NBC: White House Announces Support For Requiring Women To Register For Draft


Pass the word to the snowflakes in your life.

It will be nice to retire that graphic.

15 responses to “NBC: White House Announces Support For Requiring Women To Register For Draft

  1. This is what happens when you let cat-ladies run things:

    From the Small Wars Journal: “Changing the Macho Culture of the US Military”

    ” . . . Early this year I talked to another military buddy who had just left the Pentagon. His comments were even more troubling. “I used to think the Pentagon was divorced from the reality of the combat arms side of the military- that it was so out of touch with the average infantryman that it made me sick to work there,” he let on. “But that was when I first got there,” he continued. “Today it is times a hundred. The advocates of the women in combat arms are basically part of a larger effort to change the military culture- which they call a “rape culture”- and these folks are really linked close to the wider effort to change American culture.”

    “I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Since I’m quick to suspect things that sound conspiratorialist, my BS-ometer started to go off. But, then I heard the same from two other friends of mine. In essence, the idea of many of these advocates is that the American male is a, mostly unconscious, misogynist, and that it comes from our culture: movies that hype physicality, combat, aggressiveness, and the treatment of women as objects. It also comes from our military: males dominate the services, are the only ones allowed in combat arms, and thus make up most of the higher ranks. The cure for all of this is simple: change the culture.

    “The “change the culture” movement has manifested itself in many ways and has taken on different efforts as well as groups that are loosely aligned towards fundamental change. On college campuses it has largely taken on the shape of the movement to end sexual harassment and sexual assault. As one professor from a prominent campus told me recently, “It isn’t really about ending sexual assault; it’s about controlling people and changing behavior. Men have the advantage in almost every way, so we have to find ways to cut into that advantage. Making traditional male behavior something that is socially unacceptable will cut their advantage. We have to make it unacceptable for men to talk the way they talk now, act the way they act now, and interact the way they do with women now, and have traditionally.” Hyping sexual assault statistics, making women fearful of men, and building a system that finds men guilty until proven innocent are simply means to the greater end of “cutting male advantage.”


    • I’m convinced that all that is a significant part of the reaction that elected Trump… and many women voted for him as well.


      • Mattis will be Sec. of Defense. It’ll be interesting to see what he does – if anything – about the ongoing faggot/lezzie networking of the higher ranks.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          Drafting the Obama girls would be a good start, straight to an infantry unit. They’ll figure it out, being exceptional and all.
          And what better way than to set an example to all the other snowflakes as well……..patriotic diversity at it’s finest.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Well, I suppose the good news is that if women do start filling out the combat arms, they’ll get the potential to gain valuable life experience as to what real rape cultures are if/when they see combat.

      That would probably immediately trigger a lot of “reforms” to get things back to the way they used to be.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)

      John Random/02Dec16@08:16,

      Given the, ah, thrust of your post, you may find the following item of interest.:


  2. So this means all the emasculated men have to fill out the paper before going to college for their barista degree.

  3. ALCON,

    I have little use for females in the military for many reasons. Of course the emasculated males will remark how a female can allegedly do anything her male opponent can. I beg to differ.

    Take USMA @ West Point. 1975….USA started allowing females to enter West Point. That was the beginning of the end for training commissioned warfighters. West Point would no longer be training MEN to win in combat. Now they would be training women in non-combat arms skills for women to win in social justice.

    For those of you who support females in the military, especially in combat arms….I challenge you to envision a provisional infantry battalion with nothing but female infantry. Take this provisional female infantry battalion and drop them into the hills of Afghanistan to hunt Hajii for 60 days. Mind you….no men allowed. No male cooks, bakers or candlestick makers. All support personnel must be females.

    As I’ve offered to readers in the past….imagine the above. Or imagine Susie and her female warriors assaulting a trench line of Russian Spetsnaz troops. Successfully.

    It’s all about social justice. Not the Spirit of the Bayonet.

  4. There is a potential upside… a completely feminized military might fail in the synagogue of Satan’s global wetwork. Wouldn’t Lucifer’s bankers be surprised!

  5. Personally, I don’t think we should have selective service (and by extension consciption,) period.
    Let the able serve and the unable, walk.
    As for everything else, I don’t even know where to begin.

  6. Drafting women? “Never interrupt an enemy in the process of making a mistake.” BTW even men who are required to register often “forget” to do so. I would if I were that age again. Fuck ’em.

  7. lon a follower

    Isaiah 3:12 My people! Youths exert pressure on them, and women rule over them. O My people! Your leaders lead you astray, and swallow the way of your paths.

  8. lon a follower

    Isaiah 3:12 My people! Youths exert pressure on them, and women rule over them. O My people! Your leaders lead you astray, and swallow the way of your paths.”

  9. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Something about the women in combat debate that’s sure to be ‘overlooked’ by BOTH the pro & anti sides is the same one that’s still being studiously avoided by same regarding ‘gays’ openly serving in the military,: the Cultural Aspect. Remember that? It was first broached waaaaaaay back during (IIRC) Desert Storm when the Saudis objected to the ‘inappropriate (i.e., scandalous) conduct’ of American female milpers. Remember how the Left generally & Leftist females in particular (along w/ more than a few male/female Repubs/’Conserrrrrvatives’) HOWLED about this OUTRAGE committed against Our Brave Women In Uniform® Over There Suffering Untold Hardships While Protecting Those Decidedly Ungrateful, Backward, & (GASP!) Disgustingly SEXIST Arabs?

    Fast forward to 9/11/01, The War On Terror®, & the absolute NECESSITY of honoring Islamic sensibilities, a protocol that’s been in effect since then despite the Left’s demanding that not only women but ‘closeted’ & open homosexuals, transvestites, & now the ‘transgendered’ also be placed in frontline combat units & despite Islamic fanatics using them for recruitment purposes.:

    “SEE, you disbelieved when we said that the Infidels were corrupt & that they want to defile The Ummah w/ their PERVERSIONS, NOW what do you say after seeing PROOF from their own MOUTHS? Join us & fight the Infidels, defend The Ummah & your families against their Satanic Wickedness & Allah will Bless You &, if you die a Holy Martyr, your reward will be Eternal Paradise w/ ALL of its Delights!”

    Yeah, well, sfw, such things aren’t the worry of those who actually have to do ‘the military thing’, you know, THOSE ‘people’? Noooo, just keep yer stupid/ignorant/backward/uneducated/racist/sexist/homophobic/Islamophobic/jingoistic/Christ besotted & THOROUGHLY WORTHLESS yaps SHUT & do WHAT Yor Bettahs® tell you, WHEN they tell you, WHERE they tell you, the WAY they tell you, until they tell you to stop, & DON’T whine when they demonize & denigrate you for doing it. Nope, just SUCK IT UP, & do it all again & again & again & again, you TRASH, because THAT’S ALL YOU’RE GOOD FOR, Bwaaaaaaahahahahaaaaaaaaa!

    And the Cloud Minders of Stratos wonder why they’re SO hated by the Troglytes & why increasing numbers of same SO eagerly anticipate their moment of bloody redress.