>Porretto: The Professionals - Parts I, II, & III

From the Kakistocracy blog.

There is no longer one America.

Or even two.

Take the parts that are sane, and build a new nation.

It’s the only way.

3 responses to “Professionalism

  1. Marlo Stanfield

    Starting with your local city council, vote the Nerds out. Then on to your state Capital. I see all these elected officials who could not pass high school PE. Let alone go prone with a sighted in AR15 and ding a stationary target at 300 meters. Nerds running the show is the down side to technology.

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    Yep. It is time to say good-bye. Whether Trump gets certified on 12/19 or not, one cannot obtain any measure of peace or contentment by continuing to associate with individuals who hate you for what you believe; no matter how wrong they are. The real civil war will start shortly. Steel your hearts and stay prepared.

  3. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Being in a state where the Leftist Eloi are actively working toward secession, the question of how they’re going to make the people who manifestly DON’T want to be around them (which just happens to be about 95% minimum of those outside of their enclaves) go w/ them anyway if they’re successful AFAIK hasn’t been asked.

    Sure’d be fun to see/record their reaction.