unattired’, especially if she were ‘orally gifted’..seems to have more than an acceptable rack to enjoy.

    And it looks like ‘smackso the musloid hugging naziklown’ has decided to crawl out of his leperous hideyhole again…where’s a shovel when you need one (good for smacking rattlers on the porch too!).

    Yours In Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

  8. Fuck that antigunner General who couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag.

  9. Hillary gave away the president’s daily briefing, yet no ships were sunk. All those national security secrets are just props to make government employees look busy doing nothing. Broadwell wasn’t going to blab the makework secrets to the Russians. The only real secrets are about pizza, notice you haven’t seen Assenge lately? Seen a picture of Petraeus’ wife? She broke her marriage vows promising him having and holding. He’s trim and vital, she’s…not.

  10. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Another disqualifier that’s so far gone ‘unnoticed’ (i.e., been ignored/dismissed as unimportant) by such as Fox/other ‘Conserrrrvative’ outlets.:



    & Darling David’s not the only one w/ such inclinations Donaldus Magnus Rex (a.k.a. The Kwisatz Haderach) has around him. I wonder what Flynn’s & Mattis’ positions are on the following issue.:


    AFAIK Bolton’s firmly against the U.N.’s anti-2A schemes for disarming the U.S. & IIRC just about everyone else, seem to remember him saying on Lou Dobbs’ show quite awhile ago that people have the right to use firearms to defend themselves against criminals & terrorists, might’ve been after Bataclan, San Berdoo, or Orlando, can’t recall which.