The MSM’s Plan To Regain The Info-Control Heights


Worth your time.

The Bad People and their Masters lost a battle.

They have not lost The War.

Key message from the post:

Stop giving them what they want.

In all ways.

On all fronts.

By any means

17 responses to “The MSM’s Plan To Regain The Info-Control Heights

  1. The murkins are so fucking stoopit it makes me sick. Seriously, they can’t do anything right the first time, or the second, or the third…

    Just fucking useless breathers.

    The best that can happen is hundreds of millions of them die ASAP.

    It’s the only way…

    • That’s going to happen when world monetary reality hits, war or worldwide communism takes out a whole lot pretty darn fast and given that most in the usa under 25 think their conservative elders are idiots and wrong, there’s no reason to stop feeding them liberal crap just because trump has the mic at the moment. they ran down Reagan and bush jr over time, they’re not giving enough that easy.

    • STFU. ..the Americans.voted for thr right guy.


  2. Good one.
    Good for a chuckle.
    “Further” is the proper use.

  3. It’s simple don’t watch their product. If enough stop watching, they are kaput.


  4. Pull. The. Fucking. Plug.

    Go to CNN’s YouTube Channel. Look at the pathetic view counts.

    The Legacy Media is the televised equivalent of Elevator Music.

    • Mike you point out the pertinent in your piece ‘Muzak’:

      They have lost the only thing that ever gave them something resembling credibility, the power to manipulate and social engineer the dirt people was predicated on riding the hollow empitise of having been the only game in town once they gained corporate/state control of the traditional means of broadcast. If that isn’t the foundation of a conspiring fake news empire, I’ll eat my hat.
      The new media has rightfully and righteously, on a logarithmic upwards gradient, been usurping the long unchallenged domain of the legacy media. All they ever had was the emotional trigger posing as news, once the truth began to see the light of day they where toast. But hubris blinds those full of it, they been liars for so long the plain truth of themselves is the existential thing they will do anything to avoid.

      The revolution here is the Alt-Media. It has been evolutionary far more than could be said radical. That great caveat is owed to the thoughtful writing and tireless work of all the blogs and Alt-Media within the freedom of speech and liberty sphere. One reason it has become such a force of change for good is because it has not only survived all efforts to extinguish it and it’s motive power, but it has thrived in spite of the war waged to disenfranchise not just this historical soapbox, but it’s audience that has evolved with it. That is alone, and in some ways it’s most powerful nature. It is a mandate in itself, it has become in entirety manifest in itself. It has reached a Rubicon of sorts, a paradigm or sea change, reflected in the uprising that elected trump, it’s most far thinking and seeing advocates taking a myriad of forms from Alt-Right to those who in earnest and forward looking have embraced the catechism’s of the concept why lll% and the origins/history of the 2nd Amendment, and not least, the great thought leaders and proponents of the ideas and principles of unlimited unfettered personal economic freedom as the basis of all economic activity.
      All these things are the revolution in action. It’s hard to see the larger scope, just because it is not only so grass roots, but it is insurgent. Taken as a whole, it has become a sphere of freedom that is going to evolve further into a force that destroys cultural marxism, corporate fascism, the administrative tyranny posing as government. It is an unstoppable thing.
      The legacy media is so far behind the curve it can not see the curve. It’s foundering because it is drowning in it’s cesspit of it’s own lies.
      It’s funny, because the dirt people culture it tried to destroy, it caused the dirt people culture to become upstream of all politiks. They where wrong, it wasn’t bitter clingers that where their enemy, it is happy warriors with faith who clung to their values and principles.

  5. Print dailies have another 5 years at best. The large metro dailies are already in the red in some markets. NYT for example has even seen their digital properties drop in revenue — In broadcast I am afraid to say that the networks cooked their goose with the folks by cooking the books on the election. Sucks to be them.

    The final whammy is the rise in what the legacy sources deem ‘fake news’. Irrespective of what one thinks of Russians, RT English, probably publishes more truth today then any of their competitors. YouTube of all places is becoming quite a source of on the ground news. Add DrudgeReport as the new syndicator and the take over will be complete pretty soon. Very soon, the broadcast networks will not be able to fund the massive salary bases that their anchors are paid. Sucks to be them.

    • I got linked over to NYT by a WRSA comment and (after a slow load) up popped a story-blocking window “sign up for your free….!” Eff that, and close the window. It’s fake news and not worth typing my email in and the harassment that follows. They act as if I need them!

  6. Just the same, people need to pull the plug once and for all finally on the fraud that is Glenn Beck, National Review, Ben Shapiro, Lavin, Krystol, Fox News, Krautheimer, etc. They have shown who they are enough times to know who they back when it really comes down to it. Quit being fools. They are baiting you and you are dinner in the end! Wake up fools!

  7. I don’t know how Glenn Beck continues to pull off what he does. He’s killing it with theBlaze (look at the hits/stats) and his specialty is ultimately to lead the sheep to the slaughter.

    If people couldn’t figure it out with how he treated Bundy then please wake up to the fact that he tried his damnedest to deliver the WH to Hillary Clinton. Not only did he pretty much endorse her in finality, but was pushing a illegitimate candidate (which would have been raised heavily, not to mention and for good reason he had no popularity by any means) to not only just deliver the WH to HRC, but give her more support in the House and Senate. Think about that. Glenn Beck is an infiltrator. He probably also had a hand in the death of Michael Hastings. Look up the dates and his broadcast days before. This man is a traitor.

    Same goes for many of these supposed “conservative” personalities pushing people like Paul Ryan and such. Wake the fuck up and quit contributing to your own demise!

  8. One of the multiple attacks on truth & reason is occurring on National Propaganda Radio now, as part of an ongoing attempt to discredit rational thought & objective evidence for “different ways of knowing”, such as indicated by dogs, birds, plants! Of course, these different ways mustsupercede objectivity.

    Thus the dangerously ignorant acceptance of consensus in matters of science, as with the hoax of gorebal warming. The scientific method is now demonized as a tool of racist white male patriarchy, while facts; once knowable, demonstrable & observable regardless of who beheld same, are now relegated to distasteful status at best, when those facts are in opposition to the desired collectivist theme, which is to say always.

    Take a look at the wickedpedia page on “scientism” which begins with the absurd statement “Scientism is a belief in the universal applicability of the scientific method and approach”. By mis-characterizing the scientific method, ie “universal applicability” they begin attacking the straw man they created. The scientific method, and thus answers found through its use, is applicable only where something of interest can be measured, quantified, separated; it is only applicable to PHYSICAL SCIENCE. Thus, attempts to use it in pseudo-science, ie psychology, psychiatry, phrenology, sociology, feminazi studies and other assorted bullshit is like using an airplane to milk a cow, then blaming the airplane designers for failure of the tool.

    Science had long confined its activities to that which is measurable; thus attempts to prove/disprove value of emotions, spirituality, faith, the existence of GOD were beyond the abilities of man when using his best human created tool of inquiry available.

    “Facts” are now relegated to dubious hearsay, second hand knowledge, while opinion & emotion is now elevated to unassailable fact. How often has one heard some cretin state as verity some nonsense as “literal” when they meant “figurative”? The very language is in the hands (thumbs, maybe) of morons.

    You cannot accept a single thing they say, or a single premise presented. The most outrageous tales are presented daily on NPR, often with significant changes (focus group approved!) throughout the day.
    Glaring, jarringly obvious contradictions are blithely delivered as talking points for happy consumption by blissful idiots. Two or more disparate subjects will be introduced as if they are the same in order to develop a false narrative.

    Our very language is being corrupted to dispense with reality.

    “Above all it is essential to refer to things by their correct names. If things are not referred to by their correct names, then our language will not reflect reality. If our language does not reflect reality, then our actions will not reflect reality, and will be exercises in futility.”

  9. The NYSlimes is currently only in business because some Mexican billionaire selling cellphones and propped up by the success of the narco-alt government there wills it to exist.

    As a whole, the entire MSM is simply the national equivalent of a gory traffic accident. One may be forgiven for occasionally pausing to view the headless torso sticking out the windshield, but other than a momentary morbid curiosity in passing, that’s about all they’re good for.

    They’re so bad that their PC is killing Disney/ABC’s sports monopoly, and draining the NFL of about a billion$/week.
    In America, even today, it takes a special tribe of fuckwits to find the wherewithal to kill professional sports, and yet they persist in doing it. Only the Cubs recent miracle is propping up baseball.

    Without the .gov as of 1/20/17 to deliver the bread, and without their reliable press wing to deliver the circuses, the Diversity Mob promises to get even uglier after Trump takes office that it has before that.

    So as usual, whoever you are, you haven’t got enough tribe, training, supplies, nor ammo for what’s coming.

    The only important answer in the long run is when, not whether.
    The Whether Report barometer has settled on “Certain”.

    And the MSM will have gotten that wrong too, as we’ll all see in due course, when it’s too late to matter for the cluelessly unprepared.

  10. Brimlow is kidding hisself. Most of Trump’s White votes in flyover country came via economic, not ethnic issues. I doubt if more than one 1 White adult in 100 has any idea that they and their entire race are on the Talmudists’ Extinction Protocol. And Brimlow himself doesn’t have a clue as to the Protocol’s author. It’s the selfsame who put the “X” in Xmas, who keep pointing at Brimlow et. al. and shrieking “RACIST!” Worse yet, even many of the Jew-wise — like Spencer, Kev MacDonald & VoxDay– still think that voting at the (((globalists))) is going to save them.

  11. Another thing about Glenn Beck is that his network is part of the White House press, yet he is also listed as “fake news”. Sheep to the slaughter. I don’t know how anybody can still give him a dime and fall into the trap. The way he has relentlessly attacked Bannon before and after the election says a lot as well.

  12. “Come with me Luke, and you and I can rule the Galaxy together!” “You just cut off my hand, and you want me for a business partner?” “No, Luke, I am your father!” “This just gets better and better.”